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X shipment times better, 5 video editors

Five video apps for iOS

iPhone X shipments from Apple improve to 2-3 weeks in US — In a sign that production of the iPhone X is catching up with overwhelming demand, new orders for the iPhone X are now advertised to ship within two to three weeks, a one-week improvement from their previous estimate.

Five video editing apps for iPhone videographers — So far we’ve rounded up plenty of photo apps to enhance your images. Now it’s time to focus on videographers. The Mac Observer has found 5 video editing apps that will supercharge your videos, both for beginners and more advanced users.


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Director Steven Soderbergh secretly shot new thriller Unsane entirely on Apple’s iPhone — Acclaimed director Steven Soderbergh’s next film, a thriller titled Unsane, will see a wide theatrical release next spring, despite the fact that it was filmed entirely on an iPhone.
Unsane is currently scheduled to hit theaters on March 23, 2018, according to Deadline. Soderbergh (above right) will reportedly be self-distributing the film through his own company, Fingerprint Releasing, in collaboration with Bleecker Street. The film’s stars include Juno Temple (above right) and Claire Foy.

iPhone X Review: what Apple gets right, and wrong — Apple’s newest flagship smartphone, the iPhone X, is loaded with new features like an OLED screen, Face ID, and wireless charging. Is it worth the price tag? The Mac Observer has posted a review.

Apple iPhone X versus Samsung Galaxy Note 8 benchmark comparison — The consumer wars between Apple and Samsung will go on as long as both companies are around, as will the debates around which flagship device is more powerful. AppleInsider gets both the iPhone X and the Galaxy Note 8 on its test bench, and put them both through their paces.

Apple says it will help make limited anti-spam iPhone app for Indian government — Apple has reportedly bowed to pressure from the Indian government and will help it build an iPhone version of its Do Not Disturb anti-spam app, albeit with more limited capabilities than the Android version.

Reviews lean positive on Pixel Buds, Google’s answer to Apple’s AirPods — Some of the first major reviews of Google’s Pixel Buds have emerged, mostly espousing a favorable opinion of the AirPods competitors, albeit with some tough criticisms.

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(Image from Apple NZ’s Watch page)

More iPhone X tips and tricks — How to access and customise the Control Center on the iPhone X, how to master the iPhone X user interface and how to reset Face ID (and don’t worry, it’s not facelift surgery). Here’s a video of the fastest way to unlock your iPhone X with Face ID.
You can autofill passwords and credit card entry in Safari with Face ID on the iPhone X, to. The iPhone X can auto-fill crucial data in Safari, using Face ID to authenticate the user, and securely enter credit card information with Apple’s iCloud Keychain and Safari Autofill at the crux of the feature. AppleInsider shows you how to set it up.

Five photo art apps to spruce up your images — Photo art apps are a cool way to make your images stand out. You can make your photos look like a painting, pencil drawing, and generally quirky. Mac Observer has combed through the App Store to bring you five photo art apps to get started.

Five photo retouching apps for iPhone to remove unwanted objects — An important aspect of photo editing is retouching, specifically where you can remove unwanted objects from your photo. Maybe you want to remove a pimple, a wrinkle, or even an object in the background. This can be done with a tool usually called a heal brush, or a clone stamp. Andrew Orr has personally used all of these photo retouching apps at some point, so gives his own insight into each one.

Foxconn profits plummet 39% following iPhone X production woes — Apple manufacturing partner Foxconn this week posted a 39% year-over-year decrease in net profit, losses that industry watchers attribute to the difficult-to-assemble iPhone X, which remains in limited supply.

The Apple Watch retakes the lead in the wearable band market in the third quarter — Apple retook the lead in the wearable band market in quarter three of 2017, with shipments of 3.9 million, reports the Canalys research group. It posted its strongest quarter so far in 2017, thanks to the release of the Apple Watch Series 3.

Call with Apple Watch Series 3 saves kitesurfer from shark-infested waters — After a nasty crash with a landing in a great white shark nursery area, a kite surfer used his Series 3 Apple Watch with LTE to summon rescuers and direct them to his location.

