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Samsung has unveiled a teeny-tiny high capacity Flash drive
Samsung has unveiled a teeny-tiny high capacity Flash drive


Get ready for Apple’s WWDC keynote on June 13 at 10am Pacific Time — The time is as per usual, but only Tim Cook and co. know exactly what the Worldwide Developers Conference keynote has in store. People are expecting the latest versions of iOS and OS X to take the spotlight at the Bill Graham Civic Auditorium in San Francisco, and hopefully some news about the Apple Watch (watchOS 3 or new hardware, perhaps). Since WWDC is primarily a developers conference, Apple’s emphasis is usually on software, but it’s also the launchpad for new products.

10 Mac games — From a deep space exploration and strategy game (Stellaris) to a bonkers indie game about driving a school bus in wondrously wild situations (OmniBus) in this Macworld slideshow.

Yet another Mac bundle — 10 together for 92% off, at US$29.99 instead of $400.96. [Do people use these? I’ll buy one for one or two of the titles and end up uninstalling all the others.]

Samsung unveils 512GB postage stamp-size NVMe SSD, could see use in MacBook — Samsung has just announced production has started for its new PM971-NVMe, a solid state drive that crams non-volatile memory express technology, onboard NAND flash memory, DRAM and an SSD controller into a package slightly larger than a postage stamp.

Can I Stream It — Let’s say that you want to stream a movie on your Mac, iOS device, or Apple TV, but you don’t know if it’s available for streaming. What do you do? Well, you can go to iTunes, Netflix, Hulu, and a dozen other sites and search them individually. Or you can do it the easy way and go to Can I Stream It.


Chroma generates colour palettes — Softpress has introduced Chroma for Mac. The US$10 (for a limited time) app generates “well-balanced and complementary colour palettes” from images. Designed exclusively for OS X Yosemite and El Capitan, it emulates the way the human eye perceives colour to create natural looking palettes. Individual colors from palettes can be copied or dragged in various formats, or entire palettes can be exported and integrated with most major design applications and the built-in system colour picker. [I bought it – I’m useless at colour.]

Apple working on first Taiwanese bond sale, new Australian bond offering — Apple is exploring a new bond sale in Australia in light of a successful offering last year, and is also looking at launching its first-ever Taiwanese bonds, a report said on Wednesday.

WWDC Keynote, new chips, connectors, iCloud outage, LiquidMetal manufacturing, bundle

Thunderbolt 3 will be a "superset" for USB 3.1, which runs at 10Gbps. Using a standard USB-C cable, Thunderbolt 3 will offer transfer speeds of twice that, at 20Gbps
Thunderbolt 3 is compliant with the USB-C standard and USB 3.1 specification, the cabling will also simultaneously support DisplayPort 1.2, third-generation PCI Express, and power supply for recharging notebooks at up to 100 watts

Apple to stream WWDC keynote — Apple has announced it will stream the 2015 WWDC keynote on Monday, June 8th [June 9th, NZ time]. You can watch on the web or via the Events channel on your Apple TV.

Intel announces quad-core mobile Broadwell chips, but Apple likely to stay away — Chip giant Intel on Tuesday finally unveiled its new quad-core mobile processors based on its Broadwell architecture six months after the first Broadwell chips rolled out. But it may be too late to snag Apple’s recently updated MacBook Pro.

Expect your future MacBook to have USB-C, Thunderbolt 3 — When the 12-inch MacBook with its single USB-C port was announced, a lot of pundits wondered what the future of multiple port MacBooks would be like. Today at Computex 2015, Intel announced the latest version of Thunderbolt (3) and it uses the same USB Type-C connector found on the MacBook. It can transfer data as fast as 40Gbps. Meanwhile, FireWire is on the way out.

iCloud, iTunes again hit with global outages impacting important services — A Tuesday [US time] iCloud outage has prevented some people from accessing services like calendars or mail, or even logging into iCloud in the first place, according to numerous complaints on Twitter and received by AppleInsider.

Liquidmetal concept could enable Apple to manufacture devices layer by layer — Making use of its ties with Liquidmetal Technologies, Apple on Tuesday won a US patent on a way of manufacturing products layer-by-layer using bulk-solidifying amorphous alloys, also known as bulk metallic glasses.

Rose 2.0 and Satori 2.0 Screensavers (from After Dark) Released as Freeware for OS X — After Dark was the bee’s knees back in the day, a collection of screen savers for your Mac that were fun. Now Stick Software has released Rose 2.0 and Satori 2.0, two abstract screensaver. Both work with OS X 10.9 Mavericks and OS X 10.10 Yosemite. Better yet, they’re freeware.

Mac App bundle for only US $20 — The Summer Mac Essentials Bundle represents 90% off.

How to share a printer with AirPort — That’s the How To from Macworld.