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iOS 11, new games, iPhone document scanning, Firefox update

Hands on with iOS 11, which we will all have soonish — With the newly revamped iPad app dock in iOS 11, Apple introduces a completely new interaction experience more in line with macOS. Check out the new UI, which supports in-the-dock app interactions and drag-and-drop gestures, in this AppleInsider video.
Apple is also completely revamping the App Store in iOS 11, adding a number of new features and under-the-hood enhancements, while at the same time streamlining the platform’s user interface. AppleInsider goes over all the changes in this in-depth video.
Other changes include Augmented Reality Maps.

Augmented Reality added to Maps in iOS 11 will show landmarks in real time in the distance

Full Throttle Remastered and Layton’s Mystery Journey arrive for iPhone, iPad — Two notable puzzle-oriented games have become available to download from the iOS App Store today, with Full Throttle Remastered bringing a classic adventure game up to date, while Layton’s Mystery Journey lands on iPhone and iPad months before the Nintendo 3DS edition goes on sale.
Requiring iOS 9.0 or later and taking up 3.9GB of space, Full Throttle Remastered is available to purchase from the iOS App Store for NZ$7.49/US$4.99. (The Mac version of the game is NZ$21.99/US$14.99.)
Layton’s Mystery Journey requires iOS 9.0 or later, takes up 1.14GB of storage, and is priced at US$15.99.

How to turn your iPhone into a document scanner (and when you shouldn’t) — Nothing can beat having the iPhone’s camera with you but many, many tools can better how that camera shoots documents and what you can do with them later. AppleInsider staffers show you what apps and hardware we use to scan everything from single receipts to the contents of a history archive.

Mozilla upgrades Firefox for iOS to version 8.0, adds QR code reader and night-reading mode — Mozilla has upgraded Firefox for iOS to version 8.0, with the latest edition of the mobile web browser altering the way it handles tabs, as well as introducing new features including a built-in QR code scanner and a Night Mode that makes Firefox more useful for late night browsing.

Five Tip Friday ~ Checking the weather Reminders, Night Shift Calendar & extra extras

1/ Check the Weather quickly using Spotlight — If you’re curious what the weather is like, you can launch the stock or a 3rd party weather app, sure, or just pull down on a Home Screen page to get Spotlight (device and ’net search) to appear. Type in “weather (and location)” to get the weather report for that spot. You’ll get the details you’re looking for. The same applies to any day within the normal seven-day forecast period. This Spotlight trick works on iPad, too. (It even works on macOS in Spotlight.)

2/ Delete all Reminders in a list — Sometimes, you want to quickly delete all reminders in a list. People use the Reminders app as a catch-all for everything we want to remember, whether it’s work-related or a group of tasks we need to cary out.
Within iOS, there’s a way to delete not only the list, but also all the reminders within that list. This works for things you’ve marked as completed, along with tasks that you haven’t tapped to show them as done. Launch the Reminders app and navigate to the list you want to delete.
Now, tap the Edit button in the top right corner of the app.
Scroll to the bottom (if you can’t see it it) and find the item that says Delete List.
Tap that option and confirm you want to delete all the reminders. (This is a viable on Mac too: secondary click (right- or Control-click) the name of the list and choose Delete. If you are working in iCloud.com, you can go to a Reminders list, click on Options, and then choose Delete. When you delete a Reminders list from one device, that action will take place on every device logged into the same iCloud account.

3/ Night Shift Mode into Staying on All the Time — You can have Night Shift on iOS on all the time if you prefer the softer lighting (it’s more yellowish) of Night Shift mode all the time. Night Shift is most useful after sunset, you may want to have it enabled all the time. This display-based setting makes your screen “warmer,” usually at night, to cut down on blue light exposure which is believed to keep people awake. To get to this setting: Settings> Display & Brightness> Night Shift. The default is to have the mode activate at sunset, and then deactivate at sunrise but you can also set custom start and stop times for the mode.
To keep Night Shift on during the day, you need to set custom hours for the feature. Unfortunately, you can’t set the start and stop times the same so you have to decide on a one-minute time of the day (or night) when it’s okay for the mode to briefly deactivate: for example, Night Shift could temporarily stop at 1:59am. Then, the mode turns back on at 2am.

