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10 things to do with your new Mac — Get started down the path towards being a power Mac user. Most of these will cost you absolutely nothing except a bit of time to set up. Also, here’s ‘7 Ways to Help the Elderly Learn How to Use a Mac, iPhone, or iPad‘ by
Nancy Gravley.

Apple adds 2008-2009 Macs & more to list of ‘vintage and obsolete’ products — Apple has updated its official list of “vintage and obsolete” products, used to determine whether or not the company will repair or otherwise support any hardware problems.

Safari 9: using Responsive Design Mode — If you’re a Web designer, boy, are will love this. Under the secret “Develop” menu, the new version of Safari is hiding something cool — the ability to view a site as it would appear on different devices and under different user agents, all in one place! That’s just…well, that’s awesome, is what that is.

Apple Music racked up more than 54.5M monthly users in 2015, study says — According to a year end report from consumer research firm Nielsen, Apple Music was one of the most popular smartphone apps of 2015, and with more than 54.5 million monthly users ranked among offerings from Facebook and Google.