Study finds Apple Watch able to be used as diagnostic tool for sleep apnea, hypertension — Researchers from the University of California San Fransisco in conjunction with the developers of the Cardiogram app have proven that using existing sensors, the Apple Watch can detect sleep apnea and hypertension with a high degree of accuracy, potentially opening up the ability for the device to be used as a long-term research tool for the conditions. [If I had a Watch on, it could also tell I was awake right now. Wow.]

iPhone X vs 8 Plus, X production problems over, Ohio joke, YouTube drain, Midnight Fog Apple Watch

Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3, Midnight Fog, is coming to Nike’s online and retail stores next week

A  week using Apple’s iPhone X vs iPhone 8 Plus — There are benchmarks and specs —and then there are actual use cases that may differ between the iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone X. AppleInsider has spent over a week with the iPhone X now, and here’s what we think about it, versus the iPhone 8 Plus, in a video.

Analyst: production problems with the iPhone X are over — In a note to clients, KGI Securities analyst Ming-Chi Kuo says that production problems with the iPhone X are over, and about 26 million units of the smartphone should ship in the holiday quarter.

Ohio state ‘i’ joke — Ohio State fans poked fun at iOS bug at Saturday’s game. Fans of the Ohio State University football team used a time-honoured tradition to poke fun at the iOS “i” bug this weekend. Before each game the fans chant out the letters “O – H – I – O” while groups of fans holding cards spell out the letters. Here’s how the letter “I” looked this weekend.

YouTube promises fix for severe battery drain on iPhones & iPads — Google’s YouTube said it’s working to solve a bug in its iOS app causing heavy battery drain on iPhones and iPads, even when running in the background.

Midnight Fog edition of Apple Watch Nike+ to ship on November 14 — A new colour combination for the Apple Watch Nike+ Series 3, Midnight Fog, is coming to Nike’s online and retail stores on Tuesday.
The product pairs an aluminium, space grey cellular Watch with a Sport Loop featuring “deep greys with iridescent accents,” Nike said. It’s intended to match the company’s Midnight Fog Air VaporMax shoes, which are coming to North America on November 27.

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You can get the portrait mode ‘bokeh’ effect without a dual-lens iPhone with the right apps

iPhone X impresses Windows executive, Android fans but bitter bloggers still hating — Apple’s iPhone X is drawing compliments from some unlikely places, ranging from the official Twitter account of Steven Sinofsky, the former President of Microsoft’s Windows Division, to diehard Android fans sharing their unvarnished opinions on Reddit. Sinofsky, who spent two decades working on Office and then led the development of Windows 7 and 8 before leaving Microsoft at the end of 2012, posted a series of Tweets concluding with the observation, “iPhone X is simply joyful to use. Apple deserves massive credit for inventing a new paradigm on top of the most successful one ever.”
However, it can never please embittered bloggers who want Apple to fail.

iPhone X, iPhone 8 Plus production accelerating alongside cutback in orders for iPhone 8 — Reports from the supply chain suggest that any production problems that may have plagued the iPhone X are long past, and Apple and its manufacturing partners will increase production to ship about 26 million of the OLED model in the holiday quarter.

Apple releases iOS 11.1.1 update with ‘i’ autocorrect fix, ‘Hey Siri’ bug repair — Apple has released another “sub-point” update to iOS 11, with iOS 11.1.1 addressing the “i” bug that caused the letter to be autocorrected to “A” and a question mark.

Apple’s Clips 2.0 puts you in the Millennium Falcon cockpit with Star Wars augmented reality — Apple’s updated Clips 2.0 last Thursday, and it now supports augmented reality 360-degree selfie scenes using iPhone X’s TrueDepth camera system. Other additions include Disney content including a panorama aboard the Millenium Falcon and Mega-Destroyer —and AppleInsider shows you all the new features.

Extreme test shows OLED iPhone X with ‘dark mode’ saves nearly 60% battery over 3 hours — After publicising ways to reduce power consumption on the iPhone X OLED display, AppleInsider has begun to put the methods to the test to get a feel for exactly how much power can be saved. The answer: a lot.

iPhone X problems — It’s not all hope and glory, though. Some iPhone X owners report mystery green lines appearing on displays. A Vietnamese firm managed to trip up iPhone X’s Face ID with an elaborate mask & makeup, and Apple has acknowledged iPhone X becoming unresponsive in cold weather, and has promised software fix.

Firefox iOS version 10 released with ‘Photon’ design and menu changes — Firefox has updated the iOS version of its browser to version 10.0, with the milestone release featuring a refreshed modern interface and changes to the menu system, ahead of another major update arriving on the desktop version of the browser next week.

