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Apple and the future of photography in Depth: iPhone 8 Plus — When iPhone launched ten years ago it took basic photos and no video. Apple has since rapidly advanced its capabilities in mobile photography to the point where iPhone is now globally recognized for its billboard-sized artwork and has been used to shoot feature length films for cinematic release. iOS 11 now achieves a new level of image capture with Depth. Here’s at look at the future of photos, with a focus on new features debuted in iPhone 8 Plus.

Microsoft brings Windows 10’s Edge browser to Apple’s iPhone in early preview form — Microsoft on Thursday launched a preview version of its Edge Web browser for iPhone, intended to let Windows 10 users move more seamlessly between desktop and mobile.

How to set up Apple Music Social Profile — Let’s look at how to set up your Apple Music social profile. With iOS 11, Cupertino is making another effort to turn Apple Music more social. After all, the service claims more than 30 million subscribers. It’s a ripe opportunity for social networking [and there might be good things about it, too].

Apple ceases iOS 10.3.3 and iOS 11 code signing following iOS 11.0.2 update — Apple has stopped signing code for iOS 10.3.3 and the first version of iOS 11, preventing users from installing potentially vulnerable legacy operating systems in favor of the latest iOS 11.0.2 update.

Watch HEIF vs. JPEG on iPhone 8 comparison — Apple announced support for the High Efficiency Image File (HEIF) photo format at WWDC in June, a standard that supposedly retains image quality while boasting better compression that results in files half the size of past formats. Apple Insider has tested Apple’s claims by using an iPhone 8 Plus to take photos in the legacy JPEG format and HEIF, then comparing them side by side.

Apple releases watchOS 4.0.1 with fix for LTE/Wi-Fi connectivity bug on Apple Watch Series 3 — A widely publicised bug that shipped with the new Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular has been addressed with a new software update, in the form of watchOS 4.0.1, which should improve the reliability of LTE cellular connections without an iPhone nearby.