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Consortium that includes Apple making a ‘last-ditch bid’ for Toshiba’s chip division — Reuters reports that a consortium led by Bain Capital and including Apple has offered a revised last-ditch bid for Toshiba’s chip division that’s worth $18 billion.
Under the new proposal, Bain and Toshiba would both hold 46% each of the unit, Japanese broadcaster NHK reports. The article says that talks between the conglomerate and a Western Digital-led consortium have stalled.

Photolemur is selling at 50% off — The software analyses images for you and improves them, letting you step in if you need. It’s pretty remarkable. This deal takes it from US$50 to US$25.

Western Digital launches internet-connected My Cloud Home & Home Duo drives — Hard drive manufacturer Western Digital has released the My Cloud Home, a network-attached storage (NAS) drive intended to provide both local and remote access to personal files.

Matias seeks to fill void left by Apple with new Wired Aluminium Keyboard — Taking some design cues from Apple’s old keyboard line, Matias has released a new Wired Aluminium Keyboard to accommodate those not looking to replace batteries or charge an input device. The new Wired Aluminum Keyboard comes in silver and space gray. A fixed 99cm (3.25-foot) USB 2.0 cable with a type A connector provides connectivity, with pass-through devices like wired mice able to be connected through the two-port USB 2.0 hub. [This is my favourite keyboard configuration: numeric keypad, never needs recharging, perfect fr Logic and Final Cut and two extra USB ports offers a lot.]
The US layout is available for pre-order for US$59 from Matias, with shipments in late November. Other layouts available include German, French, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swiss, Nordic, Japanese, Taiwanese, and Korean. Apple’s full-size new wireless Magic Keyboard with Numeric Keypad retails for NZ$219/US$129 [this replaced Apple’s wonderful and sadly missed wired version in this configuration, which cost less than NZ$100].

New USB-C Docks — Plugable has thrown its hat into the Thunderbolt 3 ring with a pair of new docking stations, and the lower-cost TBT3-UD1-83 appears to be a good option for most at first glance. mBeat has created the Elite USB-C Multi-Function Dock – you can power your MacBook, plug into a wired network, and connect those old USB peripherals as well. Apple World Today currently has the Elite USB-C Multi-Function Dock for US$69, 30% off of the usual price. [This is not available to buy in NZ so you’d have to check it comes with a compatible power supply if you can mail order it.]

Compare Anything 1.0 is new file comparison tool for macOS — B-Eng has introduced Compare Anything 1.0 for macOS. It’s a stand-alone utility designed for comparing files of any type – compare two files and check them for any differences. Files to compare can either be selected via the Finder or by entering directly the path in the corresponding entry line. Specifics of the two files are then listed in a split window with differences are high-lighted.
Compare Anything 1.0 requires macOS 10.10 or later and costs NZ$1.49/US99¢ in the Mac App Store.

Wrise for macOS makes reading and writing accessible for more people — AssistiveWare’s Wrise 1.0 for macOS is a text-to-speech-powered word processor designed to make reading and writing accessible for most people thanks to its highlighting, zoom and EasyReading mode.
The latest version (1.3.1) includes several bug fixes, including issues with speech aping after every tag. Wrise is customizable and can be used to read selected text aloud in any Mac application. You can personalize your reading experience by selecting your preferred voice, adjusting its speech rate and even fine-tuning the pronunciation of words. What’s more, the app allows import of a variety of document types including PDF, Word (doc/docx), plain texts and RTF and with the intuitive formatting features texts are easily edited and styled.
Wrise 1.0 can be used with Text to Speech voices in many different languages, but the user interface is currently only available in English. The application requires macOS 10.9 or higher and is exclusively at the Mac App Store for NZ$89.99/US$59.99.

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Apple will accept applications for WWDC 2017 scholarships on March 27 — Apple has revealed the process to garner a scholarship to the 2017 World Wide Developer’s Conference, and is requiring applicants to create a short scene in Swift Playgrouns to attract the interest of the judges.

Luminar’s Golden Hour filter — A video shows how Pro photographer and educator Derrick Story uses the Golden Hour filter in his Luminar-based photo editing workflow. The filter helps you simulate that magical time around sunrise and sunset each day when the sun is low on the horizon and the light is warmer and softer.

Photolemur has analysed almost a million additional photos — The automatic photo improvement software has taught itself to edit them like a pro retoucher. Here’s the first demo of the 2.0 version vs manual retouching. Photolemur 2 will be available shortly.

