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iPad Air 2, must-know AirPod commands, Apple Watch apps

The world of Apple Watch Apps is blossoming
The world of Apple Watch Apps is blossoming

Stock-outs could signal the death of Apple’s iPad Air 2 ahead of expected lineup refresh — Inventory of Apple’s entry-level 9.7-inch iPad continues to dry up with a trio of new models rumoured to soon launch, potentially suggesting the popular iPad Air 2 will be axed for a new model with faster processor.

Must-know Siri commands for Apple’s wireless AirPods — To keep AirPods as hassle-free – and aesthetically pleasing – as possible, Apple opted to completely replace physical controls with Siri voice commands, a first for the company. AppleInsider compiled a few key phrases new AirPods owners should know in order to get the most out of their purchase.

Blossoming world of Apple Watch Apps — A key feature to the Apple Watch’s much-improved app experience is the App Dock, new in watchOS 3. It brings significant changes to app performance and your ability to quickly open your most important apps, do your thing, and get on with your day: one of the Watch’s core purposes for existing. If you aren’t familiar, check out The Mac Observer’s quick tip on the App Dock, then come back here to find some great apps with which to fill it.
And here’s how to find, install and remove said Apps, and how to force close Apple Watch apps in watchOS 3.

Tuesday Talk ~ Not on my watch


Is it time to admit Apple Watch is a success? Apple CEO Tim Cook has stated the last holiday period was the company’s “best quarter ever” for Apple Watch, both in units and revenues, “with holiday demand so strong that we couldn’t make enough.” Yet the tech community seems to think it’s not doing well, or even that it’s a failure.
John Gruber just thinks it should be considered a watch, rather than a ‘smartwatch’. In September last year, Gruber points out, Apple Watch sales were second only to Rolex. Strangely, perhaps, when I tried the first version of the Apple Watch, what put me off was the lag in many operations. Once I had to send a unit back, I found the thing I missed the most was having the time on my wrist at all, so I went out and bought a watch which cost me just NZ$100 (about US$73). Couldn’t be happier.
Of course, I never got to try the second version of the Watch (Series 2), so I never got to compare. Which at least spared me from spending another few hundred dollars on something with an Apple logo on it. What did impress me was superb build quality and very clever design, I loved being able to choose my Watch faces, and I loved the wonderful ease of changing straps – still a finicky mission on a normal watch.
I figured I would have got used to all the great features if it wasn’t for those little lags that, eventually, stopped me even trying to do things, although I understand the latest versions are significantly faster, by up to 50%. But if you’re still not satisfied even after updating to watchOS 3, which also added speed enhancements, it is possible to speed a Watch up via various settings.
Series 2 has its own GPS which means you don’t have to have your iPhone on you to track fitness etc – this never actually bothered me as I cycle and walk with my iPhone in my pocket anyway.

But hey, I’m not wearing an Apple Watch. I’m wearing a Timex Weekender. What about you?

Recalibrate Fitness Tracking, how to use Gestures, and activate Power Reserve manually


How to recalibrate Apple Watch Fitness Tracking — If you have calibrated your Apple Watch for better step count and distance accuracy, but something went wonky and it’s wrong again, there’s an easy fix, and a great excuse to get outside to walk some more. Read on to learn how to reset your Apple Watch fitness tracking calibration.

How to use gestures on your Apple Watch — You can use a variety of gestures to interact with your Apple Watch. When you touch the screen, your watch uses Force Touch technology to sense how hard you press.
You can tap the screen to select a button or item. Drag your finger across the screen to scroll or adjust a slider.

How to Find & Activate Power Reserve manually in watchOS 3 — In watchOS 3, there are no more Glances, so Apple had to relocate the manual activation of Power Reserve to the Control Center. Power Reserve is used on the Apple Watch to extend the battery life in a critical situation. It’s probably a feature that was conceived early on when Apple engineers weren’t sure the Apple Watch Series 0 could make it through an entire day without a recharge. Here’s how to use it.


