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Indian iPhone SE, secure messaging gets Senate approval

Apple starts domestic production of the iPhone SE in India — The Wall Street Journal says Apple has confirmed that its manufacturing partners in India have started domestic production of the iPhone SE. Previously, Apple produced most of its smartphones iPhones in China with a few older models assembled in Brazil.
Apple has tapped Taiwan’s Wistron Corporation to put together the smartphones in the tech capital of Bangalore in Karnataka, said Priyank Kharge, the state’s IT minister.

iPhone messaging app Signal wins approval for use by U.S. Senate staffers — The US Senate has quietly approved Signal, an encrypted messaging app for iPhone and Android, for use by the government body’s staff.
The change was noted in a letter by Oregon Senator Ron Wyden to Sergeant at Arms Frank Larkin, mostly remarking on the transition of the Senate to HTTPS encryption across all its websites. Wyden has regularly promoted digital privacy causes.
Signal, by Open Whisper Systems, uses end-to-end encryption for messages, as well as voice and video calls. That makes it largely impervious to snooping by hackers, police, or spy agencies, whether foreign or domestic. It’s a free app.