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Apple has releases lots of iDevice updates today, including tvOS 11

iOS 11 is [almost] here! And before you upgrade, it’s important to back up your device. If you sync with a Mac, you can back up in iTunes. You can also [slower] back up to iCloud. There are also two ways to install iOS 11. The first allows you to do it directly on your iPhone or iPad. The second lets you do it by connecting your device to your Mac. The upgrade process will take several minutes, and you should probably use a Wi-Fi connection so you don’t eat up your data allocation with your service provider. [Not available in NZ at 6:30am, but it should show up soon.]
There are lots of new features, and Apple’s Control Center has become modular and customisable. It also brings better Siri, ARKit, H.265, AirPlay 2 and more.

Apple updates TestFlight & Swift Playgrounds for iOS 11’s new tech — In conjunction with the release of iOS 11, Apple has also released new versions of TestFlight and Swift Playgrounds, redesigning the former’s interface and adding an things like an Augmented Reality challenge to the latter.

OmniFocus update exploits powerful new features in iOS 11 — The latest version from the Omni Group updates for iOS 11 compatibility, but also takes advantages of changes to Siri and adds drag and drop.

How to find the 32-bit apps on your iPhone or iPad that won’t work in iOS 11 at all — The day has come: Apple will disallow 32-bit apps from running on iOS 11. If you haven’t updated because of worries of incompatibility, AppleInsider shows you how to identify which apps installed on your iPhone are 32-bit allowing you to decide if you want to upgrade or wait.

iPhone 8 wireless charging speed will improve with future firmware update from Apple — At launch, the iPhone 8 will recharge via inductive wireless technology at a rate comparable to the standard 5-watt charger that ships with the handset. But Apple plans to improve that speed with a future software update.
This video shows everything you need to know about Apple’s iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus,

Fun in PCalc — A new update for the app uses iOS 11’s ARKit feature to bring augmented reality into your number-filled world. Just tap the info button on the calculator keypad, choose Help, then tap About PCalc. Once you see the floating 42 badge tap anywhere on the screen to bring up the AR controls so you can throw marbles, dice, and bananas into your virtual world.

Apple launches tvOS 11 for Apple TV, adding live news & sports in TV app — As promised Apple on Tuesday released the finished version of tvOS 11, build 15J381, an update for fourth-generation Apple TVs that brings mostly evolutionary improvements, the most significant being groundwork for live news and sports features in the TV app. Apple has rolled out tvOS 11 with AirPlay 2, which offers multi-room audio support. It also includes the ability to automatically switch between light and dark interface modes.

TV availability in tvOS spreading — Apple began the rollout of TV app in Australia, Canada ahead of iOS 11 & tvOS 11 debut. tvOS 11 release, which will deliver the one-stop streaming hub to seven additional countries later this year. Apple is expanding availability of the TV app to seven countries — Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Sweden, Norway and the UK — by the end of 2017.
Apple TV owners running the latest tvOS software in Australia [which may include NZ, does anyone know? Since NZ is administered mostly from Sydney] and Canada discovered the TV app, or at least its icon, on their home screen earlier today and took to Twitter to note the the change. On fourth-generation Apple TV units, the TV app seems to be a placeholder instead of a functional app, but its presence hints at an imminent release likely timed to coincide with tomorrow’s iOS 11 and tvOS 11 launch. The TV app acts as a central hub for browsing, discovering and managing streaming content across a variety of providers and owned media.

Apple launches watchOS 4 for Apple Watch with improved Activity & Workout tracking, revamped Music app, Siri watch face — The Apple Watch interface has been refined and improved with today’s launch of watchOS 4, including a new vertically scrolling app dock, the ability to view installed apps in a list view instead of grid, and new watch faces including a Siri smart assistant and characters from the iconic “Toy Story” films.

watchOS 4 no longer lets you browse iPhone music library on your Apple Watch — In a major change to how the Apple Watch operates, users can no longer browse their iPhone’s music library after updating to watchOS 4, and instead can only view songs stored on the watch itself.

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Image from Apple's NZ online Store page.
Image from Apple’s NZ online Store page.

iPad turns 5: what Apple’s tablet has meant to us — The iPad was rumored long before it was announced – luckily the one about it costing $1000 wasn’t true – but even after Steve Jobs walked us through its apps and features, we still didn’t get it, not exactly. People said it was just a big iPod touch. Those people were wrong. And Macworld has a timeline and more.

Apple posts in-depth Apple Watch demonstration videos to new ‘Guided Tours’ webpage — Apple on Friday launched an Apple Watch Guided Tours webpage, dedicating space for virtual tutorials that show users how they can expect to interact with various device hardware and software features come April 24. [Is it only me surprised at how such a relatively simple (it’s a wristwatch) device needs so much explaining?] At least it won the Red Dot design award.

iPhone 6 and iOS 8 lead Apple to record share in China — Apple enjoyed record market share in China during the three months ending in February according to a new report from Kantar Worldpanel ComTech. iPhone 6 was the number one selling smartphone in China during the period, and iOS grew its market share to 27.6 percent, up from 17.9 percent in the year ago period—Android lost 9.4 percent share, but still ruled the market with 70.9 total share.

Samsung bends — Samsung’s Galaxy S6 Edge flagship handset was put to the test this week and found to be susceptible to bending under the exact same force as Apple’s iPhone 6 Plus, putting the South Korean conglomerate on the hot seat in a Bendgate redux.

