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iOS 9 — overnight updating, device limits, iPod slipping away, picture-in-picture, Continuity breaking free, smarter Siri

Picture from Apple's iOS 9 preview page
Picture from Apple’s iOS 9 preview page

Apple will make it easier to upgrade with automatic overnight updates, smaller files in iOS 9 — In a bid to drive the already-impressive iOS upgrade rate even higher, Apple has brought a bit of OS X to iOS 9 with a new automatic installation option that will let iPhones and iPads update themselves — at a convenient time for the user.

Developers will be able to limit their apps to newer devices with iOS 9 — Apple’s next mobile OS will run on devices as old as the iPad 2 and the iPhone 4s, but that doesn’t mean the newest apps will. With iOS 9, Apple will allow third-party developers to restrict apps to running only on recently released iPhones and iPads.

iPod’s disappearance from top of Apple website signals further slide into obscurity — Apple quietly removed the iPod category from the top menu of its website earlier this week, in yet another sign that Apple is further sidelining the aging portable media player product category. It’s slot has been replaced by Apple Music.

Apple’s iPad-only ‘Picture in Picture’ mode lets you keep watching video with any task — Starting with the release of iOS 9 in a few months, iPad owners will be able to shrink video and continue watching and listening while accomplishing other tasks thanks to Apple’s all-new Picture in Picture mode.

Continuity breaks free from WiFi in iOS 9 — When iOS 9 is released you’ll be able to answer phone calls on your iPad or Mac even if you left your iPhone at home. Continuity, the feature that currently lets you make and answer calls from most of your Apple devices on the same network, will add the ability to do the same over a cellular connection, and that means forgetting your iPhone when you go to the coffee shop won’t lead to missed calls.

Siri will bring new smarts to sports, weather, photos, and more in iOS 9 — With Siri replacing Spotlight in iOS 9, Apple’s personal digital assistant receives a new brain that the voice service can use to retrieve information on sports and weather, find photos, look inside apps and more.