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September 12th? NYPD regretting Microsoft Phone investment, ARKit developing fast

Apple said to unveil ‘iPhone 8,’ ‘iPhone 7s’ and more at Sept. 12 event — Apple’s highly anticipated product unveiling is reportedly set to take place in just a few weeks, on Tuesday, September 12 (according, first, the The Wall Street Journal), when the company is expected to introduce the all-new iPhone 8 and other products. In addition to a new premium ‘iPhone 8’ with [very probably] an edge-to-edge OLED display, Apple is also expected to unveil an iPhone 7s lineup to serve as a successor to the iPhone 7.
An ‘iPhone 8’ [no one knows what it will be called yet] is expected to come in extremely limited quantities and carry a high price tag, thanks to an array of new technologies including the border-less display and new facial recognition technology.

NYPD handcuffed by investment in Microsoft’s Windows Phone, now switching to Apple’s iPhone — The New York Police Department must replace some 36,000 smartphones running Microsoft’s defunct Windows Phone platform, and plans to provide its officers with replacement iPhones by the end of the year.
The 36,000 phones were purchased as part of a $160 million program intended to help modernize New York City’s police force with new technology. Officers were equipped with Nokia Lumia 830 and Lumia 640XL smartphones.

Latest demos with iOS 11 ARKit show plated food, 3D sculpting with Apple Pencil — Two new ARKit demonstrations by developers are showing the rapid advancement of what is possible with the new technology, with one showing food on a plate prior to ordering, and the other illustrating sculpting and painting with the iPad for use in other AR applications.