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Wireless phone-calling, finding Diversity Emoji, Siri revamp

From Simpsons' skin tones to all the nations
From Simpsons’ skin tones to all the nations

How to enable W-iFi calling on your iPhone — Wi-Fi calling lets you use broadband Internet connections via Wi-Fi networks to send and receive calls and text messages. WiFi calling works around weak cell signals, and the time you spend on calls typically doesn’t count against your monthly talk minutes. [Not sure if this works with any NZ cell phone carriers – it’s not in my list on Vodafone.]

How to find new Emoji skin tones, Vulcan Salute in iOS 8.3 — You may have heard about the Live Long And Prosper emoji coming to iOS, as well as expanding the emoji keyboard to include a wider variety of skin tones. Here’s how to find and use those picture symbols.

Apple revamps Siri informational webpage with example interactions, fresh graphical style — Alongside Wednesday’s iOS 8.3 rollout with expanded international support for Siri, Apple launched a redesigned expository webpage that helps explain how users can interact with the virtual assistant.