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Tim Cook’s Apple Watch secret — Apple reported its quarterly financial results this week, breaking out more detail that almost all of its competitors, but it failed to report specific Apple Watch unit sales and that makes pundits so mad. Writing for Bloomberg, repeat offender Leonid Bershidsky knows ‘Why Apple Is Afraid to Reveal Watch Numbers’: “Apple has grown afraid of its own long shadow“. [My BS detector quivers …]

Apple redefines the power of plain language in new iPhone campaign — Apple launched a website last Friday called ‘Why there’s nothing quite like iPhone.’ It’s a multipage display that is gorgeous, laid out well, and interactive, but what stands out for Bryan Chaffin is the company’s use of plain language to encapsulate what fans of iPhone think about our device. On every page, Apple strikes to the core of our love for iPhone in a way that may resonate with real people. [Go to the site and scroll or arrow down – it is beautifully designed.]

Office for iOS update adds new document collaboration tools —
Word, PowerPoint and Excel for Apple mobile devices also get better Outlook integration. Microsoft’s Office suite for iOS picked up a host of new updates late last week, including a few features designed to help people better share and collaborate on documents.

Ridiculous GoatZ — An open-world environment game that stars zombie goats is a fun, weird, and exceptionally unconventional experience. Your goal as a zombie goat isn’t just to survive, but to inflict as much damage as possible in your quest to eat brains. Yet the weirdness of it all somehow makes it fun to play, so I’ve embraced this silly game and am all in. Here are three more reasons why you should give it a chance, too.

Apple celebrates 25th anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act with App Store collection — Observing 25 years of the US Americans with Disabilities Act, Apple is profiling a collection of accessibility apps expressly designed to accommodate users with vision, hearing, speech, physical and motor skills or learning and literacy issues. [These appear in the NZ Store along the top special features section; scroll left or right until it appears.]

App Store puts 100 iOS titles on sale for 99 cents, YouTube app updated with ‘vertical video’ support — In a pair of iOS App Store developments lat week, Apple put a collection of 100 titles up for sale priced at 99 cents each, while Google updated YouTube for iOS to make the “vertical video” viewing experience a bit more bearable. [Perfect for all those twits who still neglect to hold their phones horizontal when filming. TVs and monitors are not made in vertical, portrait format …]

Office gets iCloud support, tips

Office for iOS now has iCloud support
Office for iOS now has iCloud support

Microsoft Office integrates more cloud storage services, starting with iCloud and Box — Microsoft is continuing its open approach to cloud storage by hooking more third-party services into Office. The integration is only available in Office for iOS today, but Microsoft is working on bringing the expanded cloud storage support to its Android- and Windows-based Office apps. And Macworld offers seven time-saving Office for iOS tips.

Apple Watch was supposed to be a Health Tracker, not a Fitness Tracker — Apple’s original plans for its Apple Watch were apparently far more ambitious than the final product, due to ship in April. Instead of the fitness tracker with iPhone-linked communication features, Apple had planned on giving consumers a device that tracked overall health, but had to scale back its designs because many sensors failed to perform as expected. Meanwhile, Apple is helping developers polish Apple Watch apps.