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Naught Reawakening is a lush reimagining
Naught Reawakening is a lush reimagining

Apple Watch guided tours — Apple has released four more tour videos, bringing the total to seven. Added were Guided Tours for Phone Calls, Siri, Maps and Music. The Phone Calls and Siri demos are instructive, as it seems logical that voice commands will be the primary input to a wrist-borne device.

Fishing with iDevices — well, not exactly, but there are useful apps, apparently.

Naught Reawakening spins the platforming genre upside-down with this riveting sequel — Genera Mobile has really turned the iOS platform field upside down. With Naught Reawakening, the player has lush, creepy worlds to explore and the iconic game mechanic has been honed and augmented. NZ$4.99 for this lush entry.

Cheatsheet for iPhone — Glance-friendly reminders of the little things we tend to forget right on your iPhone’s lock screen. All you need is a bit of text and a relevant icon.

Chrome for iOS adds Today widget, Halo comes to iPhone and iPad for first time — Two things: Google has updated its Chrome for iOS Web browser with features such as an iOS 8 Notification Center widget and support for app extensions, while Microsoft launched its first Halo game for iOS: Spartan Strike.