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Dark Mode on iPhone X lengthens battery life

iPhone 8, iPhone X active use data suggests that the pair crush iPhone 6s, iPhone 7 first-week metrics — A new study about actual users of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X shows that combined adoption of the two models during the first few days of use as a percentage of the total user base is higher than that of the iPhone 6s or 7 at the same time in rollout.

iPhone X tips: maximize battery life with ‘dark mode’ inverted colors and grayscale — Apple’s switch to an OLED display on the iPhone X means users who dig into the settings of the device can squeeze out more battery life, reducing the power consumption of the screen and extending the time needed between charges. AppleInsider tells you how to do it.

Apple offers temporary fix for iOS 11 ‘i’ bug until future software update arrives — Apple has acknowledged the existence of a bug in iOS 11 concerning the autocorrection of the letter ‘i,’ by offering affected users a work around via its support pages until a software update is released that solves the issue.

Always on call: UK’s NHS pilot provides video consultations via iOS app — The National Health Service in the United Kingdom is piloting a scheme that would allow patients to be seen by a local doctor using a video call on an iPhone, a move that could help reduce the waiting times for patients to see a doctor, as well as reducing the need to visit the physical doctor’s surgery.

SquareTrade iPhone X drop-test video disagrees with iFixit’s repairability assessment — Device insurance purveyor SquareTrade calls the iPhone X the “most breakable iPhone ever” in a series of drop tests —but the assessments that the company did of the repairability differ with iFixit’s teardown of the device.

Apple offers 30-minute online training sessions to iPhone X purchasers — To acclimate users to the iPhone X, Apple is offering a phone conversation with an Apple Specialist, while watching a video on a computer to “help you go further” with the new device. [Does anyone know if this is also offered in NZ?]

Getting to know your neighbors with an app — The days of everyone in a neighbourhood knowing and helping each other are over. Nowadays, especially in the suburbs, it’s common for neighbors living right next to each other to not know each other’s names. Nextdoor is a free iOS app that’s attempting to turn this sad state of affairs around by using an easy-to-use social network to chat with neighbours.