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iCloud hackers discredited, flicker-free video, printer web pages, Siri rocks reminders, Finder Permissions

(Image from iTechify)

Apple saysiCloud extortionists have not hacked into our Systems — Hacker group Turkish Crime Family says it’s going to wipe out over 300 million iCloud accounts on April 7th if Apple doesn’t pay US$75,000 as ransom. Apple says the group hasn’t broken into its servers, so that means the logins they claim to have probably came from old hacks into other company’s services.
Many of the logins on Turkish Crime Family’s list look like they may have come from a 2012 LinkedIn data breach where over 100 million accounts were compromised, according to someone claiming to have seen the list.
[I thought it was suspicious they only demaned US$75,000. If you had breached Apple you couod ask a lot more – I figurd they lowballed hoping Apple would just pay without investigating properly, which is seriously underestimating almost everything about Apple!]

Digital Anarchy’s Flicker Free plug-in a useful tool for Final Cut Pro X users — Digital Anarchy’s US$149 Flicker Free plug-in for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X (and Adobe After Effects and Premiere Pro)  gives video editors and visual effects artists a useful tool that fixes a wide range of footage affected with flicker or strobing.

How to check out your printer’s webpage (and why you might want to) — Not every model supports doing so, but if yours does, it’s a handy trick to have in your arsenal for when your device starts misbehaving; sometimes certain options and features will be listed there (or will function properly from there!) and nowhere else.

Siri really rocks Reminders — Siri never forgets anything, and since most of us are never far from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac, you can use Siri to set all your Reminders for you.

How to set permissions for items in macOS Sierra — You can set permissions for items on macOS Sierra if you wish. Permission settings determine who can view and alter files on the computer. You change permission settings at the bottom of the Info window for a file, folder, or disk in the Finder.

Massive iMacs? Multiscreen iTunes, Washing Machine deal, Siri vs Alexa, Aeon Timeline

Bigger monitors in demand, so a 31-inch iMac, perhaps? The global market for computer monitors is projected to decline to 121.8 million units by 2022 due to falling desktop sales and the rapid penetration of handheld computing devices. However, when consumers do buy a monitor, they’ll turn to larger screens (31-inches or more in size), according to IDC.
The research group says the large monitor display segment above 31+ inches in screen size grew by 12.2% year-on-year in 2013 and will continue growing. If IDC is right, it seems people are wanting bigger monitors for their desktops and/or bigger monitors with which to connect laptops. Can you imagine a 31-inch iMac?

Apple adds multiscreen movie rental viewing to iTunes in latest update — Along with Tuesday’s hardware debuts, Apple quietly released an updated iTunes version that allows users to rent movies once and watch them on multiple screens. And with this release, Apple has restored the ability to open a playlist in a new window on macOS: here’s how to do it. iTunes 12.6 is a free update available through Apple’s App Store app on the Mac.

Intego Washing Machine for Mac 40% off — Starting today through Saturday, you can get Intego Mac Washing Machine Secure X9 for 40% off MSRP by using this promo code at checkout: CLEANME.

Marriott pits Apple’s Siri again Amazons Alexa — Marriott International Inc., the world’s biggest lodging company, is pitting Amazon’s Alexa against Apple’s Siri to be the voice-controlled platform of choice in its hotels, reports Bloomberg.
The goal is to offer guests a virtual “hotel butler” that lets them access and manage systems such as heating, cooling, lighting and entertainment by speaking a request at home or using a smartphone.

Apple Stores on map — Check out Apple Stores Worldwide, an interactive map showing the impressive expansion of Apple stores by Retale.com. It’s a map of the globe that shows the year-by-year expansion of Apple’s fleet of retail stores. Each one blossoms like a nuclear hit in a war game, and you can hover over any one of them to get details about the store.

Aeon Timeline 2 for Mac and Windows for US$22.99 — Aeon Timeline 2 for both Mac and Windows is designed to help you organize even large projects and manage your workload. You can manage events, entities and relationships, dependencies and more. You can also link events with images, external documents, and websites to better track research and supporting documentation. You can get this license for both platforms for $22.99, a discount of 54%.

