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Logitech's new keyboard for iPad is covered with spill-resistant FabricSkin
Logitech’s new keyboard for iPad is covered with spill-resistant FabricSkin

Apple patent reveals method of attaching sapphire cover glass to iPhone — While rumours that Apple would incorporate sapphire into its latest iPhone 6 flagship handset failed to materialise, the company is continuing work on such a solution, according to a patent application uncovered on Thursday.

Logitech’s Keys-To-Go keyboard for iPad — Logitech makes some of the best iPad keyboard cases on the market and has just released the new Keys-To-Go ultra-portable keyboard for iPad (pictured above) for US$69.99.

The ultimate guide to better selfies — To ensure you’re a responsible and respectable member of the selfie generation, absorb the following Macworld advice.

Flash leader SanDisk launches portable storage drive with built-in Lightning connector — SanDisk has just announced the new iXpand Flash Drive, the company’s first USB flash drive designed specifically for Apple’s iPhone and iPad, featuring a dedicated Lightning connector for transferring files on the go.

Smartphone Photo Kit — An all-in-one smartphone lens kit is on sale, and puts professional photography power conveniently in your pocket. This bundle arms you with six unique smartphone photography accessories, so you can take high quality and well composed photos of any subject – from microscopic organisms to full-blown landscapes. The package includes: an 8x telephoto lens, a 60x microscope lens (with special case), a fisheye lens, a macro/wide angle lens, a 2x telephoto lens, a tripod for use with the 8x telephoto lens and a slick carrying case to keep it all together all for US$69 instead of US$199. You can get it for iPhone 6;  6 Plus; 5/5S; 4/4S – or Galaxy S5.