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AppleInsider drone shows the Spaceship construction progress
AppleInsider drone shows the Spaceship construction progress

Tim Cook is CNN Money’s CEO of the Year for 2014 — CNN Money has named Apple’s Tim Cook as the best CEO of 2014. Citing a rise in the value of the company’s stock by 40 percent during the year, a share price near an all-time high, and very successful launches of both the new iPhone 6 and 6 Plus and Apple Pay, Cook beat out BlackBerry’s John Chen, Microsoft’s Satya Nadella, and GM’s Mary Barra – among others – for the prestigious spot on the list.

Amazing Apple Campus 2 aerial tour courtesy of AppleInsider — The new Apple Campus 2 AKA ‘The Spaceship’ is rapidly progressing through construction, and AppleInsider has been sending a DJI Phantom 2 Vision Plus drone through the skies of Cupertino on a regular basis to provide a birds-eye view of the campus taking shape.

Sony wanted The Interview on iTunes for Christmas, but Apple rejected fast timetable — In attempt to make its controversial film The Interview available to view on Christmas Day, Sony Pictures reportedly pursued a deal with Apple that was brokered by the White House itself, but the timetable to place it on iTunes was apparently too aggressive.

Apple-backed Rockstar Consortium to shed 4,000 patents, end lawsuits in $900M deal — Rockstar Consortium, the patent holding firm created by Apple, BlackBerry, Ericsson, Microsoft, and Sony to purchase thousands of foundational telecom patents from now-defunct Nortel, looks set to wind down operations after the partners agreed to sell much of Rockstar’s patent portfolio to IP risk mitigation company RPX.

Twelve South loves you and is giving you a Christmas present — Those of you who have dual-screen setups for your Macs are going to love the nice Christmas gift that accessory manufacturer Twelve South is sending your way. The company has partnered with San Francisco photographer Scott Gordon to create sets of dual-screen backgrounds you can download and install for free.

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Apple has turned its Store logos red for World AIDS Day
Apple has turned its Store logos red for World AIDS Day

Apple Store logos tinted red worldwide in support of World AIDS Day — Apple brick-and-mortar retail outlets around the world (starting with Australia – please remember, NZ does not have any Apple Stores, only licensed resellers)  on Monday changed their iconic Apple logos red in recognition of World AIDS Day, which in 2014 is commemorating its 26th year of supporting those affected by the disease.

BBEdit 11 review: more productive for coders and writers alike — BBEdit 11 modernizes key systems under the hood, and adds a select few features that make it easier to use and more productive.

Steve Jobs has been awarded almost 150 new patents since his death — Steve Jobs died on October 5, 2011, in Palo Alto, California, leaving behind a legacy of technological innovation and having built one of the largest companies in the world. At the time of his death Jobs had been awarded 317 patents over the course of his life, an incredible portfolio for anyone. But something interesting as happened since then; Job’s number of patients now stands at 458 – in the years since his death Steve Jobs has been awarded 141 additional patents.

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The Apple Timer site is available for other events
The Apple Timer site is available for other events

Apple Timer helps you count the minutes until the next Apple event — Apple Timer is a new project born out of the success of last year’s WWDCTimer. The website provides a simple countdown clock for each upcoming Apple event, down to the second. Currently the site lists the September 9 iPhone event and next year’s WWDC, but more events will be added as they become available.

Judge refuses to invalidate Apple patents — In the continuing legal tangle between Samsung and Apple, a federal judge has denied Samsung’s request to invalidate a pair of patents related to the iPhone’s slide-to-unlock feature and unified search, Mac Observer reports. Both patents are part of Apple’s infringement cases against Samsung, which have thus far swung firmly in Apple’s favor, to the tune of over US$1 billion across both rulings.

Comic: A history of Apple mice, part one — Macworld and Rich Stevens of Diesel Sweeties present Multitouch Theater, a weekly cartoon about Macs, iOS, and everything in-between. This week: An oral history of Apple mice, part one. [No, it’s not called ‘Maus’.]

Flash Professional CC 2014 review: Minor tweaks a boon to developers — With Flash Professional CC 2014 Adobe is slowly pushing Flash as a universal vector animation tool for Web designers. No longer limited to Shockwave Flash (swf), Flash can export to other formats such as WebGL, SVG, and HTML5. This is great for long-time Flash developers who need this flexibility, but Flash Professional CC 2014 also includes new features that allow designers to enhance their creative potential.

Periscope Pro review: Keep an eye on your domicile with this Mac surveillance app — Maybe you’re going out of town for a while; maybe you live in a rough neighbourhood; maybe you just wonder what your pets are up to all day. No matter the reason, the NZ$64.99 Periscope Pro from ZipZapMac can help you keep an eye on your domicile. Periscope Pro regularly takes video from your Mac’s camera, a connected webcam or a third party IP-enabled camera which can be anywhere. What triggers the recording is up to you.