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Apple shares up on reports of strong iPhone X sales — Apple shares were up 0.66% premarket after analyst reports show high iPhone X demand after preorders started on Friday. The first units are due to arrive this Friday, November 3.

Early iPhone X video roundups examine build quality, Animoji, gestures — Early examinations of the iPhone X have started to pop up on YouTube, with everybody who has seen the device as a result of early delivery or at retail commenting on build quality and speed of the phone.

Original iPhone early reviewer Steven Levy heralds iPhone X as kicking off Apple’s next decade — One of the first four reviewers of the original iPhone has been granted permission to publish his assessment of Apple’s effort 10 years down the road —the OLED iPhone X. [‘Permission’ from who? Journalists need permission now? And I’m starting to think Apple is moving into the luxury goods market, and away from consumers. Is that what the next decade offers? Apple is the Leica of computing; the Gucci of carry-tech? I’d be interested to see how prices stack up vs average incomes compared to former big Apple releases.]

How to customise the Control Center in iOS 11 — iOS 11 lets you customise the redesigned Control Center so you can change the settings for the things you do most. [I figure this is worth repeating.]

Apple’s iPhone grows by 40% after six consecutive quarters of decline in China — Chinese smartphone shipments registered another quarter of decline as the market contracted 5% in the third quarter of  017 to 119 million units, according to Canalys. Apple’s declining streak in China has come to an end, as shipments grew 40% from eight million in quarter three 2016 to about 11 million this quarter. [At least one country likes the 8, which is an awesome iPhone, imo.]

Comparison: 4K 60fps video shot on iPhone 8 Plus vs Panasonic’s Lumix GH5 mirrorless camera — With iPhone 8 and 8 Plus, Apple introduced the ability to capture 4K video at 60 frames per second, a major accomplishment for such a small device, but how does the compact lens and camera module fare against a proper prosumer rig? AppleInsider takes a closer look by pitting iPhone 8 Plus against Panasonic’s GH5 mirrorless camera in this video.

YouTube TV coming to the Apple TV in ‘coming weeks’ — YouTube TV will a get a native Apple TV app within “coming weeks,” according to The Verge. It will also be rolling out on the Roku device and smart TVs from Samsung, Sony, and LG, the article adds.

iMac Pro appearance, Moneyspire, best horror games, Park visitor centre complete

iMac Pro used for demo station, photographed at Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit — Apple’s iMac Pro made an appearance at the Final Cut Pro Creative Summit, with users at the gathering using it for rendering and demonstrations of the newly-announced update to the video composition suite. Twitter user Chris Fenwick took a shot of the device, calling it “beautiful” and capable of playing un-rendered 8K footage in a Timeline in the updated Final Cut Pro X.
It’s is the only Mac all-in-one available in space grey, though some hope that changes next year.
The upcoming iMac Pro has a 27-inch Retina 5K display, next generation Intel Xeon processors up to 18 cores, up to 22 Teraflops of graphics computation, up to 16GB of VRAM, up to 128GB of memory, built-in Ethernet, and support for one billion colors — is the most powerful Mac ever made. Unfortunately, since pricing starts at US$4999.

Moneyspire 2018 released for macOS and iOS — Moneyspire Inc. has announced Moneyspire 2018, the company’s personal finance software for Mac, Windows and iOS. It allows you to organize your transactions and see where your money is going.
With Moneyspire, you can keep track of your bank accounts, credit cards and more. You can also set bill reminders and see all your upcoming payments. A demo is available for download. Pricing is US$59.90 (about NZ$87).

The 10 best horror games for the Mac — Halloween is tomorrow. While I was looking for killer horror games myself, Ric Molina realised the best horror games support macOS.
Which means you won’t have a problem finding something right up your alley. Do you prefer first-person, top-down, story driven or action-packed games? No problem, these 10 games cover most genres and play styles.

