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Apple Mac, iPad and iPhone Training
I guarantee I can show you things you didn’t know, helping make you more productive and confident. I present to up to 50 people with a projected display followed up by reminder handouts on (as examples) the following:

  1. New-to-Mac OS
  2. Switching to Mac OS
  3. Introduction to iDevices and iOS
  4. Looking after Apple Equipment
  5. Mac Security
  6. The iApps (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand etc)
  7. The Mac Finder and other introductory Mac topics
  8. Full-depth explorations of photography and iPhoto, movie making and iMovie, music and soundtrack making and editing with GarageBand up to Logic
  9. Mac tips and tricks that turbocharge your Mac use
  10. iPad expertise
  11. iOS tips and tricks that will make your life better
  12. Introduction to Adobe and other third party software vendors.

I present from, and on, iDevice and/or Mac. I can tailor to almost any requirement.

$450+gst per presentation for 5-10 people
$650+gst for ten or more
Please email me to ask questions and/or book

Training Experience
I have trained thousands of people in one-to-one sessions and groups small to large (up to 50) at Microsoft, Auckland University, AUT University, schools, at publishers, for the ASB bank and for other small, medium and large businesses, libraries, art galleries and I have run over 100 sessions for SeniorNet groups in Auckland.

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