Five-Tip Friday

Apple Mac Tips
Mac NZ is a great source of Apple tips, from the Finder to sophisticated in-application tricks to handy tricks for iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch). On a mission to make your Apple more fruitful, Mac NZ aims to inform, demystify and to improve your Apple life.

Every Friday, five tips are published and available online from 9am New Zealand time. (You can go back through these any time by clicking the Tips filter over there on the right —>)

They are also all carefully collated together into the monthly Mac NZ newsletter MagBytes multipage PDF, which can then be delivered to you free by email. Over 1500 people already receive this. Just click Follow on the left here, or remember to visit Mac NZ every last Thursday.

To get your MagBytes newsletter, just join the exclusive, yet free, email list.

Comments and suggestions are always welcome.


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