4/ Set your default Calendar across devices — People can find their Mac set to add events by default to one calendar while their iPhone is adding them automatically to a different one. This can make it seem that iPhone events are colour-coded differently to Mac events, which is confusing.
All your Apple devices that can sync with your iCloud account have a “default calendar” setting that’ll be applied when you don’t specifically change which one you’d like to add an event to. On the iPhone and iPad, this option is listed under Settings > Calendar. On the Mac, this setting is within Calendar > Preferences under the “General” tab.

5/ Dealing with other calendar services — When a device is set to sync to a calendar (say, a Google one) and that particular calendar isn’t even configured on another of that person’s devices, it will make it seem like everything from one device is disappearing. You can check which accounts you’ve got set to sync calendars on the Mac under System Preferences > Internet Accounts.
Any of your accounts that have “Calendars” listed in grey underneath their names are syncing that service with your Mac. Verify that you’ve got the same list turned on for your iPhone or iPad at Settings > Calendar > Accounts.

Extra – The Health app: as Apple Insider puts it in a detailed explanation, the launchpad for all things is the Health Data tab, which lists all of the categories the app can handle. While Activity, Mindfulness, Nutrition and Sleep are front-and-center, others include Body Measurements,  Health Records, Reproductive Health, Results and Vitals. These all break down into numerous subcategories, where the real meat of the app is found. Under “Activity,” for instance, are items like steps, workout duration, and active energy consumption. Tapping on one displays a graph with adjustable views, as well as an explanation, suggested apps, and a set of configuration options.

Extra extra — the logic of iPhone/iPad Force Quitting: The Mac Observer has a detailed description of why and when you may need to do this, and when you should’t worry.

Aussie lobby, 7nm process & Samsung, Clips gets Disney, Intel nixes wearables, Files app i iOS 11, YouTube for iPhone, Blackberry Apple & NSA

Apple sends top executives to lobby Australian government over proposed encryption laws — Apple has sent top privacy executives to Australia twice over the past month to discuss proposed cybersecurity laws that could compel technology companies to provide law enforcement agencies access to encrypted customer messages. [Pass out a few iPhones and Bob’s yer uncle?]

TSMC’s 7nm process enhancement may keep Apple from using Samsung for ‘A12’ chip production — Samsung may not return to making Apple’s A-series processors in 2018 as once thought, with a new report claiming chip producer TSMC’s 7-nanometer FinFET fabrication process could help the firm retain its status as sole processor supplier for the upcoming ‘A12’ chip.

Clips now features Disney and Pixar characters and new graphic overlays — Apple has updated Clips, its app that allows iPhone and iPad users to create ‘expressive videos.’ It lets you combine video clips, photos and music into videos to share with friends through the Messages app, or on Instagram, Facebook and other social networks.
The update includes dozens of new graphic overlays and posters, plus usability improvements. Users can now add classic Disney and Pixar characters to their videos.

Intel reportedly disbands wearables division as it focuses on AR — Intel has reportedly laid off the few employees working in its health wearables division, which includes fitness trackers and the Basis smartwatch, as the company refocuses on augmented reality.

Watch Apple’s new Files app for iOS 11 — Wondering how Apple’s new Files app for iOS 11 works on iPad? AppleInsider takes an in-depth look at the upcoming file management system in this video.

YouTube TV grows, now services 15 markets and serves 48 channels to iPhone — YouTube has expanded its live television service to 10 more markets, and boosted the number of available nationwide channels to 48 including BBC America, Syfy, plus assorted sports and news channels.