How to enable SMS text messaging through Continuity on iPad and Mac — Apple first introduced iMessage to the iPhone and iPad with iOS 5, and now with iOS 8.1 and OS X Yosemite, SMS messages from any phone can be managed across all your connected devices.

Microsoft debuts Office Lens for iPhone, OmniFocus 2 goes universal on iOS — Microsoft on Thursday released a new scanning app for the iPhone, Office Lens, while Omni Group’s OmniFocus 2 has become a universal title on iOS, eliminating the need for separate iPhone and iPad downloads of the professional task manager.

App removes image noise — Noiseless, the brand new Mac app from Macphun. It requires Yosemite. It eliminates noise from your pictures, those little dots that make them fuzzy-looking. [Instead, everything’s just blurry.]

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To accompany the new iOS compatible Band, Microsoft is enabling Microsoft Health, an online repository for your fitness data.
To accompany the new iOS compatible Band, Microsoft is enabling Microsoft Health, an online repository for your fitness data.

Apple nets US$224 on each 16GB WiFi iPad Air 2 it sells — Despite its upgrade, the iPad Air 2 shares a nearly similar bill of materials with its predecessor, claims IHS following its teardown analysis of Apple’s latest tablet device. According to the analysis, the entry-level US$499 16GB WiFi-Only iPad Air 2 costs Apple US$275 to manufacture as compared to US$269 for original iPad Air.

Microsoft unveils new iOS-compatible fitness tracker, Microsoft Band — Microsoft today entered the fitness tracker market with its new Microsoft Band wearable device(pictured above) to compete with new offerings from Fitbit and Apple’s upcoming Watch device. The Band’s biggest feature is its cross-compatibility, supporting iOS, Android and Windows Phone. It also moves beyond a fitness tracker and inches into the smartwatch category with support for notifications and other smartphone-connected features.

Spotify brings its new look to iPad, Skype update lets users save and delete chat photos — Popular music subscription service Spotify updated its official iPad app on Thursday with a new look in line with its iPhone client, while also giving users access to the “Your Music” feature, and Microsoft’s Skype for iPhone was also updated with the ability to save and delete photo, as well as a faster chat-load time.

ProShot is a worthy addition to your app collection — ProShot (free) has been a big hit on Windows Phones, but was missing from the App Store. It’s no longer absent from the iOS world, launching with a barrel of useful features that give your iPhone capabilities similar to a serious DSLR.

OmniFocus 2 for iPad makes life easier with extensions and background syncing — If you need more power for sub-tasks, contexts, and weekly reviews than your typical to-do list provides, you can’t go wrong with OmniFocus(but it’s US$30).

Samsung suffered a 73.9% drop in Q3 mobile profits while Apple’s rose 11.3 percent — Samsung Electronics reported overall Q3 operating profits of 4.06 trillion won ($3.8 billion) — a 60% year-over-year drop — while its Mobile division suffered a 73.9 percent drop in profits.

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OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 hopefully squashes some annoying bugs
OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2 hopefully squashes some annoying bugs

Apple releases OS X Yosemite Public Beta 2, new iTunes 12 beta for testing — Apple has just provided members of its public beta program the second test build of OS X Yosemite, while a new build of iTunes 12 for Yosemite is also available. If you are in the Beta program, just open the Mac App store pa and check Updates.

Apple releases Safari 7.1 and 6.2, OS X Server 3.2 betas to developers — Apple on Wednesday seeded the latest Safari 7.1 and 6.2 beta 3 builds and OS X Server 3.2 to developers, asking testers to focus on AutoFill, Smart Search and extensions, among other new features.

Intuit’s Quicken 2015 for Mac revamps interface, expands investment features — Venerable financial software Quicken is ready to help you with all of your newest accounting needs. Intuit on Thursday announced the release of Quicken 2015 for Mac, the latest update to the long-running app for tracking your personal finances. The new version adds stock trading.

Blogo 2 brings a native WordPress app to OS X — For those who use the popular WordPress content management system for blogging, there are a lot of iOS tools. In the OS X world, however, you’re generally content to use a Markdown tool that also happens to upload content to WordPress blogs. Blogo 2.0 (US$29.99, available at introductory price of NZ$18.99) has been designed from the ground up as a native OS X WordPress app. The app will soon support Tumblr and Blogger as well, according to the developer.

Apple releases a new video celebrating the diversity of its staff — Apple recently released statistics touting the diversity found among its employees which, when compared to other tech companies, shows the company is working hard to mix up the makeup of its workforce. The same day Apple released that info, the company debuted this video celebrating the varied backgrounds of its employees and the importance that different life experiences play in growing the company. [Bit desperate?]

OmniFocus 2 review: Stay on top of your task list with this top task manager — Rare and revered is the person who can mentally track everything that must be accomplished. Everybody else needs tools and techniques for staying atop our tasks. In crowded and diverse field of possibilities, OmniFocus (expensive at US$80) is an appealing option if you’re willing to invest some time learning how it works. There is a 14-day free trial.

Fonts review: Preview your Mac’s fonts with this app’s attractive interface — There’s nothing sexy about font management. Designers often have hundreds of typesets to sort through, and keeping track of them all can be a big pain, especially when a deadline is looming. With an elegant WYSIWYG interface that focuses on organization rather than activation, Fonts opens up your suitcase wide enough to show you everything inside, and just might eliminate the pesky trial-and-error method.