Tax free debate continues, AR glasses, get your Flikr photos back

Other Mac commentators weight in on Apple NZ’s tax-free statues — Apple is a master of making profits, and an expert and keeping its money out of government hands. Bryan Chaffin and Jeff Butts join Jeff Gamet to offer their thoughts on Apple’s tax practices in New Zealand and other countries in this podcast you can listen to at this link.

Apple may be interested in AR Glasses after all — It’s no secret Apple has a very real interest in augmented reality, and that it’s likely headed to the iPhone. Seems the company is exploring AR glasses, like Google did with Google Glass, and will target our eyes after tackling the iPhone.

How to download your photos from Flikr — Flickr is great for storing and sharing photos online, but what do you do when you want to download them to your computer?

Augmented Reality, Korea, screen blanker, GoArt, Sierra Spaces, sharing PowerPoints

Apple reportedly has ‘hundreds of engineers’ working on AR projects — Apple has built an augmented reality (AR) team of hundreds of engineers “combining the strengths of its hardware and software veterans with the expertise of talented outsiders” and is “very serious about AR,” reports Bloomberg, quoting unnamed “people with knowledge of the company’s plans.”
Apple’s augmented reality team includes vets from Dolby, Oculus & more, apparently. [Really? That boat’s due to depart soon, Apple …]

Apple fans in Korea are feeling no love from the tech giant — Apple users in Korea are feeling no love after the Cupertino, California-based company decided to make heavy investments in China while mostly ignoring Korea, according to The Korea Times.

Screen Commander is new ‘screen blanking’ software for the Mac — Alien Orb Software has introduced Screen Commander 1.0, a screen blanking utility for macOS. Developed for users with multiple displays, it lives in the menubar as a small icon and provides screen blanking options at the click of the mouse. Screen Commander requires macOS 10.12 or later. It’s freeware and is available exclusively at the Mac App Store, and it’s free.

GoArt lets Mac users create art with their photos — Everimaging has introduced GoArt 1.0, a photo editor for macOS. It lets you take a photo and apply artistic filters based on the works of art.
GoArt offers over 40 different styles of art to choose from. Everimaging says it will release more artistic effects on a regular basis.
GoArt works with macOS 10.6.6 or later. It costs US$29.99 or NZ$44.99, and is available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store. iOS, Android, and web-based versions of the app are also available.

How to work in multiple Spaces in macOS Sierra — It’s easy for your Mac’s desktop to become cluttered, just as a physical desktop can. If this happens, you can create additional desktops, called spaces, to organize the windows. When you work in a Space, you see only the windows that are in that space. Here’s how Spaces work.

SlideShark for Mac lets you access, show and share up-to-date PowerPoints — Brainshark’s SlideShark for Mac enables business professionals to instantly access, show and share up-to-date PowerPoints, and track presentation views and activity. SlideShark Anywhere is available as part of the app’s business version, SlideShark Team Edition. It allows you to broadcast your slides in real time over the web to remote or in-person meeting attendees who can join from any device.

Apple’s social network, hate-group withdrawals, Indian expansion

An ad-free, premium social network… from Apple — Daniel Eran Dilger reckons Apple has several elements of a social network already, with evidence pointing to plans for expansion. Here’s why he thinks Apple needs a strong social strategy, and how a social network from Apple could uniquely address the issues of online harassment, fake news, surveillance advertising, clickbait and viral plagiarism. [Do we need another silo? Facebook is one of the only ways I have to still talk to people on PC and Android,]

Corporate brands, UK government pull ads from Google’s YouTube over extremist hate group videos — Several major brands have pulled ads from Google’s YouTube following reports that their ads are being shown next to terrorist, hate group and other offensive or controversial videos.

Apple plans retail expansion in India with over 100 new Authorized Resellers — Apple is planning to grow its presence in India over the next year by expanding the number of Apple Authorized Reseller locations, with the addition of over 100 small stores believed to be a six-fold increase in the number of outlets already in operation in the country.