Blackberry joins Apple in gaining NSA approval for secure communications — BlackBerry has received approval from the National Security Agency (NSA) to sell tools for securing phone calls and text messages to the United States government, with the Canadian smartphone producer joining Apple on the list of companies endorsed for federal government use.

iPhones still in use, Lightroom app, Qualcomm action, tvOS 10.2.2, Nokia health, Speidel Watch bands

The classic Speidel watch band is now available for Apple Watch

Almost two-thirds of all iPhones are still being used — Nearly two-thirds of iPhones sold since the 2007 launch remain in use, according to data from Newzoo (as cited by Digitimes). The market intelligence firm says that 728 million Apple smartphones remained in use as of April, which represents about 63% of all iPhones sold in the past decade.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom 2.8.0 update for iPhone brings 3D Touch to brush selection tool — Adobe has updated its Lightroom app for iPhone and iPad, with changes to the brush selection tool, in-app camera fixes, and support for the latest digital cameras and lenses.

Four Apple manufacturers launch antitrust complaint against Qualcomm, with Apple’s backing — Four of Apple’s manufacturing partners (Hon Hai/Foxconn, Compal, Wistron, and Pegatron) have filed counterclaims against Qualcomm, accusing the chipmaker of violating two sections of the Sherman Antitrust Act. [Is this practical or use vindictive?]

Apple Releases tvOS 10.2.2, a Security Release — Apple has released tvOS 10.2.2. Apple notoriously doesn’t include patch notes for most tvOS releases, but like the other updates released on Wednesday, this is likely a maintenance and security release.

Apple once again selling Nokia health accessories — Back in April of 2016, Nokia bought connected-body accessory manufacturer Withings, a company that makes the Body Cardioand Body+ smart scales, Thermo Thermometer, and BPM+ Blood Pressure Monitor. Due to a patent battle with Nokia over intellectual property licensing, Apple pulled the products from sale at Apple retail and online stores.

The two companies settled their differences in May of 2017, with Apple agreeing to a multi-year license to the patents in question and also agreeing to put the products – now branded as Nokia products – back in stores. Having the devices back in Apple’s retail ecosystem is probably a relief for the former Withings group, as Apple customers are the target market for the now-Nokia products.

Speidel Twist-O-Flex watchbands make it to Apple Watch — A product that has been around about as long as Dennis Sellers and me is making a reappearance in a new way. Speidel, the maker of the Twist-O-Flex watchband that has been around since 1959, is now selling its classic expandable-bracelet watchband for the Apple Watch at a very affordable US$50.

Aussie back door, Google Glass & iPhone AR, Bluetooth mesh networking, Kygo, more Apple Pay, Starling Bank, Snapchat’s new features

Australia’s Attorney General thinks he can convince Apple that encryption back doors are good — Australia is proposing laws that would require companies like Apple and Facebook to give the government access to our personal encrypted data, and now the country’s attorney general thinks he can convince Apple that’s a good idea. Australia Attorney General George Brandis is meeting with Apple this week in an effort to coax the iPhone maker into voluntarily building back doors into its encryption. [Gah!]

Google resurrects Glass for enterprise as new AR headset for iPhone 7 is unveiled — Google appears to have ditched the concept of Google Glass as fashion accessory in its latest industry-focused revision to the augmented reality product, and a new headset called the Mira Prism [main picture, above] will allow users to snap in an iPhone 7 to reflect the screen into the user’s field of vision. Newly announced, the Mira Prism is an augmented reality headset that resembles a set of safety eyeglasses designed to incorporate an iPhone 7. The iPhone’s display is reflected onto the headset through the Mira app, so it will not quite be universal.

Mesh networking addition to Bluetooth LE revealed, could help boost Apple HomeKit coverage — The Bluetooth Special Interest Group has updated the specification for the wireless communications technology, with the introduction of mesh networking allowing Bluetooth LE devices to more easily communicate with each other, potentially helping home automation platforms such as Apple’s HomeKit as well as larger scale networks.

Apple Music releases trailer for Kygo: Stole the Show Documentary — Apple Music just pushed out a trailer for Kygo: Stole the Show, a documentary on the life and career of DJ/musician Kygo. This documentary is another original movie from Apple Music, and it culminates with a huge show in 2016 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn.

Apple Pay expands to 27 new US banks, plus new options in China, Ireland, Russia, Italy & Starling Bank — Apple on Tuesday added 27 US banks and credit unions to the Apple Pay roster, while simultaneously bringing the platform to more options in China, Italy, Ireland, and Russia, and for UK’s mobile-only Starling Bank can now add their debit cards to Apple Pay, potentially before they even receive their plastic cards in the mail.