Apple Park visitors center complete, slated to open before end of 2017 — The visitor’s centre on the new Apple Park is complete, with a travel-oriented publication detailing the facility scheduled to open before the end of the year.

iPhone Xm Citizens 1 snafu, engineer fired, X orders and sales, Indian warranty, camera privacy loophole

Photos, video show off pre-release unboxing of Apple’s iPhone X — Images and video posted to Twitter on Saturday are said to show units of Apple’s iPhone X preparing to ship —as well as the unboxing of a silver model.

Apple says ‘working hard’ to get iPhone X orders to iPhone Upgrade Program customers after Citizens One snafu — Apple this weekend is contacting iPhone Upgrade Program customers who stayed up, or woke up, to order an iPhone X early Friday only to find the company’s financial partner, Citizens One, was unable to process loan applications.

Apple sacks iPhone X engineer after daughter posts hands-on video to YouTube — Apple has reportedly fired an engineer who worked on iPhone X after his daughter posted a hands-on video of the device to YouTube, breaking the company’s non-disclosure agreement policies. [Thats going to be one tense family dinner!]

This week on AI: iPhone X preorders sell out fast, Apple preps family-friendly TV & more — The iPhone X of course was the leading story this week, instantly selling out of launch-day units when preorders opened on Friday. Rumours also swirled around compromises Apple may have made, and the company’s plans for big-budget TV shows.

Canada’s Rogers sees ‘tremendous’ demand for iPhone X, upgrades iPhone 8 status to ‘good’ — After calling iPhone 8 demand “anemic,” Canadian wireless carrier Rogers Communications on Friday upgraded the smartphone’s status to “good,” while touting interest in iPhone X as “tremendous.”

Apple calls on developers to update apps for iPhone X — Hours after Apple initiated preorders for iPhone X, the company (on Friday) called on developers to submit updated apps built to take advantage of the new flagship’s advanced capabilities – and unique design.

Apple announces non-warranty service pricing for the iPhone X — Apple has updated its website with non-warranty service pricing for the iPhone X. In the United States, Apple will charge flat rates of US$279 for screen repairs on the next gen smartphone and US$549 for any other damage to the device – unless it’s a manufacturing defect covered by Apple’s standard one-year limited warranty. The fees vary in other countries, such as Australia, Canada, Germany, and the United Kingdom.
[In New Zealand we are covered by the Consumer Guarantees Act, of course, at home at least, for the accepted life of the device after the standard warranty period ends.]

Apple introduces international iPhone warranty for Indian customers alongside iPhone 8 & X — Apple has reportedly introduced an international warranty for iPhone buyers living in India, letting them get an iPhone outside the country and still receive support at home.

What you need to know about the iOS Camera Access Privacy Loophole — A Google engineer who does security research on the side has found something worrisome about iOS Camera permissions. Felix Krause detailed in a blog post (via The Next Web) how granting permission to an app to use your camera allows that app to take photographs or videos of you without your knowledge. It’s a privacy loophole that could be serious.

Final Cut Pro 10.4, LGBT cake case, Chicago store dims lights for birds, deleting iTunes apps

Apple announces Final Cut Pro 10.4 with support for VR, HDR, HEVC, more — Apple at the Final Cut Pro X Creative Summit on Friday debuted Final Cut Pro 10.4, a hotly anticipated update to the flagship professional video editing suite that includes support for VR, HDR footage, direct integration for iOS video and more.
The 10.4 update is bristling with new features that Apple showed off using as yet unreleased iMac Pro workstations.

Apple, other tech companies back LGBT cause in Supreme Court case involving wedding cake baker — Apple and a handful of high-profile technology firms this week signed an amicus brief supporting LGBT rights in a Supreme Court case over a baker who declined to make a wedding cake for a same-sex couple.

Chicago flagship Apple store dimming lights at night to prevent further migratory bird deaths — After a watchdog agency devoted to tracking bird impacts on Chicago buildings alerted Apple to a possible problem, the new North Michigan Avenue flagship store will dim the lights nightly until the fall migration season ends.