Five apps that add Portrait Mode Bokeh to any iPhone — Do you love bokeh but don’t have an iPhone with a dual lens camera? Mac Observer has found up five apps that give you Portrait Mode bokeh. You can use these apps on any iPhone model.

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(Image from iFixit)

Apple’s iPhone X speakers sound off louder than iPhone 8 Plus — Despite sharing many features under the hood, the iPhone X’s speakers appear to be more powerful than what you hear on the iPhone 8 Plus. There’s also a video comparison of Apple’s iPhone X speakers vs Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8, with the iPhone X’s stereo speakers having a clear advantage in built-in audio over Samsung’s latest flagship smartphone.

FStoppers Video compares iPhone X vs Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5 4K video — One of the first tests that almost everyone does with a new iPhone is to try out the camera, as it’s usually better than the previous iteration. FStoppers went one step further, doing side-by-side 4K video comparisons with the iPhone X and a 2017 Panasonic Lumix DC-GH5. The site concludes “The iPhone X has dual cameras on the back (24mm and 55mm equivalent) and both of them performed shockingly well.”

Free-to-play South Park: Phone Destroyer and PES 2018 Mobile iPhone games land on the App Store — Two games from very different franchises arrived in the App Store this week, with South Park: Phone Destroyer introducing crude humor to the card collection genre, while PES 2018 Mobile’s annual refresh adds real-time multiplayer with friends.

Niantic follows up Pokemon Go with Harry Potter AR game for iPhone — Game developer Niantic’s follow-up to the popular Pokemon Go could end up being a similar game but within a different major franchise, with Harry Potter: Wizards Unite being prepared for launch sometime in 2018, complete with augmented reality and travel-based gameplay elements.

techconnect’s 12 best iPhone and iPad puzzle games — Give your brain an enjoyable workout with these varied, brilliant puzzle picks.

Apple updates Workflow with iOS 11 & iPhone X optimisations — Apple has updated its Workflow automation app for the iPhone, iPad, and Apple Watch with optimizations for the iPhone X, as well as support for various iOS 11 features.

Lynn University named an Apple Distinguished School for its iPad learning program — Lynn University has been selected as an Apple Distinguished School for 2017–2019 for its iPad-powered learning program. This marks the third consecutive time that Lynn has been named a Distinguished School for continuous innovation in learning, teaching and its environment and for showing documented results of academic accomplishment.

Apple acquires photo sensor technology company InVisage — Apple has apparently purchased decade-old InVisage technology, a company behind the QuantumFilm technology that takes up less space than traditional camera sensors and with better performance characteristics.

iPhone X gestures, wallpapers with notch

Video of all iPhone X gestures and interactions in under 5 minutes — The home button is now a thing of the past with Apple’s flagship iPhone X, leaving users with new gestures and interactions to get the job done. AppleInsider shows you all of the new iPhone X gestures and interactions, including Reachability Mode.

Template avoids the iPhone X Notch in custom wallpapers — Designing around the iPhone X display notch when designing custom wallpapers can be a little annoying if you aren’t exactly sure how much of your graphic it’ll hide. The Mac Observer has a free template that takes out the guess work, and it’s free to download.
The notch is the back area at the top of the iPhone X display where the front-facing cameras and Face ID sensors sit. The image on the display wraps up on either side of the notch making the horns. You can see your wallpaper in the horns, but not the notch.

Best phone, 14 more countries, ElevationDock 4, market control, more profits, Indian manufacturing

iPhone X camera comes out well too

iPhone X Super Retina HD gets A+ from DisplayMate: “best performing smartphone display we have ever tested” — In evaluating the new iPhone X display, Dr Raymond M. Soneira of DisplayMate called it the “most innovative” and “best performing smartphone display we have ever tested,” noting in particular its leading absolute colour accuracy, the highest full screen brightness for an OLED smartphone, highest full screen contrast rating in ambient light and highest contrast ratio, with the lowest screen reflectance and smallest brightness variation with a viewing angle.

DxOMark: the iPhone X is the best smartphone for taking still pics — With a Photo score of 101, the Apple iPhone X achieves the best results so far for still images, edging out the Huawei Mate 10 Pro and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8, the previous joint leaders in DxOMark’s Photo ranking, by one point. DxoMark is an industry standard for camera and lens image quality measurements.

iPhone X availability expands to 14 more countries before the end of November — Following what appears to have been a blockbuster first weekend of sales of the iPhone X, Apple has announced it is expanding sales of the device to 14 more countries on November 23 and November 24.