Snapchat Adds 2 new features: Tint Brush and Multi-Snap — New Snapchat features have arrived for iOS (and Android) users. Tint Brush lets you selectively change the colour of objects or areas in your snaps. Multi-Snap lets you continuously record multiple 10 second snaps.

Password minder, Runescape on iOS, iPads in hospitals, Apple Pay promotion in China, Subway Apple Pay, Honda going CarPlay

Never forget a password again: new app delivers three levels of encrypted security for free — New Zealand App developer Lookiimedia has just announced Mycena, a new password management app for both iOS and Android devices.
Designed for non-technical users to make saving and retrieving passwords fast and painless, Mycena provides up to three levels of password security, free for the first five passwords. Additional password storage is available via small one-time payments rather than monthly or annual subscription fees.
Mycena can be used on multiple devices including a mix of iOS and Android, and passwords can be synchronised via Mycena’s cloud service. However, O’Toole says the company recommends that users delete the cloud copy of their passwords once synchronisation is complete. Pricing is free to cover 5 passwords, NZ$4.49 for 20 passwords, NZ$7.49 for 50 and NZ14.99 for 120  (all are one-off costs, and multi device). In US dollars this is roughly $3.29, $5.48 and $10.97. Mycena has a blog with more info.

RuneScape and Old School RuneScape will come to mobile and tablet devices — Publisher Jagex has announced the two titles will be the first mainstream and fully-established Western MMORPGs to deliver the complete MMO experience to PC and mobile platforms and feature full interoperable play, allowing players to jump from PC to mobile platforms and back again. Old School RuneScape is set to debut on mobile platforms this winter, with RuneScape to follow.
Players will be able to have a RuneScape and Old School RuneScape adventure just on their mobile devices if they choose, enabling past RuneScape players who have moved from PC to mobile as a preferred platform, to reconnect with the game and their characters once again. You can find out more and join the Beta program should you wish.

Apple Wants to get iPads into more hospitals — Apple wants an iPad in the hands of every hospital patient, and is working to make it happen. Apple has therefore begun working with hospitals in the US including Jacobs Medical Center, MetroSouth Medical Center and Cedars-Sinai. Meanwhile a Cedars-Sinai pilot is using  Apple’s iPad to provide patients with data and to control infection in NICU.

Apple Pay promotion in China offers users steep discounts on goods, better bank rewards — Apple is making a play to attract Chinese users to Apple Pay, and is offering discounts of up to 50% on goods from a wide array of merchants.

Subway to use Apple Pay in new self-order kiosks & iPhone preorders — Subway is in the middle of testing a new restaurant design that will make Apple Pay an integral option when ordering food, in some cases before people even walk through the door.

Honda says Apple CarPlay coming standard on 2018 Accord 2.0T, optional on other trims — Honda has announced that the 2018 Accord, launching later this year, will once again offer Apple’s CarPlay, which allows iPhone owners to bridge Siri and select apps with a car’s dash interface.

The perfect ‘book’, Messages encryption and Australia, Cloud searches, Bangalore iPhone App Accelerator, NDEF

How to: turn your iPhone or iPad into the ultimate book reading tool — As it stands, straight out of the box, Apple’s iPad is a decent reading tool, but it could be far better. Join AppleInsider for an examination of some apps and services they have been using for a while to really make the device a universal, digital book reader. [I just use iBooks – it’s already on every iPad.]

Proposed Australian law forces tech companies to decrypt customer messages — The Australian government last Friday proposed a set of new cybersecurity measures that would compel technology companies like Apple to provide law enforcement agencies access to encrypted customer messages. [Apple actually can’t decrypt a lot of stuff already, it’s own encryption is too strong. Apple’s position so far is outlined here.]