How to delete the apps left over after an iTunes 12.7 install to regain storage on macOS or Windows — Apple’s decision to remove the iOS App Store from iTunes as part of the version 12.7 update controversially took away the ability to download apps to a Mac or PC, but all of the locally-stored apps were kept in place. Apple Insider shows you how to delete these files and free up some storage in the process.


The Apocalypticon ~ Cambridge Analytica, nuclear bombers on alert, crypto-warning, space graveyard, big bridge swing

What did Cambridge Analytica really do for Trump’s campaign? News that Cambridge Analytica CEO Alexander Nix approached Wikileaks founder Julian Assange last year to exploit Hillary Clinton’s private emails has amplified questions about Cambridge’s role in President Trump’s 2016 campaign. [This was the most cynical manipulation of voters the world has ever seen to date. A Great Leap Forward?]

US Air Force is preparing to put nuclear-armed bombers back on 24-hour ready alert, a status not seen since the Cold War ended in 1991. That means the long-dormant concrete pads at the ends of this base’s 11,000-foot runway – dubbed the “Christmas tree” for their angular markings – could once again find several B-52s parked on them, laden with nuclear weapons and set to take off at a moment’s notice… The alert order has not been given, but preparations are under way in anticipation that it might come.

Thinking of investing in crypto-currencies? A hustler knows a hustle. So if you have ever considered sinking money into an initial coin offering – a complicated, barely regulated and booming new form of financial vehicle where startups offer investors stakes in ‘new’ cryptocurrencies rather than traditional stock – it might be a good idea to listen to what one of finance’s most notorious criminals-turned-authors has to say … spoiler alert: it’s just a huge scam.

Torn between iPhone X or iPhone 8? Psychologists have names for this kind of decision, and the hemming and hawing that goes into it. [I always think of the Law of Diminishing Returns, myself, and I let that guide me.] Gizmodo has more on this ‘behavioural economics‘ conundrum, which Apple uses skilfully [or should that be ‘mercilessly’?].

Satellite graveyard is ‘near’ Pitcairn — Whether you launch a satellite into space or an entire space station like the Russian Mir, the Chinese Tiangong-1 or the International Space Station, what goes up must eventually come down – they all re-enter Earth’s atmosphere. The greater the mass of what is in space – Mir weighed 120 tons, the ISS weighs 450 tons and will be decommissioned in a decade – the greater the likelihood that larger parts will not burn up completely during re-entry and crash to earth at high velocity. So there is a need for a place on earth where things falling back from space are least likely to cause damage or human casualties. The Oceanic Pole Of Inaccessibility is one of two such places.

And finally, some good news: 245 friends jumping off a bridge and swinging by a rope is enough to gain you pseudo-fame – at least until 246 people try the same thing. Looks cool, anyway. So thanks, Hortolandia, Brazil …

Futurology ~ Interstellar Visitron, robots, Genetic revolution, Neanderthal with social support

This NASA animation shows the path of A/2017 U1 — an object likely of interstellar origin — through the inner solar system. A/2017 U1 made its closest approach to the sun on Sept. 9 and is now zooming away 97,200 mph (156,400 km/h) relative to the sun.Interstellar visitor — For the first time, scientists have observed an object they believe came from outside our solar system. The object is in a hyperbolic orbit that will send it back into interstellar space. The object, known as A/2017 U1, was detected last week by researchers using the Pan-STARRS 1 telescope in Hawaii.
It’s unclear what exactly this thing is. When A/2017 U1 was first spotted, it was thought to be a comet (and was therefore given the moniker C/2017 U1). But further observations have revealed no evidence of a coma (the fuzzy cloud of gas and dust surrounding a comet’s core) so the object’s name was amended to its current asteroidal designation.
~ How about we call it ‘Visitron’?Robots, robots, robots — Fanuc is a secretive Japanese company with 12,192 square-metre (40,000-square-foot) factories where robots made other robots in the dark, stopping only when no storage space remains. About 80% of the company’s assembly work is automated, and its robots then go on to assemble and paint cars, build motors, and make electrical components.
The Guardian GT (above) from Sarcos Robotics has 2-metre ( 7-foot) arms that replicate human motions with incredible smoothness and accuracy, but each limb can lift 227kg (500 pound) weight yet also  manipulate the most delicate of objects. Watching it in action is both hypnotic and unsettling.
And in the latest example of Philip K Dick-inspired nightmare becomes real life, Saudi Arabia just became the first nation to grant citizenship to a robot. The robot’s name is Sophia. It is artificially intelligent, friends with CNBC’s Andrew Ross Sorkin and arguably, a glimpse into the dark future that will kill us all.
~I’m working on my own robot invention: it’s a double-spherical self-motivating oared boat I’m calling the RowBot. Kickstarter, anyone?

