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Maps, Camera+, +Cue music creator, Panik adds in social media, GPS to alarms

Powerful photo app adds features, fixes bug, teases more for iOS 8
Powerful photo app adds features, fixes bug, teases more for iOS 8

Maps.Me price drop — Maps.me app was thought a good deal at $6.99 bucks, but today the app is discounted (free, even, in the US) to NZ$2.59. Why would anyone need another maps app when they already have Apple and Google Maps? The main reason is that both Apple and Google map apps need an internet connection.
Not so with the German Maps.Me. Once you load the app, you can download maps for anywhere (including hundreds of points of interest for any corner of the world) while you have an internet connection. When you get to your destination, everything is on your iOS device so you won’t be burning up those precious megabytes, but it’s not a navigation app.

Camera+ fixes Flickr sharing, adds features, teases ‘big things’ for iOS 8 — Camera+, the consistently well-rated and powerful photography app, has released a new update for iOS adding new features, bug fixes and meanwhile using the release to tease “big things” for the iOS 8 version. The app (pictured above)  costs NZ$2.59.

+Cue is an intuitive way for anyone to create music — +Cue is a unique way for anyone to create music. This even includes people with absolutely no experience with music or instruments. Including over a dozen different instrumental sounds, all you need to do is shake your iOS device to generate different pitches that integrate seamlessly with a provided beat. It’s a free app available for all iOS devices and requires iOS 7.0 or later.

Panik is an assault alert app with social integration — Currently free, with in-app purchases, the Panik assault alarm app goes beyond the standard alerts and offers layers of security to keep you safe. Panik works on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch running iOS 7.0 or later. If you live in a city and frequently travel by foot or public transportation, or you just generally have cause to worry about your safety, this may be of interest. It has lots of features including a shake to activate– best of all, you can connect the app with your Facebook and Twitter accounts, type in a distress message (or use the default message) and Panik will post that message plus your current location when you activate the app. That’s clever.