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iMac Pro A10, Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Puck, 100% recycled, Reflector 3

Apple’s Lisa Jackson has reiterated Apple’s strive towards 100% recycled materials

Hey Siri might come to the iMac Pro thanks to an A10 Fusion coprocessor — Developers Guilherme Rambo and Stephen Troughton-Smith have found ‘Hey Siri’ functionality in the macOS code base with support for multiple user accounts all driven by what appears to be the A10 Fusion processor, according to the pair. AppleInsider talks about why Apple might do that, and what it would mean for the iMac Pro.

Hands On with the Sonnet eGFX Breakaway Puck with Radeon RX 560 — External GPU enclosures can be pretty massive. Sonnet has a solution to the problem with the portable eGFX Breakaway Puck — and AppleInsider has one to test.

Lisa Jackson doubles-down on 100% recycled material use goal, lauds Apple’s environmental efforts — Apple’s Senior Vice President for Vice President Environment, Policy and Social Initiatives Lisa Jackson granted an interview to an Australian publication, and continued to drive home Apple’s goal towards using 100 percent recycled materials across all of its products, Apple’s “right to repair” philosophy, and Apple’s point of view on the taxes it pays.

Reflector 3 highlights new UI, better performance — The latest version of Reflector is out. The utility turns a Mac or Windows PC into an AirPlay receiver. Reflector 3 will be priced at US$14.99, but the company will have a US$11.99 introductory price in play for a while as well as discounts for existing users of Reflector 2.