Genetic revolution — The genome editing technology CRISPR revolutionised genetic engineering by allowing scientists to cut and paste tiny snippets of DNA with more precision than ever before. Now, one of the groups responsible for that technology has harnessed the power of CRISPR to also edit RNA, a molecule that, like DNA, is essential in the coding, regulation, and expression of genes. This development could eventually allow scientists to alter the expression of genes in the human body without having to change the genome itself. (And Wired has more.)
~ So now we’re messing with life’s vital macromolecules – a theologian’s nightmare. 

Neanderthals had social support — A re-analysis of a 50,000-year-old Neanderthal skull shows that, in addition to enduring multiple injuries and debilitations, this male individual was also profoundly deaf. Yet he lived well into his 40s, which is quite old by Paleolithic standards. It’s an achievement that could have only been possible with the help of others, according to new research.
~ And we’re still doing it – look how US senators are still propping up Trump. 

Five Tip Friday ~ macOS High Sierra and collaboration

1/ How to work on files together in macOS High Sierra — It’s easy to work on files together in macOS High Sierra. When you share a file in iCloud Drive, you and your team can all work in the same document – and never wonder who has the latest version.
Open the Finder, then choose iCloud Drive or a folder you’re syncing to iCloud (such as Desktop or Documents). Select a file (sorry, you can’t share a folder) and click the share button atop the window. Or just right-click a file and then click Share. You’ll see an Add People option in the share menu.
You can use Mail, Messages, Twitter, Facebook, AirDrop. When you select one of these options, a link to your file will be sent instead of an attachment.
There’s also a Copy Link button on the Add People menu. It lets you copy the link to a file to your clipboard to paste when you wish.

2/ Share notes form iBooks and macOS High Sierra — iBooks started in iOS, and the ability to share or export notes is a little better on iOS than it is in macOS High Sierra. Still, it’s not as intuitive or obvious as it should be.
Start with a note. To view all notes you have added to the book (ie an iBook in the iBooks app), tap the table of contents icon, then the Notes tab at the top. But you have to Tap Edit Notes > Select All. The notes get a check mark from being selected, and the Share button lights up. When you tap Share, you get a new menu with one option by default: Mail. Tap the Mail icon, and an email sheet will open where you can decide where to send it.
You can share notes from iBooks in macOS High Sierra, too, but it’s even less obvious. First, get to your notes by tapping the Notes icon. Click on a note to select it. If you then right click on the note (you can also just right-click to select in the first place), you get the option to Copy, or to share via Mail, Messages, Notes, Twitter, or Facebook, as shown below.
Here’s the bad news: you can only export/share one note at a time. While you can shift-click or option-slick to select multiple notes at one time, rick clicking on any of them deselects all but the one you’re right-clicking on. You’d have to share one note at a time and then copy-paste each of them into an email or other app to share them all at once.

3/ Pin a note to the top of your list in macOS High Sierra — Remember that Notes syncs across devices and Macs signed into the same iCloud account already, so it’s already ‘collaborative’. If you have a note that you update often, like a to-do list or shared brainstorm? You can pin it to the top of a list in macOS High Sierra.
Launch the Notes app and choose a note.
Click on File in the App menu at the upper left of the screen, then choose Pin Note.
The note is always easy to find. It will remain at the top of your list under a section called Pinned Notes, no matter what changes you make to the rest of your notes, or on which device. Pinned notes sync across all of your devices connected with the same iCloud account.
To unpin a note, launch the Notes app and choose a pinned note. Click on File in the App menu, and select Unpin Note.

