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Lightroom on Apple TV, shatterproof iPhones


Adobe brings Lightroom to the living room with an Apple TV app —
Creative Cloud subscribers can now use Lighroom for Apple TV to see their photos on the biggest screen in the house. Adobe is augmenting its Lightroom brand with a new app for the fourth-generation Apple TV.
Lightroom is one of the few Creative Cloud apps that does not require a paid subscription. While Lightroom is part of the Creative Cloud Photography plan, which costs $10 per month, as well as the all-inclusive Creative Cloud plan for $50 per month, the app is also available as a perpetual license. Its iOS version is free and can function independently from any subscription or desktop app. However, for the Apple TV app, a Creative Cloud subscription of any flavor is required.

The case For a shatterproof iPhone — The iPhone’s display is made of Corning’s gorilla glass. It’s durable, but not indestructible. As a result, many iPhone customers (try to) protect their investment with a case. [I’m a huge fan of stick-on tempered-glass shields, myself.] Should Apple try to make the iPhone shatterproof? Is it possible? Will a case be, someday, unnecessary? Or is an iPhone that can be damaged preferable in some respects?