Mickey and Minnie speak in watchOS 3, Maps changes in iOS 10, Microsoft Office app for burger flippers

Mickey and the new Minnie Mouse faces can speak the time in watchOS 3
Mickey and the new Minnie Mouse faces can speak the time in watchOS 3

Mickey and Minnie Mouse can now speak the time in watchOS 3 — One of the coolest Apple Watch faces has been Mickey Mouse, tapping his foot in time with the seconds. watchOS 3 adds Minnie to the fun, plus they can each speak the time out loud with a tap. I’ll show you how. (watchOS 3 doesn’t automatically install the Minnie face so you’ll need go to this Apple forum discussion to find out how.) And this is how to get them to talk.

iOS 10 Maps ‘Overview’ buttons moved to a swipe-Up drawer — The Maps app got a major overhaul in iOS 10. It has a new look and feel and a new layout. One of the basic changes is that the Overview button moved from the main interface to the drawer at the bottom of the screen. Here’s how to find it. And here’s how to use Maps Extensions.

Microsoft app helps staffing rosters — A new Microsoft app for Office 365, StaffHub, seeks to make rostering easier and replace the break room calendar. StaffHub has a couple of key differences to Calendar-style apps: workers can swap shifts themselves or ask others to cover for them. StaffHub’s also a messaging app, so, for instance, one cook can send another cook a message about an ingredient shipment that’s scheduled to arrive. (Microsoft didn’t say, but those employee-to-employee messages would presumably be monitored by an employer.) The other difference from your typical shared calendar, unfortunately, is the price: A company must be signed up with at least an Office 365 kiosk license to use it, which costs $4 per user, per month.

Inside watchOS 3, Swatch win


Inside watchOS 3: Apple Watch gets more familiar with dedicated dock button — This week’s launch of watchOS 3 brought about fundamental changes to the way the Apple Watch hardware and software interact with each other, including a rare admission by Apple that a number of key concepts introduced with its wearable device missed the mark. Starting with watchOS 3, pressing the side button will instead bring up a new application dock. Here’s how to use the Digital Crown in watchOS 3, and the Mac Observer has three cool features of watchOS 3, and a ‘things liked most,
You can send text messages from Apple Watch by drawing one letter at a time [sounds like torture].

Swatch successfully opposes Apple’s ‘iWatch’ trademark in UK — Siding with Swiss watchmaker Swatch, the UK’s Intellectual Property Office has rejected Apple’s attempt to trademark the term ‘iWatch’ there — long after the electronics giant decided to go with ‘Apple Watch’ instead. [Nice win for you there Swatch, you must be feeling very proud.]

iOS 10 is here, its best features, iPhone 7 best yet, watchOS 3, all Samsungs prohibited on some US flights

(Image from Apple's iOS10 page)
(Image from Apple’s iOS10 page)

iOS 10 has arrived: here’s how to update — After several months of intensive beta testing by developers and public testers, iOS 10 is available. It’s simple to update your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch to the newest Apple mobile operating system, but if you need a refresher…here it is! [Plugging it into your Mac and updating via iTune sis always faster and safer rather than ‘over the air‘ or on the device itself.]

The best features in iOS 10: Siri, Home, Messages, Notifications, Apple Music, more — Today’s iOS 10 launch cleans up older iOS features, and introduces a number of new ones, including a new Home app for HomeKit, stock app hiding, voice mail transcription, and much more.

It’s About Time delivers the goods for iOS 10 Messages with stickers and games — There are 4 word games that you’ll find as well as tons of sticker packs to be used to add fun and emotion to your messages. All of the sticker packs are NZ$1.49/US99¢ each, or you can buy a Mega Pack for NZ$2.99US$1.99 with over 1100 stickers.
[This is a cool feature of iOS 10: sticker packs. Open Messages, and tap the A in the square button next to the field where you type. Stickers appear below – swipe to the left to see the default. Tap the little four-dot button at bottom left to go into the Store … enjoy. There’s even a Hunt for the Wilderpeople set.] 