4/ Use Keyboard Shortcuts in Apple Notes — You can use keyboard shortcuts in Apple Notes. It’s really fast to navigate and perform tasks on your Mac with keys, so try to do this whenever you can, at least when doing tasks in an app. Here’s a list of the commands.

5/ Use your iPhone or iPad as an Audio Input on your Mac — Your iPhone is a powerful communication device, so what if you want to play or record some of the audio from it through your Mac—like maybe for a podcast you’re recording. Turns out it’s easy and your Mac can even see your iPhone as just another audio input source. Read on to learn how to set it up.
To play audio from your iPhone or iPad you’ll need to a Lightning to USB cable, like the one that came with your device for charging and syncing. Connect your iPhone or iPad to your Mac with the cable, and then launch Audio Midi Setup on your computer. It’s in Applications/Utilities.
Use Audio Midi Setup to turn your iPhone into a new input source on your Mac
Now select your iPhone or iPad from the device list on the left and click Enable. Your iPhone or iPad will show up as a new input source in Sound Preferences so any audio playing on the device will play through your speakers, headphones, or other selected audio out device on your Mac.
This is a cool and easy way to use the audio on your iPhone in a podcast without having to find a way to first export it. The only limitation is that phone calls won’t play out – so you can’t use this as a way to record conversations.

Preordering iPhone X, fixing iOS 11, Indian shipments double, Family Sharing, 3rd party keyboards, and how to ‘Sketchnote’

How to preorder iPhone X with Apple’s battle-tested Apple Store app — Apple’s iPhone X is by far the most hotly anticipated device of 2017. With all signs pointing to a quick sellout of initial stock, prospective buyers will have to go into Friday’s preorder process with a game plan.
Apple changed the preorder dynamic when it introduced the Apple Store app for iOS. The software grants quick and easy access to Apple’s online storefront. Over the past few major hardware launches, the app has proved to be the most stable and often most responsive channel for placing orders. [Has anyone tried this here in NZ? I doubt it works since we don’t have Apple Stores.]

How to fix problems with iOS 11 on your iPhone or iPad — For some, iOS 11 has proven to be problematic, but not for everyone, and not on every device. Here are a few things to try to (hopefully) clean up some issues before Apple issues a fix in software.
While some of these steps may seem obvious, when a device you rely on for whatever the reason is not functioning well, you might skip a step. Here, in order of least to most intrusive, are some troubleshooting steps to try to clear up iOS 11 issues.

iPhone shipments in India more than double in the third quarter — India’s smartphone market shipments grew 23% year-on-year in the third quarter of 2017 to reach just over 40 million units. India has now overtaken the US to become the world’s second largest smartphone market after China, according to the Canalys research group.

How to set up Family Sharing in macOS High Sierra — With macOS High Sierra, you can share a single iCloud storage plan, and give everyone in the family their own private space to store their backups, documents, and photos.

How to Install Third Party Keyboards on your iPhone in iOS 11 — There are plenty of great third party keyboards on iOS, but installing them may not be obvious. There are several steps to get started aside from downloading the app. Keyboards can be installed on your iPhone and iPad. Here’s how to install them on either type of device.

Sketchnoting in educational settings: using your iPad as a window — During the opening day of the 2017 Jamf Nation User Conference (JNUC), Vanessa Perez, technology integration and library media specialist for Clinton Public Schools, Clinton, Oklahoma, presented a session on using Sketchnoting as a different way of taking notes.

Craft Advanced Keyboard, Auto Pro SSDs, PixPlant, Sensel Morph

Review: Logitech’s Craft Advanced Keyboard increases productivity, but app support is limited — Priced at US$200, Logitech’s new Craft Advanced Keyboard with Creative Input Dial [which will soon be available in New Zealand] is a definitively premium keyboard, justifying its price with a touch-sensitive dial that can be set to control multiple functions within Mac apps. AppleInsider gives you the full rundown.
By default, the Craft’s input dial supports Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, and InDesign across both macOS and Windows. It also offers support for Microsoft’s Office suite – including Word, Powerpoint and Excel – but so far only on Windows.

