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Apple Campus to open in April — [But first of all, sorry there was no news yesterday, I had to get up at 5am and fly to Featherston to record some interviews with a historical TV series.] Apple Park, the official name for Apple’s new spaceship campus, is set to open for employees in April. The campus will hold 12,000 employees, and the on-location theater has been named the Steve Jobs Theater.
It’ll take about six months to move in the facility’s 12,000 employees and construction will continue on campus buildings and landscaping during the transition. The buildings and surrounding land covers 175 acres in down town San Jose, California.

Logic Pro X update — Apple has released Logic Pro X 10.3.1. The update includes a security fix for maliciously crafted GarageBand files. It also improves the way regions perform, edits, and the ability to share 44.1kHz projects to GarageBand for iOS.

Discount on microphones — EditorsKeys has a £10 discount running on all its top-quality mics for newsletter subscribers.

Free site speeds up your typing — One productivity enhancement nobody can argue with.

 Apple updated Apple Remote Desktop to version 3.9 — The update adds support for the Mac Book Pro’s Touch Bar and features the ability to export computer lists, while improving security.

What’s the status on LG’s UltraFine 5K monitor? After receiving reports of connectivity issues related to LG’s new UltraFine 5K monitor, and confirming those problems with LG, Apple temporarily suspended sales of the display earlier this February. With ship times slow to improve, AppleInsider explains what’s going on in a video.

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(Image from DesignArch)
(Image from DesignArch)

Apple places 5th on corporate reputation poll, Samsung drops 42 spots — Apple is the fifth most reputable company in the United States, with the results of an annual poll into the public perception of a company putting the iPhone producer ahead of Disney, Google, Tesla, and Netflix in the rankings. Microsoft is at 20 while Amazon came in first. Last year Samsung was 7th, but the Galaxy Note fires and the scandal that has seen the CEO arrested haven’t even helpful.

Peninsula Group launches thermal printer label drivers for macOS — The Peninsula Group has released a series of free macOS-compatible drivers that support thermal printer manufacturers including Zebra, Datamax, Honeywell and Brady with the goal of making it easier to print labels.
Using web based shipping services form companies like UPS, FedEx and DHL is now possible; even Amazon FBA is supported. You can print readable barcodes, text and images from any website or application.

Apple’s marketing efforts to focus more on digital, regional campaigns — According to Adweek, Apple has restructured its relationship with its ad agency, TBWA\Media Arts Lab, to focus more on creating digital and regional campaigns and less on translating, or ‘localizing’, big brand campaigns for global markets.

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Microsoft rolls out MacBook Pro Touch Bar support to all Office for Mac suite users — Following after a brief beta preview, Microsoft is rolling out support for the MacBook Pro Touch Bar to all users of Office for Mac, with the update providing quick access to functions from the new dynamic display panel.
For Microsoft Word, MacBook Pro users will gain a “Word Focus” mode, which hides all onscreen ribbons and commands on the main display, to help users focus on their work. Formatting tools are instead displayed on the Touch Bar, keeping them available to use, but not distracting the user.

Bomb threat forces evacuation of Apple’s flagship Australian store — Apple’s flagship Australian store was briefly evacuated mid-day on Friday, in what appears to have been a response to a bomb threat, according to local media reports.
The three-floor Sydney outlet, located on George Street, was cleared out just prior to 1 p.m. local time “as a precaution” during a “police operation,” a spokesperson for the police informed Business Insider.

Some implications of Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium — While the news of Apple joining the Wireless Power Consortium doesn’t offer absolute clarity of Apple’s future plans (besides hinting that the next iPhone will support wireless charging), it does reveal some things to the wireless power industry as a whole.

Revamped SoundSource 3.0.0 brings quick audio source & output switching back to Mac after 5-year hiatus — A pair of old OS X audio routing applications have regenerated, and have merged to form the new SoundSource 3.0.0 by Rogue Amoeba —and AppleInsider takes a look at the offering.

Cindori VR Desktop, Genius Bar revives 30yo Mac SE


Cindori’s VR Desktop lets you use a Mac with some VR headsets — Cindori has introduced VR Desktop, a US$19.99 app that lets you use macOS together with Virtual Reality (VR) headsets. It requires macOS 10.11 or later and Oculus Rift DK2.
According to the folks at Cindori, VR Desktop allows you to:
• Create a giant virtual multi-monitor workspace that works seamlessly with macOS and third party applications;
• Play games and watch movies in custom virtual environments;
• Enhance your macOS experience by loading custom virtual environments with a multiple screen setup.
For now VR Desktop only works with the the Oculus Rift dev kit (DK2). However, Cindori plans to support other VR headsets.

