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iPhone ten years on, Apple pulls AirPods app, Zeiss VR

The original iPhone of 2007 looks rather cute and cuddle by today's standards (image from the Verge)
The original iPhone of 2007 looks rather cute and cuddle by today’s standards (image from The Verge)

How did people react to the new iPhone ten years ago? It’s ‘High-Tech Bling’ you might not need. It’s a cell phone, it’s a music player, it’s a camera, it’s a Web-enabled device, and much more. Ask yourself if you really need all that high-tech bling. And some, of course, predicted it would ‘bomb’. Yet Tim Cook reckons the best has yet to come for the iconic device, and there’s lots of other speculations out there too, of course.

Apple pulls app for finding lost AirPods from App Store — Finder for AirPods, an app designed to assist owners of Apple’s AirPods in finding their audio accessory if it has been misplaced, was taken down from the App Store just a few days after it launched. The app worked by monitoring the strength of the Bluetooth signal transmitted by the lost AirPods. After selecting which AirPod is missing and docking the other in its case, users are then given an arc-shaped progress bar to show how strong the signal is, with the bar progressing to the right the closer the iPhone gets.
Apple has yet to publicly give a reason for why the app was removed from the App Store.

Rumour: Apple may be working with Carl Zeiss on AR glasses to debut in 2018 — Rumours of Apple’s intent to enter the augmented reality hardware space gained traction on Monday, as a report from AR/VR evangelist Robert Scoble claims the company is partnering with optics manufacturer Carl Zeiss on a pair of lightweight glasses. [2018?! The words ‘boat’ and ‘missing’ spring to mind.]

Streisand and Siri, Air Hockey, Zeiss VR, self-assembling phone, Dots & Co

StreisBarbra Streisand says ‘Sept. 30’ iOS update will fix Siri’s pronunciation of her name — In a weekend radio interview, singer Barbra Streisand claimed Apple will be fixing the way Siri pronounces her name in the “next update” of iOS, supposedly going out September 30th. Siri’s use of a ‘Z’ sound in the middle of “Streisand” has annoyed the singer since Apple’s feature first launched in 2011. [Zzzz … ]

Get your kicks with sticks with World Cup Air Hockey — available in free and NZ$1.49/US99¢ versions at the Apple App Store for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch is a fine, fun virtual hockey game (according to Apple World Today). It first allows you to pick the country that you represent and your opponent’s country. Once done, you choose from three game modes: Practice, Tournament and Head-to-Head.

iPhone-compatible ZEISS VR ONE Plus VR headset launches nationally at Best Buy in the US — ZEISS has announced the official in-store launch of its US$129 VR ONE Plus virtual reality headset in select Best Buy stores nationwide, and online. The VR ONE Plus will be featured as part of an hands-on display, allowing general consumers to experience its quality hardware and lenses for the first time, according to the folks at ZEISS.

The cellphone that assembles itself (video) — Behold a little wizardry from MIT in the form of a ‘self-assembling’ cellphone. Fast Company did a story on a lab at the university that designed a cellphone with six components. They are designed in such a way that when jostled together in a tumbler, the parts that fit together, stick together, while the parts that don’t, don’t.

Dots & Co is a stylish puzzler that’s chiller than most — This Two Dots sequel brings along new friends, along with free-to-play tweaks.