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iMessages platform, iOS 10 kernel open, Control Center, Swift Playgrounds for iPad


iOS 10 turns iMessage into a platform — Messages in iOS 10 opens to developers for the first time, and that’s major. Apple’s big changes to Messages in iOS 10 look mostly cosmetic: giant emoji, full-screen fireworks, handwritten scrawls across photos and videos and stickers galore. These are features lifted straight from Facebook Messenger, Snapchat, Line, and all the other messaging apps that are resonating with teenagers and, even if they won’t admit it, their parents.
But the biggest change to Messages is more behind the scenes. Facebook Messenger and WeChat are taking over the world, but Apple’s decision to open up iMessage to developers makes it clear that the company isn’t yielding to the dominant messaging apps—in fact, it has an advantage.

Apple leaves iOS 10 beta kernel unencrypted in potential bug — In a bold move (or by egregious error) Apple has left the kernel of its recently released iOS 10 beta exposed, laying bare potentially exploitable security flaws ahead of a wide public release this fall.

Inside iOS 10: Control Center expands to three panes, offering quick access to Music & Home — Apple’s quick-access Control Center has seen a number of significant improvements in iOS 10, most notably the ability to swipe over for new menus dedicated specifically to music controls and smart home accessories.

Apple’s new Swift Playgrounds for iPad is a killer app for teaching code — At WWDC, Apple introduced Swift Playgrounds as a “revolutionary new app for iPad that makes learning Swift interactive and fun.” A closer examination shows the new app is a powerful authoring tool any developer can use to teach critically important software coding skills.

UE updates Boom 2, Megaboom Bluetooth speakers with Siri trigger support — Logitech-owned Ultimate Ears has announced a software update for its Boom 2 and Megaboom Bluetooth speakers, letting users trigger Apple’s Siri or Google Now without having to reach for their phone or tablet.
After downloading improved Boom or Megaboom iOS apps, people will be able to tap the Bluetooth buttons on each speaker to trigger Siri on paired devices, Ultimate Ears said. The speakers accept voice input through built-in microphones.