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iPad Pro for photographers, iDevice predictions for 2016, Apple activations


How the iPad Pro stacks up as a photographer’s tool — The iPad Pro pushes the boundaries of tablets in interesting ways as a general-purpose laptop replacement, but how does it change the photography game?

Dennis Sellers’ Apple-related predictions  for iOS, watchOS and tvOS for 2016 — As for iOS … Apple will release new iPhones in September: the iPhone 7 and 7 Plus. They’ll have the same screen sizes as the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus — but not sapphire screens or 3D screen effects.

Apple devices account for 49% of all new activations during Christmas — Apple dominated the holiday gift giving season, according to a recent study that found iPhones and iPads in aggregate comprised 49.1% of new device activations in the week leading up to Christmas.


Scottish Find my iPhone ends in death, Godus free, Photo Pills for location photographers

Godus for iOS is free in the app Store
Godus for iOS is free in the app Store

Find my iPhone story from Scotland ends in iPhone thief’s death — The typical Find my iPhone story tends to have a heartwarming aspect to it. This is not one of those stories.
Originally reported on the UK-based Daily Record, a Scottish man in Glasgow named Derek Grant used the Find my iPhone app to track down the person who stole his son’s iPhone at knifepoint. Upon tracking down the thief, Grant stabbed him repeatedly. The iPhone thief, Patrick Bradley, died of cardiac arrest soon after.

Playing God on the go — If you want to act like an omnipotent creator, you’re in luck. Godus, Peter Molyneux’s newest God game, is now available for iOS, letting you amass followers and rule them with an iron fist or caress them with kindness.
The game is currently also available on Steam, via early access, for desktops but that version costs US$19.95. The App Store edition is entirely free to play, and it’s Universal (the same app works for iPhone and iPad, pictured at top).

PhotoPills is just what the doctor ordered for pro and serious amateur photographers — Outdoor photographers are going to love PhotoPills. This NZ$12.99 app is a treasure trove of information for photographers who do most of their work outside.
The app allows you to plan your photography for any location on earth by letting you know where the sun and moon will be, provides depth of field calculations for any of hundreds of DSLR cameras, can help you determine the number of exposures needed for time lapse videos, and even calculate how much space images will consume in your camera storage.