Koingo Software announces the immediate availability of MacPilot 9 — This is a powerful tinker tool for Mac with over 500 features. MacPilot allows everyone to harness the phenomenal power of UNIX with the elegance and ease of Macintosh, from the perfectionist who wants to tweak the appearance and functionality of the Dock or Finder to the system administrator locking-down the operating system for guests.
Version 9 for macOS Sierra (10.12) comes with a free 15-day trial upon download, and sells at US$29.95 (about NZ$43) for a single user license after that. For everyone who purchased an older version within the past six months, this version is free. Versions for older copies of macOS are also on the Koingo website on the product page under the Download tab.

Espionage 3 Encryption Software for Mac — the Mac Observer has a deal on Espionage 3 encryption software for Mac. It allows you to create multiple master passwords, each protecting an isolated set of folders with a combination of AES-256 encryption and scrypt security. The deal is for US$19.99 on a lifetime license to Espionage 3, which includes all minor updates and major upgrades.

Surprise! Macs (and iPhones) are easier to support and deploy than Windows PCs, enterprise IT survey finds — Macs and iPhones are easier for IT administrators to deploy to workers than PCs and other smartphone platforms, according to a survey examining the increased adoption of Apple products in enterprise, with the results also indicating that Macs and iOS devices are also perceived as easier to secure and support than alternatives.

How to save space on Time Machine/Time Capsule drives — Chances are you really need to look at what folders you’re excluding from your backups. Here’s how to do that.

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Photolemur is photo magic — Arthur C Clarke’s third law states that “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.” While Photolemur doesn’t do magic on every photo, it did magically improve almost all the test shots, with 70–80% of them noticeably improved despite a wide variety of flaws and subjects.
It’s extremely simple for the user: drag a picture or folder full of pictures onto the Photolemur icon to enhance them one at a time or all at once. Then, there’s just one slider control with Realistic at the left end and Vivid on the right. Slide it left or right (or don’t), and then export your improved picture.

Civilization VI Gets Viking and Poland Expansions, other improvements — Civilization Vi got its first expansions with the release of the Poland Civilization & Scenario Pack and Vikings Scenario Pack. The Polish pack includes the full Poland civilization, which includes the ability to take over tiles by fortifying their borders. The Poland scenario is a 60-Turn game where you defend Poland, Prague, and Vienna from Teutonic Knights and Ottoman Turks! Sounds awesome. The Viking Scenario includes new City-States with new benefits, and a 100-Turn game where you invade England, take Paris, find Vinland, or raid the Mediterranean. Each pack is US$4.99, and is available through both Steam and the Mac App Store version of the game.

‘Fruitfly’ malware patched by Apple relies on ‘ancient’ Mac system calls — Newly-patched Mac malware relies on some antiquated code predating the OS X era, but has been used in some previous real-world attacks on biomedical research groups, according to a prominent security software maker.
Serious malware threats are a relatively rare phenomenon on the Mac, both because macOS remains a minority platform —hence a smaller target —and because Apple has stepped up its own security efforts in recent years.

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The Apple Store in Regent Street, London has reopened.
The Apple Store in Regent Street, London has reopened.

London’s renovated Regent Street Apple Store interior shown off in photos — After a year of renovations, the Regent Street Apple store in London is opening on October 15, and members of the press were given a sneak peek of the interior prior to the big day.

Quicken 2017 available for macOS (and iOS, Windows, Android OS) — Quicken 2017 is now available for Mac and Windows system. The new product line offers users a revamped interface, a mobile app that’s iPhone/iPad compatible, and new investment, reporting, and bill pay capabilities. The products have been re-designed to work optimally on high resolution displays.

You’ll want to take GRID 2 Reloaded Edition for the Mac for a (fast) spin — Vivid graphics and realistic gameplay make GRID 2 Reloaded Edition for the Mac a racing game you should definitely take for a spin. Much of its appeal is due to the TrueFeel handling system that emphasizes each car’s unique features such as torque and weight distribution. With it you can adjust your driving style to each auto when you slip behind the wheel.

Photolemur beta for Mac coming next week: AI photo enhancement that will amaze you — There’s a difference between photos that are OK and those that really pop. Usually, the ones that are most impressive have been enhanced somehow behind the scenes to make them more vivid, get rid of haze, straighten the horizon, and so on, all by someone who has spent a lot of time learning how to make those enhancements. Photolemur is a new Mac app that will be arriving in public beta next week. If you want to sign up for the beta, this is where; you have to follow the site on social media, apparently.

Apple investigation of employee-led photo sharing ring finds no purloined customer data — Apple’s investigation of allegations levied against employees at an Australian Apple store has determined that no customer data had been stolen, but the employees said to be at the centre of the photo-stealing ring aren’t off the hook for other misdeeds.