In other privacy news, US Customs says it can search iPhones, but not cloud services — While US Customs and Border Protection agents can search an American traveler’s iPhone, they’re not allowed to search any data stored in the cloud, the CBP said recently in response to questions by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden.
In February, Wyden pressed the Department of Homeland Security on the “deeply troubling” practice of border agents asking US travellers to provide passwords and access to social media accounts, according to NBC News. [Not just US travellers! Any traveller to or via the US – Homeland Security even has a setup at Auckland Airport, so it can (and does) start right here on NZ soil.]

Bangalore iPhone App Accelerator facility gives attendees a two-year lead on competition — Developers from Apple’s Bangalore, India App Accelerator claim that the centre gives them a leg up on competitors, with the mentoring help them adopt Apple’s frameworks much quicker than they would have otherwise.

RFID tech expansion in iOS 11 allows Apple iPhone to authenticate goods, buy on the spot — Starting with iOS11, Apple supports the NFC Forum’s NDEF NFC Data Exchange Format (NDEF) tags, making WISeKey’s solutions instantly available. Data read by the app is encrypted end-to-end, with any stored data retained in a server in a secure vault.

iPhone 8 ‘panic’, iPhone AR, Microsoft app describes reality, Oculus cheaper, Omnigraffle for iOS

Microsoft has created an app that describes the world to the visually impaired using neural networks

Enough already with this ‘iPhone 8 panic’ nonsense! A source (unnamed, of course) told Fast Company that June was a tense month for the engineers and designers on Apple’s iPhone team with “a sense of panic in the air,” The article says the group is working around the clock to fix software problems related to wireless charging and 3D sensing. But Apple hasn’t announced a September (or October or November, for that matter) special event to debut new iPhones, and actually, no one has any idea what might be in the new iPhones despite protestations otherwise, so  Dennis Sellers wisely calls ‘rubbish!‘.

Facebook’s Oculus to fight Apple’s AR and VR push with new US$200 standalone headset in 2018 — Facebook’s Oculus is apparently in the early stages of developing a standalone mobile headset, with use cases like watching a movie on a plane, without needing a connected computer or smartphone.

Apple’s unified iPhone user base could help kickstart augmented reality industry — Apple’s hegemony over its hardware and software platforms could boost not just the company’s own augmented reality efforts, but the AR industry in general – in a way that hasn’t been managed by Google so far. [Wasn’t Pokémon Go supposed to have done that? But then see the Microsoft item, below.]

New Microsoft artificial intelligence app for iPhone describes world for visually impaired — Microsoft has released Seeing AI, an iPhone app that attempts to analyse its surroundings and describe them audibly for people with impaired vision. [Great idea! Nice one, Microsoft.]
Using neural network technology, the app can not only translate text but recognize people and currency, scan product barcodes, and offer a simplified description of an entire scene or imported image. In cases like barcodes and text recognition, audio cues guide users towards getting a solid lock. Some basic functions will work without an internet connection.
Seeing AI is a free download, and requires at least an iPhone 5c running iOS 10 or later, and iPad. While it’s currently available in the US, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand, and Singapore, the only language supported so far is English.

OmniGraffle 3 for iPhone, iPad Includes Mac Features and Free Trial — OmniGraffle 3 for the iPhone and iPad rolled out on Wednesday bringing it inline with the feature set in OmniGraffle 7 for the Mac, and it adds in a free trial mode, too. OmniGraffle is a diagram design app that you can also use to create drawings and vector graphics and includes a free trial mode. OmniGraffle Standard 3 and OmniGraffle Pro 3 adopts the sidebar interface introduced in OmniGraffle 7 for the Mac. [This is excellent on Mac, if expensive. I have created football formation diagrams and more on it for years.]

iOS 11 Beta previews, Amazon iPhone-connected, PayPal, locked iDevice, HomeKit marketing

Watch all the new features and fixes introduced with iOS 11 beta 3 — Apple on Monday issued a third beta version of its upcoming iOS 11 operating system to developers for testing. In this video, AppleInsider takes a closer look at a few new features and bug fixes that rolled out with the release, including a simplified Notification Center, more intuitive App Switcher on iPad, Safari enhancements and more.

