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[Image from Apple Inc's NZ store page]
[Image from Apple Inc’s NZ store page]
Apple tops the 100 Millennial Brands list — Apple, Nike, Samsung, Sony and Microsoft lead the top 100 Millennial Brands, according to a study released by digital ad agency Moosylvania, a national digital agency specialising in Millennial consumer marketing. The research compiled favorite brands based on three years of millennial research.

EU regulators may issue decision on Ireland/Apple tax deal before year’s end — Ireland’s finance minister thinks European Union regulators will issue a decision on the country’s tax deal with Apple before the end of 2015, which could force the Cupertino, California-based company to pay a hefty amount of back taxes, notes Reuters.

Tim Cook says businesses should tackle climate change & equal rights proactively, not wait for governments — Large corporations should actively wield their power and influence for the good of the planet and its people, rather than sitting back and waiting for governments to take the lead, Apple Chief Executive Tim Cook said in a speech at Italy’s top business school on Tuesday. [While not bothering to pay taxes … because corporations have the high moral ground?]

Angela Ahrendts offers deep dive into Apple retail, future aspirations — Apple retail chief Angela Ahrendts, speaking at the Fast Company Innovation Festival on Monday, pulled back the curtain on Apple Store, revealing a few interesting tidbits about the company’s current operating philosophy and future goals.

Latest Xcode update fixes critical Interface Builder, debugging, UI testing issues — Apple pushed out a batch of bug fixes with the latest version of its Xcode development software on Monday, addressing critical issues discovered in Interface Builder, debugging and user interface testing.

Shadowy group linked to Apple’s ‘Project Titan’ spotted at auto industry conference — A mysterious California company believed to be used to mask the development of Apple’s rumoured electric car has been spotted at an automotive industry conference, strengthening the ties between the self-styled “market research” firm and vehicle manufacturing.

There’s a new Apple ID phishing scam, but you don’t have to fall for it — There’s a new phishing scam making the rounds that tries to trick victims into giving up their Apple ID, account password, and credit card information. The looks more legit than many others The Mac Observer has seen, but it’s still fake, and fairly easy to spot. [Basically, a phishing scam is one where you are tricked into entering your Apple ID email and password into a spurious site – the scammers can then access your iCloud stuff.] While you’re at it, never download software from download sites.