OWC ships Aura Pro X PCIe SSD flash storage upgrades for 2013 and later Macs — Mac upgrade supplier OWC has released its newest SSDs, the Aura Pro X, with the flash-based PCIe storage said to be the fastest the firm has ever produced, claimed to offer up to 2.3 times better performance compared to the stock storage used by Apple.

PixPlant is a simple, but powerful, pro texturing tool for macOS — FaronStudio’s PixPlant is a professional texturing tool for macOS and Windows. The app offers an integrated environment for the creation of 3D maps from plain photos.
The purpose of PixPlant is to offer a simple way to transform realistic images into useful seamless textures and 3D maps, preserving the beauty and drama of everyday life. It’s a tool that allows you to quickly add realism, variety and value to your 3D projects. The app is used by those in the architectural visualization, interior design, 3D virtual prototyping, visual FX and game development industries. PixPlant is available for purchase and download at the product website. On the Mac platform it requires macOS 10.7 or higher. A demo is available. Registration is US$175; volume pricing is available.

Sensel Morph is any artist’s dream tool — There’s a really cool, cutting-edge input device that looks like a must-have for musicians, artists, hobbyists, and professionals alike. Called the Sensel Morph, early adopters call its user experience seamless, even though it’s capable of filling many roles.
There are 10 unique overlays available for the Morph. These allow the touch-sensitive accessory to act as many devices. There is an overlay to turn the Morph into a keyboard, piano, drum pad, gaming pad, and much more. [I WANT ONE! Just watch the video.]

Apple offers Walmart ‘everyday low cost’ in IT savings. IBM estimates a deployment of 100,000 Macs — As the world’s largest retailer, Walmart is known for its Everyday Low Prices slogan. It’s now in the planning stages of implementing ’employee choice’ computing options for its associates in an effort to reap long term cost savings while enhancing the productivity of its employees.
IBM noted that PC users drive twice the number of support calls compared to Mac users, and that PC support tickets require desk side support by IT personnel five times as often. The company’s own analysis showed that each Mac deployed saves the company $270 in support costs compared to a Windows PC.


MagBytes 92 is here, free for download

MagBytes 92 is here, just before iPhone X finally appears. News, tips, tricks and views, plus some new software and hardware. Enjoy – as always, MagBytes is free to download, pass on and keep.

Download MagBytes 92 from this link —> Issue 92 October 2017

(Back issues are available all the time from the MagBytes Newsletter link over there on the right.).

iPhone X makeover, New Zealand acquisition, Kinect killed, long exposure Live, Gold Wing CarPlay, Nintendo game, HEVC video, Messages fun

Apple homepage gets iPhone X makeover ahead of Friday preorders — Apple has updated its homepage [pictured above] with dynamic graphics and links touting various iPhone X features like the TrueDepth camera and Face ID to advertise the handset ahead of a start to preorders this week.

Apple iPhone X app switching mechanics shown off in short video — As the launch of iPhone X approaches, videos showing off Apple’s new flagship smartphone are making their way to social networking sites. The latest offers a brief look at the revamped app switcher, a multitasking UI element that lets users cycle through full-screen apps.

Apple denies the rumor that it’s easing Face ID accuracy to improve iPhone X production — Apple is allowing suppliers to reduce the accuracy – “if only a little” – of Face ID to speed up production of the iPhone X, according to Bloomberg, quoting unnamed sources. But Apple denies this.

Apple acquires wireless charging specialist PowerbyProxi — Apple on Wednesday local time announced the purchase of PowerbyProxi, a small New Zealand-based firm specialising in wireless charging technologies based on the Qi wireless standard. In a rare comment confirming the acquisition, Apple SVP of Hardware Engineering Dan Riccio said the “team will be a great addition as Apple works to create a wireless future,” according to Stuff.

