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US$1000 iPhone X, Square iPad POS, Ford Expedition with AirPlay and WiFi

Square has launched a Point of Sale combo for iPad
Square has launched a Point of Sale combo for iPad

Apple’s 10th anniversary ‘iPhone X’ could cost more than US$1000 — A new high-end, top-of-the-line iPhone featuring an OLED display and an all-new design is expected to debut later this year with a similarly premium price tag, which one ‘report’ [ie, it’s a rumour] claims could start at more than a thousand US dollars.
[US$1000 is about NZ$1391.]

Square launches iPad app with point-of-sale, store management system for retailers — Commerce company Square has launched a new set of tools to help medium-sized businesses manage their affairs, with Square for Retail combining a point-of-sale app with other important business functions, including managing employees and inventory.

2018 Ford Expedition features Apple CarPlay, wi-fi hotspot, wireless mobile charging — Despite working on its own SmartDeviceLink, Ford continues to offer Apple’s CarPlay in its new vehicles, with the 2018 Expedition including the technology alongside a wi-fi hotspot.