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Apple Watch event, Serial podcast jump, Neurio makes home smarter, iPhone, Office and Dropbox, new game CPU

Near, just launched in the US, is an app-connected home intelligence technology that makes your ordinary appliances smart and your home more efficient.
Neurio, just launched in the US, is an app-connected home intelligence technology that makes your ordinary appliances smart and your home more efficient.

‘Spring forward’: Apple will take the wraps off Apple Watch at March 9 event — Monday, March 9th (US time) Apple is inviting us to “spring forward” at a “special event” in San Francisco. Hmm…could Apple be showing off a device that has something to do with setting the clock? Macworld will be in the audience to bring you the details at 10am US Pacific Time. [This is the day after the clocks go forward for Summer Time – ‘spring’ and ‘time’, get it?]

Apple kicking off Watch advertising campaign in the March issue of Vogue — According to AdAge, Apple may use Vogue magazine’s glossy print ads to introduce its Apple Watch wearable to fashion-conscious consumers. The campaign is expected to kick off in March, approximately a month ahead of the device’s planned April launch [as above, and to coincide with spring fashion collections].

Thanks to ‘Serial’ and Apple’s Podcasts app baked into iOS 8, podcast listens grow 18% — Though podcasts are not a new medium, the format has seen significant growth over the last few months, attributed in part to the fact that Apple’s Podcasts app is now built in to iOS 8.

Home power management with Neurio — Neurio is an innovative, easy-to-use and money-saving smart home technology that can, in minutes, make any ordinary home ‘smart.’
Neurio has only one sensor that brings smart-home capabilities to the entire home. As the ‘brain of the home,’ Neurio connects both older appliances and newer ‘smart devices’ to allow users to easily track, monitor and better understand how their home is operating, such as letting the user know when their kids come home, or if they forgot to turn something off before leaving for the day.

Apple’s iPhone commands record high 89% of smartphone profits while Android plummets to record low — Last quarter, Apple’s iPhone took a record 89% share of smartphone operating profits, directly causing another record for the holiday shopping season: an all-time low for devices running Google’s Android.

Getting Office, Dropbox, and your photos to work together on iPad — If you’re using the current versions of Word, Excel, or PowerPoint on your iPad (but not, unfortunately, OneNote), you can easily open a file that’s residing on your PC — assuming it’s stored in your PC’s Dropbox or OneDrive folder. Once you’ve set it up, your online storage service of choice is just one of the locations in your app’s File screen.

Apple partner Imagination unveils PowerVR ‘super-GPU’ with 512 ALU cores for game consoles — Imagination Technologies, the company that designs for graphics processors used in Apple’s A-series chips, unveiled the PowerVR GT7900 on Thursday, a so-called “super-GPU” that will power affordable game consoles … and that could be a candidate for a future Apple TV refresh.