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Replacing your computer, tracking calories, Facebook live streaming on Apple TV

You can use your Apple TV to watch Facebook live streaming
You can use your Apple TV to watch Facebook live streaming

You can replace your computer with your iPhone, reckons Jeff Butts — “Believe it or not, I’m writing and researching this article from my iPhone 7 Plus. No, I’m not working on the admittedly spacious screen of my iOS device and the virtual keyboard. Rather, I’m using my iPhone 7 Plus as a desktop replacement, and you can do the same thing, for many of the most common tasks people use a PC or Mac for these days. Yes, for many tasks, you really can replace your computer with an iPhone“. [Sure you can, but it’s much easier on a Mac.]

How to use MyFitnessPal on your iPhone to track calories and eat better — While there are subtleties involved like protein and carb intake, ultimately, losing fat or gaining muscle comes down to one thing: calories in versus calories out. MyFitnessPal for iPhone is one of the most popular tools for managing this, and here’s how to use it.

How to find and watch Facebook Live streaming video with your Apple TV — Facebook has recently launched its Videos app for the Apple TV, providing shared videos to users freed from most of the commentary the social network provides – AppleInsider examines the offering.