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Adobe research has created an AI tool for transferring image styles between photographs

macOS 10.12.4 Recovery mode now able to install latest compatible version — As of macOS 10.12.4, released on Monday, a new keystroke combination at launch allows Macs to netboot and to download the latest OS compatible to a computer when performing a recovery, potentially saving time and bandwidth. Users holding Command-Option-R at startup will force a netboot, and will install the latest version of the operating system, up to date with all patches.
Meanwhile, some macOS 10.12.4 users have been complaining of stuttering or distorted audio with USB headsets.

Apple sticking with climate change fight despite Trump administration regulation loosening — Apple, Google, and Microsoft have banded together with a number of major corporations in the United States keeping to their pledges to combat climate change, despite actions by President Donald Trump to try and free companies from constraints in environmental policies put in place by the Obama administration. [The Trumpians seem more intent on simply repealing anything Obama touched than doing any actual governance,] In January this year, Apple was named the most environmentally-friendly technology platform company for the third consecutive year.

MBLM names Apple the ‘most intimate brand’ for 2017 — Apple has been named “the most intimate brand” according to the 2017 Brand Intimacy Survey by MBLM, a consulting, branding, experience and technology company. The rest of the top 10 were Disney, Amazon, Harley Davidson, Netflix, Nintendo, Samsung, Whole Foods, BMW and Toyota. [One might wonder if a new line of Apple-branded intimate products may follow.]

Apple’s USB-C Adapter discounts about to end — If you’ve been procrastinating on buying those USB-C adapters for your new Touch Bar MacBook Pro it’s time to get motivated because Apple’s discounts are about to end. The discounts are available through March 31st, which means you need to buy yours now before the prices go up.

Adobe research creates AI tool for transferring image styles between photographs — Users of Adobe’s image editing software may see a new creative option added to the tools in the future, thanks to artificial intelligence research conducted by Adobe and Cornell University that can make changes to a photograph by transferring the style and other elements from another source.