Review roundup: iPhone 7 is the greatest iPhone yet, but lack of the headphone jack is annoying — A bevy of iPhone 7 reviews have been published in advance of the phone’s actual release, with nearly all of them singing the praises of the device, amidst one big omission — the headphone jack. The Apple A10 Fusion CPU in the iPhone 7 family surprises, exceeds pre-release expectations; how Apple achieved water resistance with the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus.

Everything you need to know about watchOS 3 for Apple Watch — The release of watchOS 3 for Apple Watch is being pushed as a major change for the wearable platform, tweaking and in some cases completely revamping how the platform operates. Before you update your Apple Watch to watchOS 3, here’s a quick guide on the changes.

Some US airlines prohibiting use of any Samsung phones in wake of Note 7 recall — Fallout from the Galaxy Note 7 recall is escalating, with some airlines disallowing any use of Samsung mobile devices in-flight, following reports of multiple incidences of property damage in the US.

CareKit, looking ahead to iOS 10, watchOS 3


CloudMine releases CareKit SDK for Apple developers — CloudMine, a secure data healthcare platform, has released an iOS SDK (software development kit) designed to work with Apple’s CareKit framework. Built to support native iOS apps, this SDK will communicate with CloudMine’s Connected Health Cloud.

With no Game Center app in iOS 10, invites will be managed by Messages — Beginning with iOS 10, Apple’s Game Center service will no longer have its own dedicated application. Instead, actions like adding friends or inviting them to a game will be handled by individual games themselves, routed through Apple’s expanded Messages app.

Inside watchOS 3: Apple Watch adds new iOS-style swipe-up Control Centre — With watchOS 3, Glances are no more. Swiping up from watch faces now brings up a Control Center with quick access to commonly used settings, borrowing a design convention from Apple’s iOS.

Netflix p-in-p for iPad, dark Messages, Maps in 10, Slide to unlock, Squarespace News format, glass iPhone Super Cycle, watchOS 3

Netflix for iPad update has added picture in picture (image from TechCrunch)
Netflix for iPad update has added picture in picture (image from TechCrunch)

Netflix adds long-demanded Picture in Picture support on iPad — Streaming video service Netflix has updated its iOS app with one of the most requested features for the platform, Picture in Picture mode on the iPad.
On compatible iOS 9 tablets, the options lets people start playback inside the app but continue watching in a thumbnail view elsewhere after pressing the Home button. Pop-up commands can expand or close the window, and pause or resume playback.
Picture in Picture requires at least an iPad Air or iPad mini 2.

iOS 10 beta offers ‘dark mode’ for Messages, may hint at broader adoption — The iOS 10 version of Messages appears to contain a hidden ‘dark mode’ option, potentially backing up hints that such a feature will go system-wide, or at least come to other iOS apps beyond ones like iBooks. [This is a visual rather than a secretive thing.]

See Apple Maps in iOS 10 in action, with recommended stops along route & saved parked car location — Apple Maps is far more intelligent in iOS 10, recommending possible stops along your current route, allowing plug-ins from third-party applications, and even remembering where you parked your car when you’re away from home. AppleInsider offers a closer look at how the update will change how you navigate.

The classic ‘Slide to Unlock’ iPhone gesture is gone from iOS 10 —
Pour out some pixels for the gesture that unlocked every iPhone for years: in iOS 10, Apple is getting rid of the gesture that unlocked iPhones since the very first model, back in 2007. Slide to Unlock got audible gasps of amazement at the original iPhone’s unveiling, and it’s been a constant ever since. In iOS 10, all you will do is press the home button to be presented with the passcode-entry screen (or your home screen if you don’t use a passcode, which you reeeeeeally should).