Microsoft kills Kinect just as Apple dives into facial recognition with iPhone X Face ID — With days until the launch of the iPhone X and its Face ID camera array, Microsoft’s own motion sensing and facial recognition system for Xbox, dubbed Kinect, has been officially discontinued after a long period of languish. AppleInsider explains how Apple and Microsoft’s separate facial recognition technologies – one failed, one upcoming – both share common roots.

How to turn on the long exposure Live Photo effect — A cool new feature that Apple introduced in iOS 11 is different Live Photo effects. Live Photos were introduced in iOS 9 with the iPhone 6s/6s Plus. When you take a Live Photo, the iPhone’s camera records data before and after the shot. Then, when you 3D Touch the photo, you see some brief animation. Here’s how to turn on the long exposure Live Photo effect on iOS. You can also edit Live Photos on macOS High Sierra.

Honda’s 2018 Gold Wing is first CarPlay-compatible motorcycle — Honda’s Gold Wing has a reputation among motorcycle enthusiasts as a gadget-laden – read bloated – trailer on two wheels. For 2018, the company is looking to sharpen the edges while retaining many of the comfort-forward features for which the platform is known, which for 2018 includes Apple CarPlay compatibility.

Nintendo’s Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp for iOS in November — Japanese gaming giant Nintendo on Tuesday announced that an all-new Animal Crossing game is slated for release on iOS and Android in late November, bringing with it a condensed version of the franchise’s popular elements.

Comparing HEVC versus H.264 video file sizes — It’s time now to run a comparison of HEVC versus H.264 file sizes. Chances are, you’ve heard about the H.265 video codec, otherwise known as High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC). You’ve likely heard that it is, in many ways, superior to H.264, its predecessor. If you hadn’t heard about those factoids before, you have now, but they were first talked about in reference to the Mac during the macOS High Sierra announcement at WWDC 2017. HEVC is also the default recording mode for iOS 11 and macOS High Sierra. Any videos you record with your iPhone running iOS 11 will use the new H.265 codec. One of the goals of this new format is to create smaller files, but does HEVC live up to that claim?

Messages now has all sorts of added features — MacObserver has a rundown.

Design templates, BBC hire, MacPhun to Skylum, Jamf accelerates Mac growth, bypassing APFS, find that email

Graphic Node introduces DesiGN Market – Templates for macOS — Graphic Node has introduced DesiGN Market – Templates, a macOS utility that offers templates packed with productivity and graphics designed for a variety of productivity suites and image editing applications.
DesiGN Market – Templates 1.0 is a free-download on the Mac App Store; you can try out any five items free. After that, unlimited access to the app’s regularly updated content is unlocked via a subscription plan — either US$4.99 per month, or US$29.99 annually. [Don’t you just hate subscription plans? I feel like I may as well just hand over my banking details and let them take what they want. That’s one of the reasons I am excited MacPhun/Skylar – see below – is serious about becoming and Adobe competitor. It’s also why I never signed up to Apple Music.]

Apple hires former BBC and Channel 4 exec, Jay Hunt — Apple has brought on board BBC and Channel 4 executive Jay Hunt, the company’s first high-profile broadcasting executive hire outside of the US, the Financial Times reports. She will start at Apple in January 2018 and be part of the team with a $1 billion budget for original content creation, the article adds.

MacPhun is becoming Skylum — In its first three years, MacPhun released close to 60 different applications. Most of these apps were far from photography, but the biggest successes came from MacPhun’s photography applications. There were over 20,000,000 downloads of FX Photo Studio, Silent Film Director and Perfect photo. In 2012, MacPhun received its first recognition from Apple when Snapheal was named among the Best Apps on the App Store.
This year, after success with Aurora and Luminar [these are great apps], MacPhun made Windows versions available for the first time, and since it’s no longer a Mac-only developer, the Skylum name will take over from early next year.

Jamf accelerates Mac growth in the enterprise with Microsoft EMS partnership — At this week’s Jamf Nation User Conference, Brad Anderson, corporate vice president at Microsoft, demonstrated Jamf’s integrated solution with Microsoft Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS), which provides automated compliance management for Mac devices accessing applications set up with Azure AD authentication.