Apple Park makes Flyover, better Mail security, Safari zero-day, protect your data, Apple forestry, Final Cut effects

Apple Park Flyover imagery, informational data shows up in latest Apple Maps update — Apple in a recent update to its Apple Maps service added satellite and drone imagery, as well as related geolocation tags, covering Apple Park, the company’s new headquarters currently under construction in Cupertino, California. The new Maps assets include destination information, a physical address and building tags, including a data tag for Steve Jobs Theater. As it does for other points of interest, Apple Maps aggregates photos and general information about Apple Park from the internet, in this case user-submitted photos from Wikipedia. To use Flyover in Apple Maps 2 on Mac, watch this video, or launch Maps, type in (for example) ‘San Francisco, CA, United States’ and press the Return key, click on the drop-pin, click the little ‘i’ icon and choose ‘Flyover Tour’ at top centre of the information box that appears.

Which Is Better to Secure Email, Apple Mail or GPG Suite? When you want to send secure email, you have plenty of choices. I showed you recently how you can set up email encryption in Apple’s native Mail app, and that raises an interesting question. What’s better to secure email, Apple’s Mail app or a solution that uses OpenPGP, such as GPG Suite? Mac Observer takes a look.

Security researchers uncover two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari — Security researchers competing at the annual Pwn2own conference have discovered two zero-day vulnerabilities in Apple’s Safari. Two teams successfully exploited the bugs they found to achieve root access to macOS, while a third attempt failed.

How to protect your data — By most accounts macOS and iOS are safer operating systems than Windows or Android. However, there was a dubious 2015 report from GFI (a company that makes “IT solutions that enable businesses to discover, manage and secure their networks” ) that claims that the Apple operating systems were the “most vulnerable” OS’s. Whatever is true, there are good reasons to protect your data from loss and from prying eyes [but be careful turning Apple’s FileVault on, as it can lock you out. If it’s not on already, I’d find another solution!]

Apple’s US forestry programs protects 36,000 acres, creates jobs — Two years ago, Apple bought 3600 acres in Brunswick County, North Carolina. According to The Conservation Fund, the Arlington, Virginia-based group Apple tapped to manage the effort, the project is starting to show returns – both for the Cupertino, California-based company and for the state of North Carolina.

Slide Pop brings cool View-Master effects to Final Cut Pro X — Noise Industries’ US$49 Slide Pop plug-in offers 20 cool, customisable View-Master style effects and transitions for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X.

Apple 1, Central and Wolfe campus, HP mini, two-factor Twitter

‘Best-Preserved’ Apple I computer up for auction, could fetch US$325,000 — Team Breker announced this week it had a Apple I computer up for auction. Not only is the device functioning, the auction house told The Telegraph UK it was “best-preserved example of an Apple-1 computer to appear on the market.”

Apple Park HQ buttressed by Central & Wolfe ‘AC3’ campus in Sunnyvale, California — Alongside the soon-to-open Apple Park, the iPhone maker’s lesser-known ‘AC3’ Central & Wolfe campus is also nearing completion, boasting many of the same environmental efforts that the main campus will provide.

Opinion: HP has out-‘Mac mini’d’ the Mac mini with the HP Elite Slice Desktop — Apple has been sitting on its hands, literally doing nothing with most of the Mac desktop lineup. Sure, we’ve seen fairly recent updates to the MacBook and MacBook Pro lines, and the iMac received a speed bump a few years ago, but the company has totally ignored both the Mac Pro (last updated 12/19/2013) and the Mac mini (10/6/2014). Now HP has released a new desktop box called the HP Elite Slice Desktop that puts the Mac mini to shame in terms of size and expandability.

How to enable two-factor authentication for your Twitter account — Waking up to find out your Twitter account has been hijacked to post antisemitic messages is a pretty crappy way to start your day. That’s why enabling two-factor authentication for your Twitter account is so important. It takes several steps, so follow along to learn how.

UltraFines sorted? Trojan threat, Sierra Exposé, Jobs in 33 images

LG UltraFine 5K disconnect saga seemingly over, third parties used to retrofit RF shielding — Continued testing of the LG UltraFine 5K displays has discovered that while the new monitors are still very slightly sensitive to high-powered RF emissions from very close cell towers or military radars (like any monitor), the interference problems are rectified. Older monitors have been retrofitted by authorized third parties and these are even less sensitive to the same emissions. The vast majority of users won’t see a problem, but users within about 50 feet of an active cell tower, or a civil or military radar installation are experiencing the disconnect issues – 99.9 percent of users won’t ever be put in this position.

