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Siri helps save, ProTube pulled from the App Store

Siri was instrumental in the rescue of sick teen following Hurricane Harvey devastation — A pair of calls to the US Coast Guard through Apple’s Siri ultimately resulted in the rescue of a critically ill teenager in Texas, after the flooding encroached upon her home and forced the family to the roof. The 14 year-old Tyler Frank suffers from sickle cell anemia. A crisis was induced from exposure to the flood water, and the shock of the event as a whole. After failed calls to 911 and pleas for help on Facebook, the teen turned to Siri to get help.

Apple pulls ProTube from App Store following complaints by Google’s YouTube — Despite it being available for nearly three years, Apple has removed a popular alternative YouTube client – ProTube – from the App Store, allegedly bowing to pressure by Google. Google, which owns YouTube, first asked Apple to pull ProTube over a year ago on the basis that it violates the company’s terms of service, developer Jonas Gessner said in a blog post. Similar takedown requests were reportedly directed against other YouTube clients. [I’m surprised Apple would do anything for the data-mining and selling behemoth.]