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Normally-Off Macs, doomed soaring stupid brilliant Apple, Outlook to very belatedly get the ability to resize images.


Future Macs could be Normally-Off — If a research team in Japan gets its wish, Normally-Off computers may one day soon be replacing present computers. Normally-Off is a method of computing that aggressively powers off components of computer systems when they don’t need to operate [like modern cars that turns themselves off when they’re idling, even at the lights, then on again when you accelerate].
Such a development would eliminate volatile memory, which requires power to maintain stored data, and reduce the energy losses associated with it. Most parts of present computers are made with volatile devices such as transistors and dynamic random access memory (DRAM), which loses information when powered off.: current computers are designed on the premise that power is ‘normally on.’

Apple is doomed, soaring , stupid, brilliant … which is it? Apple is a very large company, so big that it’s impossible to quantify it overall. Only specific elements of the company can be characterised. As such, writes John Martellero, it makes no sense to label Apple as a whole because some elements are failing and some are flourishing. This leads to my rule #1 for a large company.

Outlook for Mac will soon let you resize images and try new fonts
The new email editor will start to roll out in May — Microsoft is revamping the email editor in Outlook for Mac, providing new options for working with images and adding new fonts.
The biggest change is the ability to resize [you know, like Mail has been able to do for over a decade already] and rotate images. If you insert a very large image, for instance, you’ll soon be able to make it more reasonably-sized for email recipients. [You know, like Mail … I’ve never understood how people can prefer Outlook to Mail.]