ElevationDock 4 is first MFi-certified Lightning dock to work one-handed — Accessory maker ElevationLab is back at it with a fourth-generation iPhone and iPad charging dock, using an integrated Lightning connector, adjustable plug and back, and micro suction cups to allow for sturdy one-handed undocking.

Analysts claim iPhone continues to control US smartphone market in Q3 — Apple is continuing to lead other smartphone manufacturers in terms of smartphone shipments to the United States in the third quarter, according to Strategy Analytics, despite an alleged dip in iPhone shipments during the period, and an overall year-on-year contraction of the US smartphone market.

Apple reaping higher profits from each iPhone X sold than iPhone 8, analysis claims — Despite the expense of technologies like a 5.8-inch, edge-to-edge OLED display and a 3D facial recognition camera, the iPhone X is actually more profitable per-device than the iPhone 8, according to a research estimate published on Monday.

iPhone assembler Wistron reportedly looking to expand its facilities in India — Wistron, Apple’s primary assembler in India, is is scouting for about 100 acres of land in Bangalore to expand its facilities, reports Bloomberg, quoting unnamed “people familiar with the matter.”

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Dark Mode on iPhone X lengthens battery life

iPhone 8, iPhone X active use data suggests that the pair crush iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 first-week metrics — A new study about actual users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X shows that combined adoption of the two models during the first few days of use as a percentage of the total user base is higher than that of the iPhone 6s or 7 at the same time in rollout.

iPhone X tips: maximize battery life with ‘dark mode’ inverted colors and grayscale — Apple’s switch to an OLED display on the iPhone X means users who dig into the settings of the device can squeeze out more battery life, reducing the power consumption of the screen and extending the time needed between charges. AppleInsider tells you how to do it.

Apple offers temporary fix for iOS 11 ‘i’ bug until future software update arrives — Apple has acknowledged the existence of a bug in iOS 11 concerning the autocorrection of the letter ‘i,’ by offering affected users a work around via its support pages until a software update is released that solves the issue.

Always on call: UK’s NHS pilot provides video consultations via iOS app — The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is piloting a scheme that would allow patients to be seen by a local doctor using a video call on an iPhone, a move that could help reduce the waiting times for patients to see a doctor, as well as reducing the need to visit the physical doctor’s surgery.

SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with iFixit’s repairability assessment — Device insurance purveyor SquareTrade calls the iPhone X the “most breakable iPhone ever” in a series of drop tests —but the assessments that the company did of the repairability differ with iFixit’s teardown of the device.

Apple offers 30-minute online training sessions to iPhone X purchasers — To acclimate users to the iPhone X, Apple is offering a phone conversation with an Apple Specialist, while watching a video on a computer to “help you go further” with the new device. [Does anyone know if this is also offered in NZ?]

Getting to know your neighbors with an app — The days of everyone in a neighbourhood knowing and helping each other are over. Nowadays, especially in the suburbs, it’s common for neighbors living right next to each other to not know each other’s names. Nextdoor is a free iOS app that’s attempting to turn this sad state of affairs around by using an easy-to-use social network to chat with neighbours.

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Apple’s first iPhone X sales began in Australia & New Zealand — Apple’s first retail sales of the iPhone X were underway from Friday, having begun wolrdwide at stores in Australia and New Zealand.
CEO Tim Cook tweeted “a big thank-you to all our customers in Sydney,” [where there are actual Apple Stores, not licensed Resellers as in NZ] sharing a photo of two of the first customers, both of whom bought a pair of iPhones. The iPhone X is an expensive prospect in New Zealand, starting at $1799 [or US $1243] and in Australia, A$1579 or about $1218 – both well over the $999 it costs in the US.
The debut brought enthusiastic lines to Union Square in san Francisco, and if you got one, here are tips and techniques to get you started. Here’s how to add a virtual Home button, a Guided Tour video walks users through iPhone X Face IDApple Insider posted an ‘ultimate’ Face ID test, Animoji, and more,
Apple has seeded iPhone X-specific version of iOS 11.2 beta 2 to developers.

Dual batteries, layered logic boards revealed in iPhone X teardown — The customary teardown of the iPhone X by iFixit, within hours of its release, reveals Apple has made considerable changes to the internal design of the smartphone, including its layered logic boards and the use of two battery cells, a first for the product line.

