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This is a tough iPhone case – it’s military drop-tested to the 810G-516.6 standard. Once your iPhone is pressed into it, it’s light, doesn’t interfere with the iPhone camera’s flash, has buttons that connect to the iPhone buttons and a raised lip to stop the screen contacting the surface should you place the iPhone face-down on – you will do this sooner or later, even if you don’t mean to. Anti-skid bumpers add to the package so it doesn’t slide across your desk, and there are cushioning disks inside as well. Since the iPhone 6 and 6s are slippery, this is something I appreciate.

The slight matte black cowl around the flash and lens is designed to cut down glare when the flash fires.

But despite the lightness of the case, this UAG case adds a fair bit of bulk to the iPhone and you’ll find it a bit of an effort to get out of some pockets. For those with big hands and big pockets, this can add a satisfying grip-ability and heft to the iPhone, but others may find this all a little clumsy.

Aesthetically, I’m not a big fan of the visible hex pattern in the transparent material on the back (main picture, above), but there are other patterns and colours available – check out the site. There are also different sorts of cases, plus cases for iPads and smart devices by other makers.


Urban Armor Gear iPhone 6/6s composite case US$34.95 (about NZ$47.77, free shipping worldwide, one year warranty).

More info — Urban Armor Gear.