iPad Air 2 — Best iPad; best tablet ever.


Apple Mac and iDevice training
Have you switched to an Apple product, just got your first Mac or iPad/iPhone or would you like to go further with the device you have? I can help you to become more efficient and enhance your understanding. Your Apple device (Mac or iDevice) will make more sense and you will realise a lot more of its potential. I come to you if you are in Auckland; outside Auckland by negotiation.

(Problems with your Mac? This resource page should help.)

Business-boosting tip sessions — Do you want your business boosted by giving your workers greater productivity? Book me for my 60 Mac tips in 60 minutes, or 60 iOS tips in 60. It’s a fun presentation, it’s over in 60 minutes and everyone walks away with a tip sheet they can refer back to. Groups up to 50, no problem. This will revive workplace productivity and make your devices more fun, less threatening and raise the knowledge of your staff.

The Grey Lynn sessions: from ‘whoa!’ to pro
If you prefer more affordable training in a sociable group environment, the Grey Lynn Sessions last one hour minimum. They take place at Grey Lynn Community Centre (pictured above), 510 Richmond Rd Grey Lynn, Auckland, with ample parking. The Centre is close to the North Western Motorway (Western Springs turnoff).

For 2015 II have a new series booked for the Grey Lynn Community Centre starting March, more details soon. The training goes from whoa to pro in seven sessions in a low cost, interactive and friendly way for you to learn about your Apple devices. The sessions start at 7:35pm and run till about 8:40. Please email me to ask questions and/or book – if I get ten or more enquiries I will book a new series.
The sessions are inclusive and friendly, and discussion is open. You can bring your Mac (if it’s a laptop) and iDevice to the iPhone/iPad session. The sessions are backed up by Tip Sheets for you to take away.
For just $40 per person per Wednesday evening session ($30 per person per session for students and beneficiaries) you get in-depth training from introductory to Mac OS X tips and power tricks, covering photography, music, the iApps, iOS and iDevices (iPad/iPhone) and more. Do them all or pick your topic and drop in/out as it suits your interest.
Payment — Payment is at the end of each session by cash or cheque, or I can send you an invoice and you can pay online.
Discounts — If you wish to pay for four sessions or more at once I offer a 10% discount: $216 instead of $280 for seven sessions, for example (or $162 for students and beneficiaries instead of $189). All prices include GST.
Content — Courses use projections to illustrate points, but feel free to bring a laptop if you have one. You receive a reminder tip-sheet after every session, plus a next-session schedule.

  1. Introduction to the Mac and OS X
  2. Looking after your Mac hardware and software
  3. The Mac’s ‘iApps’ (Address Book, iCal, Text Edit, iTunes, Maps etc
  4. iWork (Pages, Numbers and Keynote, and how they do what Microsoft products Word, Excel and PowerPoint do,
  5. The Internet — what it is, plus Mail & Safari: work smarter, search smarter
  6. iPhoto (includes tips for better photography)
  7. Mac Tips & Tricks – This interesting session turns you into a Mac power user
  8. Introduction to iDevices (iPhone and iPad)
  9. iCloud, iOS & iDevices — How your iDevice (iPad/iPhone/iPod touch) integrates with your Mac over the Cloud
  10. Essential iDevice tips and tricks.

Endorsement: “The first five minutes of your tips were worth the drive and cost. The rest was just genius!” Jill Shaw, North Shore, Auckland

One-to-one training
I visit clients within a 30-minute drive of the Auckland CBD, helping kick-start new-to- Mac users, to iron out problems and to demystify your Mac life, or to take you to the next level. The charge is $85 per hour inc GST and travel, but the first session is 1.5 hours for the same price.
(The small business rate is $85 per hour plus GST.)

Business, Corporate and Academic
I guarantee I can show you things you didn’t know, helping make you more productive and confident. I present to up to 50 people with a projected display followed up by reminder handouts on new-to-Mac OS; Switching to Mac OS; introduction to iDevices and iOS; Looking after Apple Equipment; Mac Security; the iApps (iPhoto, iMovie, GarageBand etc); The Mac Finder and other introductory topics, and into full-depth explorations of photography and iPhoto, movie making and iMovie, music and soundtrack making and editing with GarageBand etcetera up to programs by Adobe and other third party software vendors.
Price is $400+gst per presentation for 5-10 people, by arrangement, or $600+gst for ten or more. I present from, and on, iDevice and/or Mac.

Training experience
I have trained hundreds of people in one-to-one sessions, instructed large groups, including at Microsoft, Auckland University, AUT and the ASB Bank, along with sessions for schools, small, medium and large businesses, a library, an art gallery and I have run over 50 sessions for SeniorNet.

Mac NZ — making your Apple more fruitful

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