Genius Bar Revives 30 Year Old Mac SE — British Tech Network host Ewen Rankin took his 30 year old Mac SE prototype to a Genius Bar at an Apple Store. With the help of friends he got ahold of Mac OS System 3.3 on floppy disks – the operating system the SE originally shipped with – and then made his way to the Apple Store.
The geniuses were more than happy to help out even though the Mac was older than some of them, and in the end they got it up and running.

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proappsApple’s Pro Apps Bundle for Education arrives in over 30 more countries — People wanting to take advantage of Apple’s heavily-discounted Pro Apps Bundle for Education can now do so in over 30 more countries around the world, thanks to expanded distribution this week. New Zealand is on the list.
The bundle launched in the US earlier in February, and wraps up all of Apple’s professional audio and video editing apps for the Mac, including Final Cut Pro X, Logic Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4, and MainStage 3.
The collection’s $199.99 US pricetag is over $425 less than Apple would normally charge. In the US, all faculty and staff at US educational institutions all the way from kindergarten through college qualify, plus college students. Prices can vary significantly based on factors like exchange rates, though in countries with the euro the software is typically €229.99; it’s $299.99 in Australia and $329.99 in New Zealand. (And while you’re at it, here’s the free Fizz template for Final Cut Pro X and notice the other freebies there on the right.)

AAPL briefly reaches an all-time high share price — The rally for shares in Apple continues, with the stock briefly touching an all-time record share price of $133.82 this morning. It’s now hovering around $133.68.

As investors overlook Apple’s Services business, stock price declared 10% too low — Apple’s Services earnings aren’t being considered strongly enough by investors, one analyst believes, arguing that if the business was properly weighted, the stock company’s stock would be at least 10 percent higher than it currently sits.

Apple is number four on ‘Most Innovative Companies of 2017’ list — Apple placed number four on the Most Innovative Companies of 2017 list from FastCompany. Apple placed fourth on the list; that’s up from seventh place in 2016. Apple has made the list for three years running.

Apple temporarily stops sales of LG’s UltraFine 5K display — This will only add to cries that Apple once again start making its own external displays for use with Mac laptops: the tech giant has temporarily stopped sales of LG’s UltraFine 5K monitor, due to problems associated with a lack of proper shielding from wireless interference. Apple retail staff were told to keep the product on display yet not sell any units if people asked, according to a Business Insider source. [This is turning into a debacle.]

Apple is a contributing sponsor of BeSides information security forum — BSides, a two-day, open forum for discussion and debate for security engineers and their affiliates, has received a public contributing sponsorship from Apple, “underlining the increasing efforts of the company to participate in academic research and publishing related to security, privacy and other research goals.”

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Kanex has released a series of Apple-compatible keyboards
Kanex has released a series of Apple-compatible keyboards – most have one-touch switching to share between four Apple devices, for example your Mac, iPad, Apple TV, iPhone.

It’s time for Apple to show iBooks some love — Bryan Chaffin writes that Daniel Steinberg has a great piece on iBooks at his Dim Sum Thinking blog titled ‘I Wish Apple Loved Books.’ He makes the case that Apple doesn’t love iBooks, and that it shows in the way the company has largely let its ebook store languish. He hit the nail on the head – what we’ve seen (not) happen to iBooks is what we’ve seen every time an Apple product stopped being the focus of top executives.
[Like me], Bryan Chaffin loves iBooks, and thinks it offers a better reading experience on his iPad than Kindle. By a lot. It’s not even close. But Apple hasn’t been giving iBooks the love it needs to thrive. And the truth is, this started with the DOJ’s successful antitrust suit against Apple. [Couldn’t agree more.]

Kanex has released a new range of keyboards — These suit Mac and iOS and come in several configurations, including a foldable, travel version.

Star Wars Empire on special — Aspyr’s Star Wars space opera game for Mac is currently on sale in the Mac App store for NZ$14.99/US$9.99. The deal is worldwide, so if you’re somewhere else, click this link.

Safari histories are stored in iCloud for more than a year — According to the CEO of Russian hacking tool creator Elcomsoft, Apple is storing Safari histories in the iCloud going back more than a year, possibly much longer, even where the user has asked for them to be wiped from memory.
It would appear to be a design issue rather than anything suspicious, and is likely to do with the syncing mechanism between iOS, Mac OS X and Apple servers. [So what are you going to do, Russian hacker, sell the details to Trump?]

Sonnet announces Mac-compatible Dual-Port 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) Thunderbolt 3 adapters — Sonnet Technologies has announced Mac compatible Twin 10G Thunderbolt 3 Edition Thunderbolt 3 to Dual-Port 10GBASE-T 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10GbE) adapter, and the Twin 10G SFP+ Thunderbolt 3 Edition Thunderbolt 3 to Dual-Port SFP+ 10GbE adapter. These will be available in New Zealand through MacSense.