Wall Street raises targets as Apple wows with iPhone 8 launch quarter, and as hype rose for iPhone X — With a better-than-expected iPhone 8 launch quarter, and a highly anticipated debut for the flagship iPhone X, investors on Wall Street are riding high on Apple stock, pushing shares into uncharted territory as analysts increase their forecasts to trillion-dollar market cap levels. Apple’s iPhone 8 has done better than expected, Cook claims.

iPad sales are up, but the overall tablet market declined 4.5% in the third quarter — The third quarter of 2017 (3Q17) closed with 40 million tablets shipped globally, according to preliminary data from the International Data Corporation (IDC) Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker. And Apple’s iPad did better than most.

The Apple Watch sees its third consecutive quarter of 50% growth — Apple CEO Tim Cook said that the Apple Watch saw unit growth of over 50% for the third consecutive quarter during Apple’s fiscal 2017 fourth quarter that ended Sept. 30. As usual, he didn’t mention how many units were sold.
Apple Watch laid the foundation for iPhone X, claims Apple Insider.

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You can get it if you really want: iPhone X now on sale — Apple has been emailing New Zealanders saying we can now buy iPhone X.

However, it’s a bit different thanks to a new layout — Here’s how to use Fast App Switching: while you double-press the Home button on your iPhone or iPad to see the App Switcher, the iPhone X doesn’t have a Home button, so read on to learn how you do this with a X.
Here’s how to use animoji on Apple’s iPhone X.

iOS 11 overtakes 10.3 in less than a month — Apple’s iOS 11 has overtaken its former version iOS 10.3 less than a month after release according to web analytics company Statcounter. iOS 11 reached 42% of all iOS versions worldwide in October compared to 35.5% for iOS 10.3. On a daily basis, iOS 11 overtook 10.3 on Oct. 12, less than a month after its release on September 19.
“Even by Apple’s high standards of migrating users, the rapid take up of iOS 11 has been impressive,” says Statcounter CEO Aodhan Cullen.

GarageBand for iOS brings new Sound Library and classic Beat Sequencer — Apple has announced an update to GarageBand for iOS that provides even more creative options for making music on iPhone and iPad. For instance, it introduces a new GarageBand Sound Library, where users can select and download a variety of free sound packs featuring new instruments and loops.
Beat makers can tap into a new Beat Sequencer instrument inspired by classic drum machines. The app also features new Asian Touch Instruments and updates to Drummer, including six additional players.

Surgeon uses iPhone ultrasound machine to diagnose his own cancer — Vascular surgeon John Martin had just joined a startup called Butterfly Network early this year when he decided to test the company’s product, the US$1999 Butterfly IQ. It’s a solid-state ultrasound machine that uses a unique semiconductor chip to create the high-frequency sound waves used to see what’s in the human body, and it uses an iPhone to view the imagery. Martin quickly saw something he didn’t want to see; a three-centimeter mass on his throat, which turned out to be squamous-cell cancer.

Can you use your iPhone in space? Digg tries to answer.

Fast Face ID, using iPhone X, X cases, GarageBand update, Watch music

Face ID on iPhone X is just as fast, if not faster, than Touch ID — Much has been said about Face ID on iPhone X, but prospective customers are wondering how the new face-based recognition system performs against Apple’s established Touch ID system. In Apple Insider tests, Face ID is as fast, or in some cases faster, than its predecessor.
Meanwhile, Apple has emphasised again that Touch ID for iPhone X was never an option, company all-in on Face ID.
Here’s how to enable and use Reachability on iPhone X, and how to invoke Control Center and Notification Center on iPhone X (since the cutaway at the top changes the real estate somewhat).

First look: Apple’s official iPhone X leather and silicone cases — Though Apple is holding back deliveries of the iPhone X until its official launch on Friday, the company has placed no such restrictions on official cases for the highly anticipated handset, as customers have now been receiving Apple’s official iPhone X protective cases.

GarageBand 2.3 for iOS adds classic drum sequencer, Taiko drums, iPhone X Super Retina support — Apple has released an update for the iOS version of GarageBand, with the new version taking advantage of the Super Retina display on the iPhone X, as well as adding a new sound library and a ‘classic’ beat sequencer.

