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Apple Event October 16th, iPhone 6 Plus, FitBit, Apple TV, Reflect, Wayfare


Apple's invite to the 16th October event
Apple’s invite to the 16th October event

Apple to hold iPad event October 16 — Apple has just announced a media event to be held at its Cupertino headquarters October 16 (New Zealand’s 17th). The company didn’t give much detail as to what journalists and guests can expect, just writing “it’s been too long.” Expectations are for An iPad Air 2, possibly a Retina iMac, the official launch of OS X Yosemite, iOS 8.1, and more information about Apple Pay… but who knows? (Image from The Mac Observer.)

Bicyclist pits iPhone 6 Plus OIS against the iPhone 5s in handheld video test — Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus is set apart from earlier iPhone models and even the iPhone 6 with the inclusion of Optical Image Stabilisation. How much of a difference does the stabilisation make when shooting video, especially when you are in less than steady conditions like riding a bike?

Fitbit says no to Apple’s HealthKit for now — Users of Apple’s Health app in iOS 8 will have to get by without Fitbit integration for now. Responding to questions on its forums, Fitbit says it has no plans to tie the data from its app and fitness band to Apple’s HealthKit framework.

Latest Apple TV update enables remote access relay for HomeKit connected accessories — The centre of a connected smart home could soon be the Apple TV, as Apple’s latest beta software officially brings HomeKit support to its NZ$159 streaming set-top box.

9 alternative ways to carry your iPhone 6 Plus other than your pocket — The iPhone 6 Plus is a bit larger than Apple customers have been accustomed to. Belt holsters grow enormous. Protective cases have micohectares of plastic. As a result, iPhone 6 Plus owners are looking at novel ways to carry Apple’s phablet.

Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters
Add all sorts of extras to photos, with filters

Reflect+ can refresh your photos in amazing ways — Reflect+ (NZ$2.59) is a simply amazing little app that takes a photo and realistically adds other elements – water or a beach to a barren landscape, realistic haze and fog or 50 other effects including lens flares, birds, star fields, the moon and planets …
And then it filters the image to provide different lighting and tonal washes.

Explore the world with Wayfare for iPhone — Wayfare (free) hooks you up with a user across the globe, and the two of you spend a week sharing photos, comments and culture via fun, simple “missions.”