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Which? says Mac laptops meet or exceed Apple’s claimed battery life — This is interesting considering the Consumer Reports testing hoopla over 2016 MacBook Pro’s battery life): Apple’s Mac laptops are the only current laptops to meet or exceed their makers’ battery life according to a report (above) by the British testing publication Which?.

Apple closes WWDC 2017 registrations, notifies lottery winners — Following five days of submissions, Apple on Friday closed ticket lottery registrations for the 2017 Worldwide Developers Conference and started the process of sending out email confirmations to those selected to attend.

APFS Performance Lags HFS+, for now — Mac Observer has been experimenting with Apple File System (APFS) on the Mac since it was introduced in macOS 10.12.4. Though APFS brings many advantages over Apple’s other file system, HFS+, so far performance speeds (reads and writers) aren’t one of them.
Note that APFS is not yet offered in Disk Utility or elsewhere in the Sierra user interface – it’s strictly a command-line option for now.

What is VPN? Not everyone uses a VPN for privacy. Corporate requirements, accessing content blocked by your local network, and local network security are three reasons many people already use VPNs. Last Tuesday’s passage of legislation in the US allowing your ISP to sell your browser history, however, makes privacy another important reason to consider a VPN. [Note that it also slows browsing as your connection gets bounced around a few nodes.] And here are 5 things to consider when you evaluate a VPN service.

Moshi launches USB-SL: Taking USB to Light Speed! Accessory manufacturer Moshi wasted no time in sharing an important product announcement for USB-Speed of Light (USB-SL), the latest generation of USB connectivity. Backwards-compatible with USB-C, USB-SL provides instantaneous charging of any device it is connected to through the US$39.95 2m charging cable. When paired with the $39.95 Ethernet cable, infinite bandwidth and speed is at your fingertips.