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Taxing news, Pixelmator Pro, Plutonium browser, HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition

Hitman-Game of the Year Edition is on Mac

Paradise Papers suggest Apple shifted holding firm to Jersey to protect $252B from taxation — After a 2013 investigation into its Irish tax affairs, Apple continued to avoid paying billions of dollars in taxes by changing its structure, moving the holding firm for over $250 billion in cash reserves to the Channel Islands, this week’s Paradise Papers leak revealed.
Apple has taken the uncommon step of refuting a series of the claims made here as “inaccuracies,” while providing more information on its operations in Cork, Ireland and its overseas profit holdings, calling itself the ‘largest taxpayer in the world’. [So here’s the thing: Apple is very large, and pays taxes, albeit a seemingly tiny proportion. In which case it can still technically call itself ‘largest taxpayer in the world.’. It doesn’t mean the tax is large, but that it’s a large entity that does pay taxes.]

Pixelmator Pro coming on November 29 for introductory $59, new Vectormator app teased — The Pixelmator developers have turned to Apple’s CoreML machine learning toolset, and are releasing image editing suite Pixelmator Pro on November 29 for an introductory price on macOS of $59, with an iPad version coming soon.

Photonium is a new, minimalist web browser for macOS — Minder Softworks has announced Photonium, a minimalist web browser for macOS (10.11 and higher). It offers the unique ability to view photos stored in Apple’s Photos app in a separate pane. This ability allows users to drag and drop photos to upload to Craigslist, eBay, Amazon Prints, WordPress sites and more.
Photonium’s simplified web browser has tabbed browsing, bookmarks, bookmark groups, global and per-tab history, download manager, pop-up blocking, private browing, and more. Photonium is immediately available on the Mac App Store for NZ$5.99/US$3.99.

HITMAN Game of the Year Edition arrives on the Mac — Developed by Io-Interactive for Windows and consoles, it’s brought to macOS and Linux by Feral Interactive.
As master assassin Agent 47, players will carry out contract hits on powerful, high-profile targets in exotic locations around the world. Each mission is set in a detailed and heavily-populated sandbox level that challenges players to complete it in the most creative way possible. HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition includes the complete first season; the Patient Zero mission arc and three new Escalation mission packs.
Players can buy HITMAN – Game of the Year Edition from the Feral Store for US$61.51. If they already own some HITMAN content, they can complete their Game of the Year bundle on Steam.
HITMAN — Game of the Year Edition is supported on: all 27-inch iMacs released since Late 2014; all 15-inch MacBook Pros released since 2016; and all Mac Pros released since Late 2013. All 15-inch MacBook Pros with an AMD graphics card released in 2015 can run the game, but don’t necessarily see the standards for official support.