How to bypass macOS High Sierra’s APFS Conversion — Do you want to how to upgrade to macOS High Sierra without converting to the new APFS filesystem? This makes a certain amount of sense, in certain applications anyway, since Apple File System is still fresh and new. The file system also has limitations that might be a deal-breaker for some, like its incompatibility with hard links to directories. Apple has quietly included a way to bypass the APFS conversion [if you’re a general user, I wouldn’t even consider this!].

How to find the email you need in macOS High Sierra — It’s easy to find the email you need in macOS High Sierra. When you use the Mail in full screen , new messages automatically open in split view, so it’s easy to refer to other messages in your inbox as you write.

iPhone X November 3, Portrait Lighting, BNZ Apple Pay, Snowden on iPhone encryption, training Siri, HomeKit Hue, cars with wireless charging

Siri and you both benefit from a little training

Apple stores [in countries where Apple stores exist, ie now New Zealand] will have iPhone X launch units for walk-in customers but arrive early — Apple has revealed it will have limited inventory of the iPhone X available for walk-in customers the day of its November 3 release. However, the company added that prospective buyers are “encouraged to arrive early,” as availability will be limited.
Preorders for the iPhone X begin Friday in the following countries ahead of the Nov. 3 launch: Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahrain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Greenland, Guernsey, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Ireland, Isle of Man, Italy, Japan, Jersey, Kuwait, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Mexico, Monaco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Romania, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, UAE, the UK, the US and US Virgin Islands.

iPhone X video shot at Apple HQ shows practical use of Apple Pay, Animoji — A YouTube video shot inside the One Infinite Loop Apple headquarters Caffe Macs restaurant depicted the iPhone X “in the wild,” being used to pay for a meal with Apple Pay, as well as other basic uses. Soon the video was removed, but remained on Reddit.

Apple posted two video tutorials for Portrait Lighting on iPhone 8 Plus — Apple has added two video tutorials to YouTube, guiding people through the Portrait Lighting mode on the iPhone 8 Plus.

BNZ flips switch on Apple Pay in New Zealand — The Bank of New Zealand on Tuesday NZ time activated Apple Pay integration for customers living in New Zealand, making it the second major financial institution to provide support for Apple’s service in the region after the ANZ [both banks are actually owned in Australia]. 

Snowden says FBI doesn’t really need Apple to unlock iPhone — Edward Snowden slammed the FBI on Friday for its claim that only Apple can unlock the San Bernardino shooter’s iPhone that the agency is battling over in a federal court.

Using the New Live Photos Bounce Effect in iOS 11 — One of the latest features for Live Photos is the ability to add effects to your animated images. For example, you can now make your Live Photos have a ‘bounce’ effect, where the animation runs continuously forwards and backwards. Watch as Jeff Butts shows you how to achieve the new Live Photos Bounce Effect in this video tutorial.
You can also take Live Photos during FaceTime calls.

How to use and train Apple’s Siri for Messages, Calendar, and iTunes Music on your iPhone — Between new users, and long-time iPhone owners just getting into Siri, there are a lot of people trying out Apple’s voice recognition technology every day and getting upset it’s not exactly like a Star Trek computer.
Siri does need training to be as good as it can, and to assist in that endeavour, here is a series of phrases and query construction tips to get started with.

How to customise Philips Hue Dimmer Switches to control any Apple HomeKit devices — A recent firmware update for the Philips Hue lighting lineup has given HomeKit compatibility to the company’s affordable dimmer switches. That means you can now customise the switches to your liking, making them control a multitude of HomeKit accessories beyond Hue bulbs. AppleInsider shows you how to do it.

Apple identifies automakers with wireless charging supporting iPhone 8 & 8 Plus — Apple has issued a new support document identifying which auto brands —and in some cases, specific vehicles – offer iPhone 8-compatible wireless chargers. [I honestly fail to understand what the big deal is here. You really can’t plug a little cable in, it’s too much effort?]