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Fun wearable is affordable, waterproof and doesn't need charging
Fun wearable is affordable, waterproof and doesn’t need charging

Misfit Flash is an affordable, fun, and waterproof wearable — The new Misfit Flash (US$49.99) is from the same company that introduced the Shine. Misfit is the company co-founded by none other than ex-Apple-and-Pepsi CEO John Sculley along with Sonny Vu and Sridhar Iyengar.
Flash is made out of a soft-touch plastic for comfort and it’s waterproof down to 30 meters and doesn’t need charging. It will track your activity and sleep, tell you the time, and sync with the Misfit App on your iPhone but doesn’t arrive till October.
[Not much on the display, though!]

Tag Heuer wants to make a smartwatch, too — TAG Heuer has decided it wants to make a smartwatch too. “We want to launch a smartwatch at TAG Heuer,” Jean-Claude Biver, who oversees watchmaking brands for owner LVMH, explained to Sweden’s NZZ am Sonntag newspaper, “but it must not copy the Apple Watch.”
[Trade in the Porsche.]

Stay adorably in tempo with Petronome — Petronome is a free app that offers itself as a standard metronome with animal noises instead of the typical click sounds to make music practice more exciting for your child.
[Woof. Woof. Woof … that’s not going to get annoying.]

iPhone 6 has NFC …but only for Apple Pay — The iPhone 6 and 6 Plus definitely have NFC functionality, as confirmed on-stage during the presentation of Apple Pay, but when it comes to using the chip for anything other than Apple’s own payment system, it really doesn’t have near-field capabilities. Meanwhile, PayPal and the credit card companies get excited.

Quotely for iPhone saves memories for new parents — Children are masters of saying unintentionally hilarious things. Quotely for iPhone (free) lets parents and other caregivers capture these funny moments easily, for sharing or reminiscing.

Mix by FiftyThree expands on the popular, award-winning drawing app Paper — It makes it more collaborative. Now you can sketch, paint, draw and work on a project with a co-worker or friend, with Mix pushing updates to participating devices. And the best part of all is you needn’t be an accomplished artist.

Apple’s patented physics-based iPad GUI translates file size into mass, supports intuitive gestures — Apple has invented a physics-based GUI that assigns mass to files and folders based on their data size, allowing for novel, yet intuitive, user interactions.