Beware! A new RAT may try to scurry onto your Mac — Security researchers at Sixgill say they’ve encountered a post in one of the leading, closed Russian cybercrime message boards. The author of the thread announced a RAT [remote access trojan] dubbed Proton, intended for installation exclusively on Macs.
The creator of Proton attempted to market it as a supposedly legitimate security tool. So please be careful when downloading any software. If you’re not 100% certain it’s legit, DON’T download it.

How to use Exposé in macOS Sierra — The Exposé feature of macOS Sierra lets you easily navigate through your window clutter by highlighting certain windows, giving you an overview of all open windows or clearing everything away.

Steve Jobs’s early history with Apple in 33 Pictures — BusinessInsider put together 33 pics that explore Steve Jobs’s history with Apple. Most of them are interesting pics from the 1970s and 1980s, with a few more from the 1990s through 2007.

Game of Carpool Karaoke, PortraitPro, webcam magnets, using the Dock in macOS Sierra

‘Game of Thrones’ stars Maisie Williams & Sophie Turner to appear in Apple’s ‘Carpool Karaoke’ — Two more celebrities have announced their involvement with the Apple Music version of Carpool Karaoke, this time Game of Thrones stars Maisie Williams and Sophie Turner.
The two revealed their participation in a short video clip through the official Carpool Karaoke Twitter account on Sunday. The actresses were in Austin, Tex. for this year’s South by Southwest festival, appearing in a Game of Thrones panel alongside show creators David Benioff and DB Weiss.

PortraitPro for macOS a fine addition to your photo editing tools — Anthropics Technology’s PortraitPro is macOS compatible, retouching software with face relighting technology that offers a fast, easy way to touch up your photos.
Version 12 added new face relighting technology, so you can now literally show your subject in their best light. It has an enhanced capability to slim faces and take off the weight off that the camera puts on.

Block your webcams with these magnetic covers — Mac Observer has a timely deal for you on Nope Webcam Covers. If you want something more elegant than Stickies or tape to cover your webcams, Nope Webcam Covers stick to your Mac and rotate to cover your webcam when you aren’t using it. For US$14.99, you get two Nope and four Nope Minis, and you can choose your finish (Gunmetal, Silver, or Silver and Gunmetal).

How to use the Dock in macOS Sierra — The Mac’s Dock is the place where you can keep items you use frequently in macOS Sierra. You can add or remove items from the Dock, make it larger or smaller, or even hide it altogether, so Apple World Today tells you all about it. [Here’s another tip, though: placing it on the left or right of your screen gives you more monitor real estate than the default bottom position.]

Top laptop, Retina resolutions, Mail encryption, InnerSpace, CleanMyMac 3

How to enable Retina mode in non-Apple displays, should they support it

Top of laptop support list again — Apple received the top score in Laptop Mag’s customer service report three years running, beating Microsoft, HP, Dell, Samsung, Lenovo, Acer, Razer, Asus, and MSI for the best laptop customer support. Laptop Mag based its results on tech support phone calls as well as various online support systems including social media. Apple ended up with a score of 93 out of 100, topping Acer’s second place 88.

Enabling Retina mode — Your Retina-capable Mac defaults to using the Retina mode for its built-in monitor, but it will not do so for any external, third-party monitor. The good news is that a simple System Preferences tweak from macOS Mavericks 10.9.3 onwards allows you to set Retina mode manually for your third-party, 4K monitor. Just confirm that your Mac will drive a 4K monitor before making your purchase.

Adding email encryption to Apple’s Mail — Apple’s Mail makes it easy to use email encryption. This is more important than ever at the moment. Here’s what you need to do to get started with encrypted email using Apple’s Mail app.

Asypr Bringing InnerSpace Game of Exploration to Mac — Aspyr announced it will be bringing InnerSpace to the Mac. InnerSpace is an exploration game where players, “soar through the skies and dive through the oceans, and the secrets of Inverse will reveal themselves.” Players can also uncover artifacts throughout the game world that upgrade your vehicle, revealing clues about past civilisations.

CleanMyMac 3 is better than the original and sequel — CleanMyMac from MacPaw is an all-in-one macOS (10.8 and higher) solution designed to keep your Mac clean and to secure space from your Mac’s hard drive. It was a solid app with versions 1.x and 2.x; version 3.0 is even better.