Classes in Grey Lynn

 Apple Mac, iPad, iPhone Training
The Grey Lynn Sessions
Affordable training in a sociable group environment, the Grey Lynn Sessions last one hour minimum. They take place at Grey Lynn Community Centre, 510 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn, which is near the North Western Motorway (Western Springs turnoff). The GL Centre has ample parking.

The training goes from whoa to pro in ten sessions at low cost. It’s the interactive and friendly way to learn about your Apple devices. The sessions start at 7:35pm and run till about 8:40.

The sessions are inclusive and friendly, and foster open discussion. You can bring your Mac (if it’s a laptop) and iDevice to the iPhone/iPad session. The sessions are backed up by Tip Sheets for you to take away.

Please email me to ask questions and/or book.

$40 per person per Wednesday evening session
$30 per person per session for students and beneficiaries

Discounts: If you wish to pay for four sessions or more at once I offer a 10% discount: $360 instead of $400 for all ten sessions (or $270 for students and beneficiaries instead of $300). All prices include GST.

Payments: Are made at the end of each session by cash or cheque, or I can provide an invoice for online payment, which also covers Professional Development paid by companies and institutions.

In-depth training from introductory to Mac OS X tips and power tricks, covering photography, music, the iApps, iOS and iDevices (iPad/iPhone) and more. Do them all or pick your topic and drop in/out as it suits your interest.

Each session uses projections to illustrate and inform.

  1. Introduction to the Mac and OS X.
  2. Looking after your Mac hardware and software.
  3. The Mac’s ‘iApps’ (Address Book, iCal, Text Edit, iTunes, Maps etc).
  4. iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and how they do what Microsoft products Word, Excel and PowerPoint do.
  5. The Internet — what it is, plus Mail & Safari: work smarter, search smarter.
  6. iPhoto (includes tips for better photography).
  7. Mac Tips & Tricks – This interesting session turns you into a Mac power user.
  8. Introduction to iOS and iDevices (iPhone and iPad).
  9. iCloud, iOS & iDevices — How your iDevice (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) integrates with your Mac over the Cloud.
  10. Essential iDevice tips and tricks.


“The first five minutes of your tips were worth the drive and cost. The rest was just genius!”

Jill Shaw, North Shore, Auckland

Training experience
I have trained hundreds of people in one-to-one sessions, instructed large groups, at Microsoft, Auckland University, AUT and the ASB bank, along with sessions for schools, small, medium and large businesses, a library, an art gallery and I have run over 100 sessions for SeniorNet groups across Auckland.

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