Get a Touch of Augmented Reality in iOS 11 Beta — Maps offers a taste of augmented reality in iOS 11 beta. Okay, Apple hasn’t made its ARKit technology fully available yet, but that hasn’t stopped Cupertino including the technology in the latest beta of iOS 11. To see it, you need only do a Flyover in one of the supported cities. Interestingly, not all of the listed cities are still available for Flyover – Akron, Ohio is not, but Cleveland, Ohio is. When you tap Flyover, you’ll enjoy an AR-fueled view.

iPhone-connected accessories rank among top Amazon Prime Day sellers — A few iPhone- and iPad-compatible accessories were among the bestsellers on Prime Day, Amazon’s one-day sales event held on July 11 —though one of Amazon’s own products topped global charts.

PayPal added as iPhone payment source internationally for App Store, Apple Music — Apple is adding PayPal as an option to fund Apple services accounts in Canada, Germany, Mexico, the Netherlands, and the UK, including purchases from the iTunes Music Store, subscriptions to Apple Music, and buys from the App Stores.

How to reset and get into a locked iDevice ( iPhone or iPad) — This is not how to circumvent an iCloud lock for a device you don’t own. If you legally own the locked device, and would like to use it again and have the proper credentials, here’s how to do it.

HomeKit marketing enhanced with interactive demo installation at 46 Apple retail stores — In a number of its retail locations, Apple has unveiled an interactive display with video walls demonstrating to the user what happens in a simulated living space when assorted HomeKit peripherals are activated.

Siri’s command, Watch backs, Toshiba chip bids, Volvo CarPlay trucks, 12 best racing games

Siri has commanding lead in users over Google Voice, Samsung S Voice in the US — A new study of voice recognition assistants on smartphones shows Apple’s Siri to be in the lead of all other comers – but usage industry-wide appears to be dropping. [Seriously, you can’t beat Siri for answering complex maths problems and conversions, including currency, in plain language.]

Apple extends free repairs for first-gen Apple Watch back covers to three years — Apple has quietly extended free repairs for separated back covers on the first-generation Apple Watch to three years, regardless of warranty coverage.

Toshiba in talks with Western Digital, Apple-backed Foxconn consortium about chip unit sale — Despite having picked another group as the preferred bidder for its memory business, Toshiba is reportedly talking to two other interested parties as well – Western Digital, and a Foxconn consortium including Apple, Dell, and Kingston.

Volvo brings Apple’s CarPlay to new VNL semi trucks — Volvo on Tuesday launched its new VNL line of semi trucks, which in upgraded configurations support Apple’s CarPlay standard, bridging iPhones with dash displays.

The 12 best iPad and iPhone racing games — Macworld has a slideshow.

Internet of (a few) things, Imagination in the UK to get Apple as neighbour

Only 10% use their handheld device or app to control smart home devices — Apparently, we’re not using our iPhones and Siri to their full capability. Parks Associates has announced new Internet of Things (IoT) research examining the market for smart home devices and services. The research group finds that only 10% of users use their personal assistant device or app to control smart home devices.

Apple sets up office near HQ of outgoing graphics tech supplier Imagination Technologies — Apple has reportedly opened an office in St. Albans in the UK, just a few miles away from the Kings Langley headquarters of its outgoing mobile graphics partner, Imagination Technologies.
The space measures 22,500 square feet, and is dedicated to developing proprietary graphics technology, The Telegraph said. The company is likely hoping to recruit more people away from Imagination, which currently makes about half of its revenues from the iPhone and iPad maker. Apple announced plans to migrate away from Imagination earlier this year, prompting the latter’s shares to plummet. In late June, Imagination stated it was looking to sell itself.

