Mac NZ’s MagBytes Monthly Newsletter

Mac NZ’s MagBytes is a PDF newsletter of tips, a news round-up and more, in PDF form. It’s entirely free – free to read, free to pass on, free to get amazing Apple info from acknowledged and experienced Apple commentator and educator and former NZ Macgide editor Mark Webster (who owns, manages and writes this site).

A popular MagBytes column, Tips&Tricks, is from the previous month’s Mac tips and tricks from the month’s Five Tip Fridays. It’s collated together and re-published each month on Mac NZ.

Over 1800 people receive this handy compendium monthly, and institutions pass it on to their own respective lists in turn, making the reach greater still. It’s particularly popular in New Zealand, the US and Australia.

You can read MagBytes on screen, print it out, store it for future use, and even drag and drop it onto the iBooks icon in your Dock. This automatically converts it into an iBook you can read, search and highlight, or even add notes to.

‘Follow’ to be told when MagBytes is available
MagBytes comes out on the last Thursday of every month, so either check back here on the last Thursday (just click MagBytes on the right), set yourself a recurring Calendar event (New Event, Repeat>Monthly) or Follow this blog (that button in the left column) to get an email whenever MagBytes is available.
(The downside of Follow is that you’ll get an email whenever I publish anything, and that’s usually 13 or more times a week!)

Previous issues of MagBytes are available form the MagBytes filter in the right column of every Mac NZ page.


Even though I am a Mac user from way back when, you were able to provide me with lots of little tips I didn’t know about. Thanks for a great read.

Mac Stevenson, Warkworth

What a fantastic mag you publish, so full of great interesting articles from which I am learning so much. I would surely pay a sub for this but a great bonus it is being free. As for display on screen, or printing, I have no problems at all, on screen view is crystal clear in preview and printing is great. Thanks for the time and effort you put into this marvelous magazine.

Derek Butcher, New Zealand

Another great issue Mark and beautiful to read on my iPad  : D thanks again, reminds me of the glorious days of Macguide : )

Hayden Collier, New Zealand


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