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NVS Premium Glass Screen Protector for iPhone 6/6s


I’ve managed to scratch my iPhone 6 screen in the 14 months since I bought it, so I was glad when this tempered glass screen protection showed up. Scratch resistant with a 9H hardness, bubble-free (the plague of plastic screen protectors) and it’s also, theoretically, shatterproof. Shipping with, simply, a cleaning cloth, it’s easier to apply than most since it only has plastic on one side. Most have it on both: peel one off, stick that face to the screen, peel the other off.
On this product by NVS (designed in New Zealand and made in China) you just peel off one cover of plastic and stick that surface straight to the cleaned iPhone screen, then use the same supplied cloth (which then becomes a great screen and glasses cleaner) to smooth it on.
The adhesive that sticks it to the glass, which is totally translucent and invisible, is what offers the shatter protection.
A nano coating gives a smooth surface and minimises fingerprints; it seems better in this regard than the actual iPhone screen itself (a 6, in my case).

The NVS shield has a cutout for around the Home button and a slot for the speaker of the iPhone (the one that goes by the ear on phone calls) and that’s it. Very slimline and flexible, once on it’s super clear and I always feel better with extra protection – tempered glass is far superior to the plastic we used to have to use, no matter how tough that professed to be. As the 6 series of iPhones has a screen that curves slinkily off at the edges, this glass shield is designed to finish at the edges before it curves, which leaves a slight rim you can feel, but the glass is so slim it’s not a major issue. It’s so thin, in fact, that the iPhone 6 even fitted into a Lifeproof nüüd case with the screen on, although ILifeproof would not recommend this as it interrupts the seal top and bottom – the iPhone would no longer be fully submersible, but I’d never do that anyway. (The nüüd case comes with a plastic shield that fits within the edge-seals of the case, should you choose to use it.)

Conclusion — A good entry into the market for keeping your iPhone screen clear and unbroken. Very clean and clear in use.

What’s great — Straightforward and easy to apply compared to some.

What’s not — Slight lip around the edge, but preferable to trying to seamlessly fit a curving glass shield all around (it’s only .33mm thick). Apple has stated that as long as a glass screen protector is 0.3mm thick or less it should work with Force Touch; in this case this NVS probably won’t, then, but I wasn’t able to test that.

Needs — Anyone keen to make their iPhone last

NVS Premium Glass Screen Protector, NZ$29.99

More information — NVS Cases

Review ~ NVS iPhone 6/6s Wallet Folio


It’s not often you see ‘Designed in New Zealand’ these days on products for the tech industry, but that’s what we have here, in a premium leather iPhone case from NVS. The wallet folio has a plastic tray that the iPhone presses snugly into, but the rest of the interior is suede including the face that rests against the iPhone screen when the folio is closed. The front and back are hand-made in dressed leather. The folio opens to reveal two  pockets that fit credit cards and/or access cards.

Access — While it’s closed you can still plug in your earbud and charger, since the bottom end has a cutaway, and there are ports for the camera and flash and also for the speaker.
Cutaways in the snug-fit plastic tray that the iPhone 6 or 6s presses into allow you to use the volume and mute buttons on the left side and the sleep button on the right.


Conclusion — NVS has crafted a slick, well made entry into the market that, surprisingly, feels more trim in your pocket than some click-in plastic cases.

What’s great — Nice design, good quality, excellent price.

What’s not — Check back in a year and we’ll see how its worn, but the patina that leather develops is part of its charm.

Needs — Those who like to keep their two most-used cards together with their iPhones while appreciating some class.

NVS iPhone 6/6s Wallet Folio, NZ$59.99, available in black (as shown) or red.

Available from — Electronics retailers, iPhone sellers etc.

More information — macgear, NVS NZ