ESPN iPhone 7 cover shoot, iOS 11, iOS 11 development course, free photo editing tools

ESPN uses iPhone 7 for 9th annual ‘Body Issue’ cover shoot — ESPN The Magazine’s hotly anticipated ‘Body Issue’ hit newsstands on Friday, and at least one of the covers (a portrait of Chicago Cubs infielder Javier Baez) was shot using Apple’s iPhone 7 handset. [Above. Crikey.]

iOS 11 adds Live Photos editing tools, new effects and more — Apple’s iOS 11 will deliver a handful of new Live Photos editing tools and special effects when it launches this fall. Take an early look at the upcoming feature set in this AppleInsider video.

iOS 11 is coming: Take advantage of our pre-sale on The Complete iOS 11 Development Course and Master Bundle — iOS 11 will be here soon, and developers need to get ready to take advantage of all the new features of Apple’s mobile operating system. We’re doing a pre-sale in the Apple World Today Deals Shop for The Complete iOS 11 Development Course and Mastery Bundle, where you can get the whole shebang for just US$29. If you wait to get the course, you could find yourself paying up to US$1299 for the same classes.

Enlight 2 offers more iPhone photo editing tools for free — Lightricks unveiled Enlight 2 late last week, giving iPhone users an updated version of the already capable photo editing app. Version 2, now called Enlight Photofox, lets you blend together multiple photos, included editing layers, includes drawing tools and loads of filters, supports 16-bit and Raw images and more. It’s great for turning your photos into artistic works and just touching up your vacation pics. The new version is free and for US$3.99 a month, US$19.99 a year or US$39.99 for a perpetual license you can unlock additional image editing features. Enlight Photofox is available for download at Apple’s App Store.

Five Tip Friday ~ iOS tips

1/ Check your iPhone battery percentage from macOS Sierra — If you are an iOS user who also has a Mac, making sure your Mac and iPhone are both using the same iCloud account and you have Bluetooth enabled, you can hold down the Option key on your Mac’s keyboard and click the Wi-Fi icon in the Mac menu bar. After a second or so, your iPhone will show up in the Personal Hotspot section even if you’re not using it to set up a personal hotspot.
If you’re not using it as a personal hotspot, that option will be in light grey; if you are using the iPhone for that purpose, Personal Hotspot will be in bold letters. either way, the battery icon and signal strength is displayed (left).
However, if you mouse over your iPhone’s line, a small menu will appear that shows the exact percentage of battery you have left (below).

2/ Individual Read Receipts in Messages — You can turn on read receipts in Messages for just one contact. If you tap the information button (an “i” with a circle around it at top-right of your screen) you’ll see the option to enable read receipts just for that person.

3/ Take screen shots on iPhone and iPad — The ability to quickly snap a photo of whatever’s on your iPhone’s (or iPad’s) screen. It’s handy for everything from documenting buggy iOS apps to quickly sharing a text message thread with a friend.
Just press the Sleep/Wake (on the top right of your iPhone/iPad) and the Home button (the dished button at bottom centre of your screen) at the same time. The screen will flash and you’ll hear a telltale camera snap, then find your screenshot sitting in the iOS Photos app’s Screenshots album or in your Camera Roll. From there, you can share it by tapping the Share Sheet button (the square button with the upward arrow).

4/ Pinch-and-zoom to enlarge stickers — You can actually adjust how large or small stickers are before you send them: when you’re peeling a sticker off to put it somewhere in your conversation, add a second finger and pinch-to-zoom. This way you can make it bigger or smaller before you drop it into the chat.

5/ Unfreeze a frozen iPhone — It’s winter here but hey, this can happen in summer too. Sometimes your iPhone may come to a grinding halt, perhaps because of an errant app, or maybe iOS itself has locked itself up for some reason. Generally speaking, quitting a frozen app (by double-clicking the Home button, then swiping up on the app’s multitasking card that appears) is enough to fix the problem. You could also try a standard restart (press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the “slide to power off” slider appears).
But if an app remains stubbornly stuck—or, worse still, if iOS becomes completely locked up—there’s another way to get things moving again: by force restarting your iPhone (a.k.a., a “hard” reset).
On pre-iPhone 7 models: Press the Sleep/Wake and Home buttons—but instead of letting them go immediately as you would when taking a screenshot, keep holding them until the screen goes blank. In a moment or so, you should see the Apple logo, a sure sign that your iPhone (or iPad) is rebooting itself.
On iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus: Press and hold the Sleep/Wake and volume-down buttons until you see the Apple logo.