Squarespace adds the ability to publish content in the Apple News Format — Squarespace, the  content management system/website builder/blogging platform/hosting service, says that, as of today, it’s the only platform to have built an Apple News integration directly with Apple. Customers can publish their content in Apple News Format directly from their Squarespace blog.

Credit Suisse predicts Apple stock ‘super cycle’ on strength of all-glass 2017 iPhone — Analysts on Wall Street are increasingly expecting an incremental iPhone hardware update this year, which has led some to turn their sights to a rumoured 2017 handset revamp in hopes of pushing Apple stock to new heights.

watchOS 3 is Apple’s most crowdsourced product ever — Ever since it made its debut alongside the iPhone 6, Apple Watch has been fighting for respect. Branded a failure from virtually the day it was released, Apple’s first wearable has faced more scrutiny and criticism than any other new product in its history. Even more than the iPod Hi-Fi, price and unrealistic expectations overshadowed the things it did particularly well, and many weren’t willing or able to give it the room it needed to grow. Barely a year into the product’s existence, Apple is rebooting watchOS, dumping key features, reimagining others and dramatically changing the way we implement and interact with it. On its website, Apple says it “Feels like a whole new watch,” and it’s hard to argue that point.

More iOS 10 details, RAW support for photographers, watchOS 3, steel charge cables

9Image from Apple Insiders iOS 10 Messages video)
9Image from Apple Insider’s iOS 10 Messages video)

Inside iOS 10: more details — After a bruising battle with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a contentious debate over encryption in the wake of the San Bernadino terrorist shooting, Apple is doubling down on privacy protection by researching cutting-edge privacy techniques for iOS 10, allowing advanced new features while protecting user data.
Apple Maps will remember where you parked your car: forgetting where you parked could soon be an issue of the past, thanks to a new feature in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 that automatically remembers where your car is located. [Meanwhile, the app Tuture already does this.]
When 3D Touch launched
alongside iOS 9 and the iPhone 6s, part of the promise was quick shortcuts to some of the most used functions in apps. With iOS 10, people may sometimes be able to skip opening apps entirely.
Upgraded QuickType wields ‘Siri intelligence’ for contextual suggestions: Apple’s forthcoming iOS 10 update will feature enhanced QuickType keyboard recommendations, which will now go beyond suggesting the next best word to write, and will intelligently recommend dates, locations, contacts and more.
See Apple’s overhauled iOS 10 Messages with expressive text bubbles, animations & more in this  AppleInsider video: perhaps the biggest overhaul in Apple’s upcoming iOS 10 can be seen in the Messages app, which will add the ability to send drawings, change message bubbles, replace words with emoji, use stickers, integrate third-party apps, and much more [it’s really worth a look].
And Apple’s iOS 10 makes iPad a ‘Home Hub‘ by expanding HomeKit appliance support.

Apple Will Support RAW Photo Files in iOS 10 (for professionals) — Apple is taking a significant step towards making iPhone a(n even more) serious camera for professionals in iOS 10 by adding support for RAW photo files. The information was included in a slide during Monday’s World Wide Developer Conference keynote, and TechCrunch reported details from a WWDC session confirming RAW support in iOS 10.

Apple Watch gets improved glance-ability with new complications, watch faces — In refining the Apple Watch experience with watchOS 3, Apple is focussed on making information and functionality as quickly accessible as possible. It accomplishes that in a number of key ways, including a variety of new watch faces and complications.

Deal on steel charging cables — At Apple World Today, [Fuse]Chicken, the company that makes products (Bobine, Armour, Blackout and Titan) that use steel shielding to create incredibly strong and tangle-free charging cables, has three deals today: Armour Charge 2-meter Steel Charging Cable for US$32.95 (regularly US$44.95), the Armour Travel Charging Keychain for $29.99 (normally US$39.95), and the Armour Loop Charging iOS Cable for $19.95 (usually US$29.95).