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Apple into AR, US tax, Power Manager for Mac

(Image from Deep Knowhow)
(Image from Deep Knowhow)

Apple is seriously into Augmented Reality, reckons Cook — Apparently it’s big news that Apple is working on augmented reality projects—or more accurately, Apple CEO Tim Cook stripped away enough of his code-speak and made it very clear his company is seriously pursuing AR technology. To be clear, Mr Cook said Apple is working on AR-related projects and he sees that as a big business opportunity. It’s also something Mr. Cook has said before, although this time it’s more succinct. [Personally, I am working on Pokemon No.]

Tim Cook: Apple will bring overseas money back to the US when there’s a ‘fair’ tax rate — Apple CEO Tim Cook has struck back at critics of the company’s strategy to avoid paying US taxes, saying he would not bring that money back from abroad unless there was a “fair rate.” [This from the company that thinks no tax is ‘fair’ while everyone else pays their taxes, fair or not. You’ve really lost me on this one, Tim.]

Power Manager for Mac OS X — The more technology you use, the more energy you consume. So, up goes your carbon footprint. Power Manager reduces the running costs of your Mac. And we do not limit that claim to just electricity costs; with this software installed you will be able to do more, automate more, and make your Macs a breeze to manage.