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Compromised, expensive – but it's the future of laptops. (Image from Apple.)
Compromised, expensive – but it’s the future of laptops. (Image from Apple.)

Apple Insider’s review of the all-new 12″ MacBook with Retina display — With the launch of its new ultra-portable 12-inch MacBook, Apple has signalled that the future of notebooks is here. The future does indeed look bright, though the initial cost and compromises made in building the new MacBook should keep most people from buying in — for the first generation, at least.

Apple releases Xcode 6.3.1, fixing ‘critical issues’ related to debugging and more — Apple has issued a minor update for Xcode, improving stability and fixing what the company said are “critical issues” associated with debugging, playgrounds, and Interface Builder.

60-Second Tips: subscribe to RSS feeds in Safari’s Shared Links tab — Think that you need a separate RSS feed reader app or service to keep up with the latest from your favourite websites? You don’t – see this 60-second video tip.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC 2015 review: New features and major performance gains — With facial recognition, easier editing tools like the great new filter brush, and better performance from using the GPU, the latest edition of Lightroom could appeal to former users of Aperture. [I find the way Lightroom is organised – or, actually, disorganised – a major barrier to using it.] 

iCloud fails and foibles that need to be addressed — Here you will find your top five complaints, and responses, about iCloud and Messages listed in no particular order.

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The new Yosemite beta for developers is working through issues with the new Photos app.
The new Yosemite beta for developers is working through issues with the new Photos app.

Apple releases second beta of OS X 10.10.3 with focus on new Photos app — Apple on Monday seeded developers with another beta version of its forthcoming OS X 10.10.3 update, asking testers to focus (ha ha) primarily on the new Photos app with additional attention paid to Wi-Fi captive network support and screen sharing. [I want the histogram!]

Desk v 1.2 update adds visual themes, separates WYSIWYG and Markdown modes — Developer John Saddington’s Desk (US$29.99) is a simple-to-use editor with some surprising power built into it. Now Desk has been updated to version 1.2, adding some new features while retaining all of its user-friendliness.

Tim Cook commemorates Steve Jobs’s birthday on trip to Germany — Apple’s chief executive was spotted on Tuesday in Germany, where he took the time to tweet a short remembrance of late colleague Steve Jobs before visiting the offices of infamous German tabloid Bild. [Something to do with Apple Watch  I’ll wager.]

Apple buys audio plug-in maker Camel Audio — When Camel Audio shut down in January, customers who used its audio app plug-ins and digital instruments were left wondering why they so abruptly stopped selling their products, but now that mystery has been solved: Camel was bought by Apple. It’s likely we’ll see the company’s technology showing up in future updates for Logic Pro X and Garageband. [Woot!]

Apple closes in on $775B market cap, now twice as large as No. 2 Exxon Mobil — Apple stock hit a new high of $133 at the closing bell on Monday, rocketing up 2.7% on the day to grow its market capitalization to just under $775 billion, a number two times larger than second-largest publicly traded U.S. company Exxon Mobil.

Copy, Paste, Repeat: finding the best clipboard manager for Mac — OS X’s clipboard has always been a transient storage place, intended to hold whatever you copy or cut just long enough to paste it somewhere else. Once you copy something else, that new snippet overwrites whatever’s already on your clipboard. Joe Kissell looks at clipboard managers.

Apple introduces new crash reporting service for developers in latest Xcode 6.3 beta — After releasing a fresh beta of Xcode 6.3 on Monday, Apple outlined a new crash reporting service that will help developers target, fix and track problems directly from the development tool.

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Record closing for Apple stock
Record closing for Apple stock

Shares of Apple hit record close at US$114 — Shares of Apple Inc. hit a new record closing high Friday, ending the week at US$114.18, a gain of $1.36 (+1.21 percent), on strong volume of 44 million shares trading hands. That puts the company’s market cap at US$669.6 billion, which is also a record, at least in relative terms.

Alabama lawmaker naming new anti-discrimination bill for Apple CEO Tim Cook — Tim Cook has been making waves with his recent increased focus on civil rights issues, specifically with regards to the LGBTQ community. In October, the CEO spoke out about his home state of Alabama’s slow progress with regards to LGBTQ rights. Now the only openly gay lawmaker in the state is naming a new discrimination bill after him.

First look: Microsoft Outlook 2015 promises few new features … but better performance — Breaking with tradition, Microsoft recently issued a new version of Outlook for Mac. Normally, the company waits until all of its Office components are finished and then releases them as part of an application suite.

Apple Adds RAW Support for New Cameras from Canon, Fujifilm, Nikon, Panasonic — Apple released Digital Camera RAW Compatibility Update 6.0.1 last week (via the Mac App store>Updates). The update adds support to OS X in Aperture 3 and iPhoto ’11 for RAW photo files from four new cameras.

Apple releases Xcode 6.1.1 golden master with fixes for Swift, Xcode Server — Apple on Friday issued  a golden master build of the upcoming Xcode 6.1.1 update to developers, bringing bug fixes for Xcode Server, the Swift programming language and Interface Builder, among others.

Inside the net neutrality dispute, and why it’s important to Apple users — Though you may pay a premium for one of the fastest internet connections your cable provider offers, a lack of net neutrality could cause your iCloud backups and iTunes movie rentals to take hours, rather than minutes. Here’s why Apple users, and consumers in general, should care about net neutrality.