How to use Apple Music and Radio Streaming in watchOS 4.1 — 
watchOS 4.1 makes Apple Watch music playback a lot easier and fulfills a promise Apple made when it first showed off the operating system earlier this year. Now you can get at your complete Apple Music library from your watch whether you’re on Wi-Fi or LTE. Read on to learn how Apple Watch music playback works with this new update.

Cochlear app, iPhone X reviews, object detection, Qualcomm conundrum, KRACK fixes, watchOS 4.1, Siri commands, Kindle for iOS

Cochlear Nucleus 7 is the world’s first and only cochlear implant sound processor that’s Made for iPhone — Recipients can stream sound from their compatible iPhone, iPad and iPod touch directly to their Nucleus 7 sound processor. Users can reconnect with friends over the phone, FaceTime with their children, dial into work teleconferences and even stream maps while driving.
Unlike hearing aids which amplify sounds, cochlear implants do the work of damaged parts of the inner ear (cochlea) to provide sound signals to the brain.
Earlier this year the New Zealand Government acknowledged the life changing benefits cochlear implants offer and boosted funding for adult cochlear implants to NZ$14.93 million for this calendar year. This means the number of adults who will have these operations payed for will rise from 40 to 100 people. Key features and benefits of the Nucleus 7 Sound Processor include:
It is 25% smaller and 24% lighter than the previous generation of Cochlear implant
Users can control, monitor and customise their hearing on their compatible Apple devices via the free Nucleus Smart App Talking on the phone, listening to music in high-quality stereo sounds, watching videos and making FaceTime calls easily accessible
The new Hearing Tracker records coil-off time (when the external coil component of the sound processor is not attached or sending a signal to the internal electrode) and time in speech – information that’s especially helpful to parents trying to track their child’s hearing
The Find My Processor feature helps locate a lost processor by using Location Services to determine the last place the processor was connected to the paired iPhone or iPod touch

iPhone X reviews start to appear — Here’s Steven Levy’s on Wired (“The iPhone X is a big screen in a compact form factor – Cinerama in a phone booth…”),  AppleInsider has a hands-on Apple’s highly anticipated iPhone X, and offers a closer look at the new edge-to-edge OLED display, Face ID biometric system, and much more with this in-depth video overview. There’s also a first look.
Helping to support Apple’s accuracy claims, a video published on Tuesday shows the iPhone X’s Face ID system reacting as intended, even when confronted with identical twins.

Internet discovers Apple’s Photos object detection feature, controversy inevitably ensues — Twitter on Monday caught wind of how specific a now year-old object recognition feature in Apple Photos can get, with users expressing concern over the system’s ability to detect “brassieres.”
The Photos feature in question introduced at WWDC in 2016 integrates machine learning and AI technology to detect and tag faces, objects and places in user photos. The key word here is tag; no data is offloaded, no folders are created and no images are “collected.”

Apple designing iPhones, iPads without Qualcomm modems after key testing software withheld — In an international legal fight against Qualcomm, Apple is said to be mulling a decision to drop the chipmaker’s modems in next year’s iPhone and iPad models after it was denied access to software used to test key communications components.

Apple iOS 11.1 now available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch with 70 new emoji, other improvements — After a month-long testing process, Apple has made available iOS 11.1 including a fix for the KRACK wi-fi exploit, and a large amount of accessibility feature fixes.

Apple outs tvOS 11.1 for Apple TV with fix for KRACK Wi-Fi vulnerability & minor changes — Apple has released tvOS 11.1, a maintenance update for the Apple TV and Apple TV 4K that nevertheless includes one important addition: a fix for the KRACK WPA2 vulnerability in devices with Wi-Fi.

Apple releases watchOS 4.1 with support for LTE music streaming on Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular — Delivering a feature that has been showcased in advertisements for the Apple Watch Series 3 since it launched in September, Apple has released watchOS 4.1, giving users the ability to stream Apple Music and an iCloud Music Library without a phone near by.

Watch the 50 most useful Siri commands — Apple’s Siri understands a huge number of commands and queries, from relatively simple tasks like turning on HomeKit-connected lights to more complex requests like translating words into foreign languages. AppleInsider went through the list and picked out 50 of the most useful.

Kindle iOS app update is the most dramatic in years, and brings new reading tools — Light mode and improvements to Page Flip are welcome but it’s still the number of books available that make the latest version of Amazon’s Kindle app for iPhone and iPad a must.