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Five Tip Friday ~ iOS 8 has Quick Website Search; other Safari tricks

Safari got a new lease of life in iOS 8 for iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)
Safari got a new lease of life in iOS 8 for iDevices (iPad, iPhone, iPod touch)

1/ Quick Website Search — Go to Settings>Safari and tap on ‘Quick Website Search.’ From now on, quick website search shortcuts are added every time you search within a website. It doesn’t work on every site, but it works on lots. Why turn it on? It gives you the ability to quickly search the App Store or Wikipedia via keywords, letting you bypass a search engine’s website entirely.
It uses the smart search box in Safari to search within websites automatically – just type the name of the website as part of the search. For example, type ‘Wiki iPad’ to present a top result of the official Wikipedia entry for Apple’s iPad. Tapping on this search result instantly takes the user to the Wikipedia page rather than a list of results from their search engine of choice. The same can also be accomplished to view App Store content: simply add the word ‘app’ to the search query.

2/ Add to Favorites — Launch the Favorites (sic) page in Safari by tapping in the Address (URL) bar on a page you want to save. A white page appears – swipe downwards on that, and two buttons appear: Add to Favorites and Request Desktop Site (if you prefer to see what you’d see if you went to the site on your Mac, rather than the Mobi version).
Tap Add to Favorites if you want to add the page you’re currently viewing to your Favorites in Safari. Once you tap the button, you’ll land on a confirmation screen where you can edit the name and URL of the site before adding it to your Favorites list.

3/ Edit your Favorites — To edit the Favorites screen in Safari, tap the address bar to get to your Favorites, then tap and hold an icon. You can then rearrange the icon by dragging it around, or release it to reveal a pop-up with ‘Delete’ and ‘Edit’ buttons.

4/ History — Yes it’s there, but it’s hidden. If you have closed a tab or window in Safari, it’s not immediately obvious how to get it back in iOS for iPhone or iPad, or iPhone touch. Tap the Tabs button (two rectangles superimposed at bottom right of your screen) and hold your finger on the central Plus sign that appears. You history appears, called Recently Closed Tabs (they don’t last forever – if you want to save them, add to favourites as above).

5/ Browse in private — If you don’t trust Google, Yahoo, or Bing with your search history, Apple has added the privacy-focused search engine DuckDuckGo to the official list of approved Safari search providers. Changing it requires little effort: launch the iOS Settings app, then select Safari followed by the first option on the list: Search Engine. There you’ll find DuckDuckGo at the bottom of the list. Select it, back out of the Settings app and start searching the web in complete privacy.

Extra tip — When you get to a site and want to buy something, tap to enter your Credit Card details and notice the Scan Credit Card line above the keyboard. Tap that, and you just photograph your Credit Card – iOS 8 does the rest!