Moshi iVisor Glass iPhone Screen Protector


I’ve been pretty happy with my Logitech magnetic case that both protects my iPhone 5 and snaps to the Logitech car mount I have, but I felt a little insecure about the face of my iPhone being exposed, as the rubbery case I ditched in favour of the Logitech case+energy had a raised upper rim so if you laid the iPhone down on its face, it didn’t come into contact with the flat surface it was on, so ever since, I’ve been a bit worried about the glass face.

Then I spotted this new screen cover. I’ve tried screen covers before – a few of the various smooth-on ones, but I never like the feel or the look of them and, despite my best efforts, I always ended up with an air bubble somewhere. But this ones entirely different – it’s a rigid piece of glass, for a start, with a silicon adhesive on one side, then an anti-shatter film, then a very thin piece of ‘atomically strengthened’ glass and that, in turn, is covered with an oleo phobic coating. This lets the touch interface work as if you haven’t even added a layer. In fact, despite all the aforesaid layers, the whole iVisor is barely thicker than a thumbnail and it works with the Logitech case+drive perfectly.

It adds a cover right across, including a coloured bezel, so it really is full protection to the front face of your iPhone 5, 5s or 5c (and there’s a version that fits the 4/4s). The colours, in fact, match the iPhone 5c colours and you can get black or white, also.


Also, though, as long as you clean the surface of your iPhone (a tiny microfibre cloth is provided) well and then line the screen up very carefully from the get-go, it applies with no bubbles at all and the transparency appears absolute, while some plastic films appear ever so slightly slightly opaque.

And it’s not easy to get off – in fact, a little suction cup is provided should you need to, but I was loath to try it since I want this cover on my phone, OK? Sorry. I don’t want to mess it up and luckily I managed to apply it perfectly first time.

Tough — Moshi reckons this protector is shock and scratch proof and to back that up, if iVisor Glass is damaged or broken while protecting your device, Moshi replace it for free within a year from purchase. That’s a pretty big risk on Moshi’s side, I’d say – the number of cracked iPhone screens I have seen lately is impressive. Also impressive is that people can 1/ keep using them and 2/ don’t get them repaired, even though excellent repairers like Richard DeGranpre (in Auckland) can do such a good job of it. Now my iPhone has metal on the back thanks to Logitech and extra-strong, layered glass on the front thanks to Moshi. Sweet!

Conclusion — Rigid, tough, crystal clear and very thin, this is the best looking and best working screen protector I have seen so far, and because of that should work with most existing cases.

What’s great — Slim and very clear, touch works perfectly, and it adds a lot of protection

What’s not — It really sticks on. You don’t want to apply it badly the first time.

Needs — Anyone who values their iPhone a lot.

Mac NZ’s buying advice — This is a superior product.

What — Moshi iVisor Glass, NZ$49.99. Marketed in New Zealand by MacGear, and available from your favourite iPhone accessories shop (if they haven’t got it, ask them why not).