Mac malware discovered in Microsoft Word document with auto-running macro — A second example of malware targeting macOS users has surfaced this week, with the discovery of a Word document that attempts to use an automatically-running macro, one that tries to download a hazardous payload to infect the target Mac. [Years ago, Microsoft simply deleted macros abilities in  Word for Mac because of this problem.]
You can only get this infection by downloading a specific Word document called “U.S. Allies and Rivals Digest Trump’s Victory – Carnegie Endowment for International Peace” and the payload it led to has since been disabled.

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Wow, remember these? Owners of Macs made between 2003-2008 are eligible for US$10 rebates due to an optical drive class action suit.
Wow, remember these? Owners of Macs made between 2003-2008 are eligible for US$10 rebates due to an optical drive class action suit.

A macOS malware agent dubbed MacDownloader has been found — A macOS malware agent, named MacDownloader, was observed ‘in the wild’ as targeting the defense industrial base, and reported elsewhere to have been used against a human rights advocate, according to Iran Threats, a website run by Claudio Guarnieri and Collin Anderson that analyses online threats from Iran. MacDownloader attempts to pose as an installer for Adobe Flash, and as the Bitdefender Adware Removal Tool. Apple Insider has more info.

Luminar update — Luminar, the software that sensationalises pretty much any photo, has an update which adds support for photoshop smart objects and actions, improved batch processing, better crop angles, enhanced colour temperature filter, speed improvements and a rotate image tool. If you already have Luminar, launch it, click the Luminar men and select Check For Updates.
To celebrate, MacPhun is bundling bonuses along with the latest version of Luminar. Bonuses include: The Guide to Family Portraits, the 25 Romantic Getaways ebook, a brand new set of beautiful sky overlays, and a new Vivid Presets pack. Please note, bonuses are limited in quantity, so check out this deal now if you’re interested and save 50%.

Intego deal gives you 70% off Mac Premium Bundle X9 — and that this rare deal ends today. Use coupon code ‘SaferInternet‘ at checkout to get 60% off Mac Premium Bundle X9 right now. The discount only applies to households, limit 10 Macs per customer. Regular renewal rates apply. This offer expires on Wednesday, February 8 at 11:59PM USPST.

References to possible 2017 MacBook Pro with Intel Kaby Lake CPUs found in macOS Sierra beta code — Examination of the beta code for macOS Sierra 10.12.4 has revealed a trio of Kaby Lake processors referenced, which has pointed to specific processor substitutions for a possible MacBook Pro refresh using Intel’s new processor line.
Kaby Lake features faster CPU clock speed changes, a new graphics architecture which improves performance in 3D graphics and 4K video playback and supposedly provides enhanced battery life and security features. MacBooks with Kaby Lake would also support up to 32GB RAM instead of topping out at 16GB.

Owners of 2003-2008 Macs with optical drives can claim US$10 per machine thanks to a lawsuit settlement — A class-action suit filed against four optical drive manufacturers alleging illegal price fixing has been settled, with previous owners of computers – including Macs – equipped with CD or DVD drives between 2003 and 2008 eligible for $10 per computer owned during that period, reports AppleInsider.

Apple Maps now provides real-time traffic conditions to Argentina customers — Apple Maps for macOS, iOS and watchOS now provides real-time traffic conditions to people in Argentina, according to Apple’s refreshed iOS Feature Availability webpage.

MacBook Pro Touch Bar preview hits Microsoft Office for Macs — Microsoft is now testing a beta version of MacBook Pro Touch Bar support in Office 2016 for Mac.

Back to uni promotion, spaceship detail, Mac app bundle, Duplicate Finder and Remover


Apple launches its Back to School promos for New Zealand — Apple is launching its annual Back to School promotion on Macs and iPads this week in New Zealand and Australia. The Back to Uni promotion runs through March 16.
In New Zealand, a qualified Mac purchase includes a NZ$105 Apple Store Gift Card and a qualified iPad purchase includes a NZ$75 Apple Store Gift Card. In Australia, Mac purchases include a A$100 Apple Store Gift Card and iPad purchases come with a A$70 Apple Store Gift Card.
Apple also introduced a similar promotion in Japan, offering students an ¥8,500 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of a new Mac and ¥5,500 Apple Store gift card with the purchase of any new iPad Pro.

Apple’s ‘spaceship campus’ has ‘astonishing attention to detail’ —Apple’s “spaceship campus” is a “futuristic campus built with astonishing attention to detail,” according to Reuters. The price tag for the project is estimated at $5 billion with more than $1 billion allocated for the interior of the building alone (Apple hasn’t confirmed these figures).

