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(Image from Tech Crunch)

iPhone X True Depth supply issues likely to clear up in early 2018, ‘super cycle’ still coming — KGI Securities Ming-Chi Kuo sees the TrueDepth camera (which Apple Insider has a Part 2 about) and Face ID as the real driving force behind a ‘super cycle’ for the iPhone, with it ultimately growing iPhone sales for the entirety of fiscal year 2018. [Ming-Chi lives in hope. Mind you, he’s also highly rated as a predictor.]
And Android makers are now shifting focus from under-display fingerprint readers to 3D sensing after the iPhone X debut. [No surprise there, from the expert copyists.]

Futuremark analysis debunks rumour that Apple slows older iPhones down on purpose with iOS updates — Benchmarking firm Futuremark has weighed in on claims that Apple is intentionally slowing down older iPhones to encourage upgrades, with analysis of benchmark results indicating iPhones maintain their performance over time instead of deteriorating. [My iPhone 6 is definitely slower with iOS 11, with significant lags between launching apps and the first screen appearing, especially with Camera, whereas my work iPhone 5 seems virtually unaffected … go figure.]

Zillow to offer easy 3D house tour creation, viewing with new iPhone app — House hunting app Zillow is working on a new iOS app that will allow real estate professionals and homeowners to easily create 3D house tours using iPhones, media designed to expedite house rentals and purchases. This may or may not be related to Apple urging developers to create and promote ARKit apps.

Hands-on: Fighting the Empire with our iPhone and Sphero’s ‘Star Wars’ BB-8, R2-D2, and BB-9E droids — Disney now owns LucasFilm, and with that the Star Wars franchise. Part and parcel of that is merchandise, with Sphero cranking out four models of app-controlled droids in time for Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and AppleInsider has three of them.

Apple Insider review: Beats Studio3 Wireless offer noise cancellation & Apple’s W1, at a premium price — The Beats Studio3 Wireless is Apple’s answer to high-end noise-cancelling headphones from the likes of Bose and Sony. While they’re a solid product, it’s debatable as to whether they’re worth a premium over other Beats models.

Apple allowed Uber use of API to record iPhone screens, feature to be removed — Security researchers recently discovered Uber’s app leveraged a powerful API to record users’ iPhone screens in a bid to improve interoperability with its Apple Watch app, a permission only Apple could grant. In a statement to Gizmodo, Uber said the permission is no longer in use and will be removed from the app. [But it’s still in there? Right! I have dropped Uber for NZ use; I only use Zoomy.]

Video: Apple TV 4K and the SteelSeries Nimbus controller brings tvOS gaming back to life — The new Apple TV 4K is now available and thanks to an ultra-powerful A10X Fusion CPU, it can output beautiful images with both High Dynamic Range and 4K resolution. Though Apple is touting higher quality movies and video with 4K HDR support, the new processor promises huge potential in terms of gaming, and here’s a list of the best games so far.

MLB fines team for using Apple Watch in dugout, determines device not used to cheat — Major League Baseball fined the Arizona Diamondbacks after one of the team’s coaches was seen wearing an Apple Watch in the dugout during a game Wednesday night, violating league rules regarding the use of electronic communications, even though there has been no evidence of suspicious activity.