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Review ~ Swiss Mobility Rugged Power Pack


Swiss Mobility makes a range of chargers but for high-speed iDevice charging on the go, it’s hard to beat the Rugged Power Pack. This palm-sized device is a 6000mAh charger and can do two devices at once. It’s also ruggedised to military standard 810G; it’s both splash-proof and shock-resistant.
You charge the Rugged in advance (although it comes precharged out of the box, so when you get it new, it’s ready to use without having to charge it first) then plug in your device for 2.1-amp fast charging for tablets, 1-amp charging for smartphones.

Lights — Press the top-mounted button once to light up one-to-four blue lights showing how much charge you have available – four lights is the most charge, naturally. The Rugged can retain its charge for 1000 hours. One end (the end where the charge indicator lights are) has a flip-down cover, which gives it the splash resistance. Opening it reveals the two USB ports for charging (note these are different powers). There are also two bright white LEDs placed centrally, between the two USB ports and above the mini-USB charge input port you use to top up power to the charger– the Rugged Charger is an emergency torch, too. To activate the torch, press the top-mounted button twice (once gives you charge indication).

Conclusion — The Rugged Power Pack is handy in itself thanks to the torch, and it’s rugged build plus splash-proof cover makes it handy for travellers, hikers and other people out in the wild, although the strong, rubbery material adds a little bulk that stops it being as pocketable as some.

What’s great — Strong, long-lasting charger that will be indispensable when far from power points. The addition of a torch is a good idea, although this will, of course, also deplete the charge. It’s a good price considering its dual-charging, strength and extra features.

What’s not — Rugged rubbery case adds a little bulk, but it’s still pocketable, depending on the pocket.

Needs — Travellers, hikers, outdoor workers

Swiss Mobility Rugged Power NZ$79.99.

System — Charges iPads and iPhones (and other-brand tablets and smartphones, some cameras). Comes with a Micro USB power cord, User Manual and a storage pouch. To charge, use the USB cable that came with your device.

Available from — Apple Resellers and some electronics retailers.

More info — macgear (the page for this particular charger is here).