Pay what you want for the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle — MacObserver has a new pay-what-you-want deal for you called the 2017 Superstar Mac Bundle. It includes 12 different apps—you get all of them by beating the average price, which is US$12.17 as of this writing. But you can pay anything—as little as a dollar—and get two of the apps, Mac Screen Recorder and NotePlan. Beat the leader’s price and get an entry into a giveaway for a 13″ MacBook Pro with Touch Bar. The full price for everything would be US$387.

Free Duplicate File Finder & Remover — This is a handy app that scans your Mac for all kinds of duplicates and does this really fast. It also features flexible auto-selection rules, so you won’t need to sort through your duplicates manually.
Duplicate File Finder & Remover is free on the Mac App Store. It produces accurate results in seconds on drives of any size and is extremely capable at comparing the contents of the cloud storages, so every user can save on pricey cloud space.

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Shielded LG UltraFine 5K displays headed to Apple stores, fixes done on case-by-case basis — Thunderbolt 3 LG UltraFine 5K displays boasting enhanced shielding to prevent radio frequency interference disconnects and crashing are working their way to retailers now. Meanwhile problematic units in the field will be assessed for service and shielding addition on a case by case basis, AppleInsider has learned.

Apple’s Tim Cook makes surprise stops at stores in Paris, Marseilles — Apple CEO Tim Cook made unexpected visits to two French Apple stores on Sunday, namely the Terrasses du Port outlet in the southern city of Marseilles, and the Carrousel du Louvre location in Paris.

Apple, other tech companies file brief opposing Trump’s travel ban — The legal battle is intensifying over President Trump’s immigration order, with further court filings expected today from both the government and Department of Justice. Seventy-five tech companies, including Apple, US tech companies have filed an amicus brief opposing the travel ban, saying it “inflicts significant harm on American businesses.”

Free Seal makes it easy to create seal titles for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X — Conner Productions’s Seal is a pro level template to make introductory seal titles for Apple’s Final Cut Pro X. It’s free — and free is good!
Seal, designed with creative professionals, individuals, and businesses, is customisable and lets you create introduction seals for your videos featuring a spinning seal that comes into focus. It’s easy to customize text color, background color, and other elements to craft the template to fit within a video. Conner Production’s installer makes installing Seal easy; using the template in videos is a matter of dragging it into the timeline.

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Perhaps the Mac is the real ‘future of personal computing’ — Apple CEO Tim Cook has said that the iPad is the “clearest expression of our vision of the future of personal computing.” However, Dennis sellers thinks the Mac may fill that role with the iPad thriving as a complementary device.
Tuesday lat week, Apple reported its Mac line generated record single-quarter revenue of $7.2 billion, beating the previous mark set three years earlier by $300 million. The Mac not only returned to growth, but generated its highest quarterly revenue ever. And it you believe that, here’s the easy guide to switching from Windows to Mac.

Get Pro Mac apps from Apple with an Education Discount — Apple is offering a brand new educational bundle for students and teachers. The apps, worth US$430 (NZ$588) separately, are bundled for US$199 (about NZ$282) and include Logic Pro X, Final Cut Pro X, Motion 5, Compressor 4 and Main Stage 3. Verification requires an account on UNiDAYS, a savings program for college kids.

Apple, Google, other techs build coalition to oppose Trump’s Muslim Ban — Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook are building a coalition of corporate giants to oppose President Donald Trump’s Muslim ban. According to Re/code, the tech giants are reaching out to other tech companies, including Uber and Stripe, as well as companies outside of the tech space.

Tim Cook wins the Newseum 2017 Free Expression Award in the Free Speech category — The Newseum has announced that Apple CEO Tim Cook will receive the Newseum’s 2017 Free Expression Award in the Free Speech category. Cook, who has led Apple since August 2011, will be recognized “for his leadership in creating technology that has had a profound impact on how we communicate.” [Is there an Evading Tax award?]

Room Lighting Calc simplifies the generation of morphologically defined parametric objects — If you need to generate morphologically defined parametric objects (vaults, quadric, domes, etc..) or generate primitive objects, (cubes, spheres, cones, etc.), you may find Brotens’ Room Lighting Calc for macOS handy.
The light sources, calculated as volumetric sources, are managed entirely by Room Lighting Calc, which allows you to import, display, edit and format: IESNA LM-63 (ASCII text files normally used by manufacturers of lighting fixtures in North America); EULUMDAT (formed by European standards); and DXF drawings and data files.
It requires macOS 10.10 or higher, costs NZ$36.99/US$24.99, and is available at the Mac App Store.